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C8 He lied. Cease her!

“Does Mr. Ethan pay his workers close to one million dollars a week?” Irish asked that one question in her mind.

“One million dollars a week?” Gabrielle nearly screamed.

Irish nodded and Ms. Gabrielle blinked her eyes in shock.

"Hell No!'.

A week!

Not even a month!

"Why did you ask ? Is Ethan paying you that amount?" Gabrielle asked Irish and she hesitated before answering.

She feel she can trust the woman.

Gabrielle had told her so much without even considering the fact that she's new.

"Yeah" Irish replied slowly.

"Wow!" Ms. Gabrielle exclaimed inwardly.

For Ethan to pay a nanny that amount,then there's something behind it.

He definitely wants to help her.

Is the lady probably suffering from a problem?

Ethan should have just sent his philanthropy company to do the job instead of that huge pay. It'll of course raise eyebrows.

She'll need to call him and discuss with him later.

Gabrielle cleared her throat.

"Irish, to be sincere, i don't think Ethan pays his workers close to that amount but he's someone who can do anything he wants. Ethan always have a reason for everything. He definitely have a reason for wanting to pay you that amount. He wants to help you" Gabrielle said.

"Help me? I never told him i needed help." Irish said.

Apart from getting enough money to clear the bad image the jewelry company has created against her father, Irish don't think she's in need of money.

"You never told him you needed help?"

Gabrielle asked.

"Yes" Irish answered.

"Well.. Ethan has his way of doing things, just go along with him" Gabrielle said.

"I will" Irish said but inside her , she was worried.

"Fifteen minutes already" Irish stood up and quickly walked out of the kitchen.

Gabrielle smiled, she hoped Irish won't stop this diligent act as time goes on. It's okay to start a new work with good attitude and then , the attitude fades away with time. She hoped Irish won't be like that.

If Ethan pays his workers one million dollars a week,it's possible cause his family originated from wealth, they are billionaires plus the fact that Ethan is a billionaire on his own even without his family's money,he had worked very hard regardless of his family status but even with how generous Ethan is, she has never heard he pay his employees close to one million dollars a week! .

She sighed and focused on the meal she was preparing.


Irish got to Arin's room and found the little girl trying to open her eyes.

She quickly moved close to her and bent over her.

"Arin, are you okay?" She asked before touching her body.

What the ..!

She's burning up!

Arin finally opened her eyes and placed her tiny palm on her forehead.

"Dad" She whimpered.

"Arin, it's your nanny" Irish said, blinking severally.

"Where's my daddy" her voice was weak.

"He should be downstairs,You're burning up" Irish said.

"I need my dad" A trace of tears fall on her cheeks.

"I'll call him for you" Irish said and made to rush out of the room but bumped into Ethan.

"Is she awake?"

"Yes, she's calling for you" Irish said, feeling relieved that he was there.

Ethan rushed to his daughter who hold his hand firmly immediately.


"It's okay Arin. Daddy is here" he pecked her forehead.

"Daddy,My head hurts"Arin cried.

"You'll be okay, I promise, I sent for your doctor already'

If that freaking Catherine hadn't appeared,

This wouldn't have happened. How much he hated the sight of her!

"The doctor will be here soon okay?" Ethan said to his daughter and she nodded slowly.

She didn't let go of his hand and he let her be.

She's always that way whenever she's ill.

Ethan sighed and was about picking his phone to call the doctor again when he saw Irish walked into the room with water in a bowl and a piece of clean cloth.

He had been so engrossed in his daughter that he hadn't noticed when Irish left the room.

He watched as she moved close to Arin and then bent before her.

"This will keep help in keeping her temperature cool till the doctor arrives" Irish said as she dipped the cloth into the water.

Arin glanced at her dad and he gave her a reassuring look.

Irish squeezed the wet cloth and started by dabbing Arin's forehead with it.

She moved to her body after a while and that went on for a completely long and silent moment.

Ethan found himself staring at at her while she tend for his daughter.

She had packed her hair uptight and the tendrils framing her face were no longer there .

She was looking so serious and worried.

She looked just like a worried mother.

A beautiful one at that.

He was glad there's someone who's ready to care for his little angel tenderly. He couldn't thank Sarah enough.

He wished he had find her all this years. His daughter's happiness, was his happiness.

"Mr Ethan,seems her body temperature is starting to get cool" Irish said, interrupting his thoughts.

"Huh?" He asked,not quite getting what she just said.

"I mean, Arin's body temperature is almost back to normal" Irish said.

"Ohh.. really?" Ethan asked and felt his daughter's body temperature.

"Oh..my! It's not almost back to normal, it is back to normal"Ethan said in surprise.

He grinned happily which made Irish smiled too. Glad she was able to help.

"Arin do you feel better now?" Ethan asked.

"Yes Dad, I feel better but the headache is not completely gone".

"Do you have some pain reliever? She can just use a pill and she'll be fine" Irish said and Arin frowned.

Irish smiled,knowing how most kids dislike drugs.

"A doctor shouldn't always be called for everything" She added.

"Just Imagine! He's not even here yet, my daughter would still be in that pitiful state if not for you. He's definitely gonna have some tongue lashing from me when he comes" Ethan said.

"Was it a magic you performed? I never knew that works"

Irish smiled. "I want some candy!' Arin interrupted her.

"Oh! I'll ask Gabrielle to get it for you then" Ethan said and made to stand up but Irish stopped him with her words.

"Arin, if you want Daddy to get you some candy then you have to promise to take your pills? It'll make you better,then you can have lot of candies"

"Okay, I'll" Arin replied and Irish nodded.

"I'll get the Candy myself, You sit and wait" With that she exists the room.

Ethan stared at his daughter and smiled before touching her hair, Arin hates anyone touching her hair expect her dad or Ms. Gabrielle.

"You actually accepted to take the pills? Seriously, Was it because it's Irish or because you want Candy?"

"Both, I like Irish... She's caring" The little girl say making Ethan to smile more.

That should be the first time her daughter will say something nice about a Nanny.

"She is" he nodded.

The door opened and Irish walked in with the Candy, she dropped it on the table and then went for the Pills.

"Here,just take it down with water and then you can have your Candy".

Arin obeyed. "Good girl" Irish smiled and made to pet her hair but stopped and Cleared her throat.

Ethan smiled. She was actually good at keeping the rules. He was happy that for once his daughter was able to get along with her nanny."

"So tell me the magic you did...., I never knew that can work" Ethan repeated his question again.

"It was just a common act" Irish answered.

"A common act? If it was so common,i would have been doing that anytime her temperature is high instead of calling the doctor"Ethan said.

"Well...it's so common in our home,my parents do that to us anytime we have high temperature,they rarely call the doctor"

"We?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah, i have a younger brother" Irish said.

"Really?" Ethan asked.

"Yes" Irush said proudly and Ethan noticed that beautiful light in her eyes, she must really love her younger brother.

"His name?" Ethan asked.

Irish smiled, knowing how happy Arusha would be so happy if she tells him Ethan knew about him and even asked for his name. He had told her he's a huge fan of him.

"Arusha" Irish said.

"Still in high school?"Ethan asked.


"Okay, send my regards to him" Ethan said.


Arusha would nearly pee in his pants.

"Alright, i will" Irish said and there was an awkward silence.

Arin concentrated more on her candy while Ethan and Irish caught themselves severally stealing glances.

"I should return the glass cup" Irish said as an excuse to leave the room.

The silence was just so awkward and she can't stop stealing glances at the man.

"No, someone would come clear it"Arin said as she clicked a switch beside her bed, it sounded like a bell and Irish was wondering what was happening until a maid came rushing in seconds later.

"What do you need Arin?" The young lady asked and it was then Irish knew she had used that switch to summon her.


She had thought it was just a normal switch.

"She wants you to clear the glass cup"Ethan said and the maid did so without hesitation.

She walked out of the room almost immediately while Irish sat there, blinking.

"Whenever Arin presses the switch,you should tell the maid whatever she wants. I don't allow her order people who are old enough to birth her around,so you speak for her instead" Ethan said to Irish who nodded numbly.

These people keep surprising her every minute.

She's so impressed that Ethan is bringing up his daughter in a good way.

She had thought the girl can order anyone around as she wishes, she never knew she's restricted from doing so.

It'll really help her grow into a well mannered lady.

"He's such a good father" Irish thought smiling admiringly at Ethan who was tickling his daughter.

They were both laughing and her heart melted at the scene.

She took her time in looking round the room.

A knock on the door stopped every movement.

"Who's there?" Ethan asked.

"Doctor Lucas is here Mr Ethan" Someone said through the door.

"Let him in" Ethan said and the door opened to reveal a chubby man,neatly dressed in a blue shirt tucked into white pants, black shiny shoes and nice haircut.

"Good day Mr Ethan" The Doctor greeted.

Good day doctor Luc" Ethan replied.

"I thought you said she's..."

"Well she's fine now" Ethan interrupted him.

"Really?" The doctor asked moving to touch Arin who scampered away from his touch.

"Don't touch me!" She said, rolling her eyes.

"Ohh...I'll go wash my hands right away..." The doctor said dropping his bag.

"You don't have to do so, as you can see,she's fine already so there'll be no need to examine her. I wonder what took you so long! What if she was dying!" Ethan flared up.

"Mr Ethan, I'm so sorry about that, an emergency came up at the hospital and i really had to attend to it"

"An emergency came up? And you couldn't send another doctor to attend to her, what if she's still burning up till this moment, do you think her little brain can handle such pain. If anything had happened to her, I swear i would jail you for life! This isn't the first time you'll do such, when next it happens, I'll withdraw you as my personal doctor" Ethan said with a very angry tone.

"I'm so sorry Mr Ethan,please forgive me. I promise it won't repeat itself" The doctor pleaded.

"You can leave, my manager sent some money into your account already" Ethan said.

"For doing nothing?" Irish wondered, almost aloud.

"I'm so sorry Mr Ethan" the doctor said, picking his bag.

"It's fine, you can leave now" Ethan said with a more calm tone.

"I'm so sorry" The doctor said one last time before finally walking out of the door.

Irish sighed.

Arin continued licking her now slim candy, looking unconcerned.

"I hope the headache has relieved you?" Ethan asked her and she nodded.

"I'm fine now, i only need more candy and maybe a slice of strawberry cake" She said.

"Okay, I'll call Gabrielle to get it ready for you" Ethan said and quickly placed a call to Gabrielle.

A maid came in minutes later, Irish noticed she wasn't the one who came in earlier

She wasn't surprised as their were so many maids.

She gently placed the tray containing more candies and a slice of strawberry cake on Arin's bedside table and then turned to walk out.

"You'll be able to go to start school tomorrow right?" Ethan asked.

"Of course" Arin replied picking another candy.

"Irish will help take you to school tomorrow," Ethan said and Arin nodded.

"Ohh...it's time for lunch already, no wonder my stomach has been rumbling"Ethan said glancing at his expensive looking wristwatch.

"Time flies, was it not just now she arrived" Irish thought.

"Let's go have lunch, I'm starving already" Ethan said standing on his feet.

"I'm having my lunch already" Arin said.

"Of course i know. I was referring to Irish Ethan said.

"Ohh...me?" Irish asked quickly getting on her feet.

"Yeah, let's go have lunch" Ethan said.

"Okay" She said trailing behind him to the door.

"Arin,will you be fine?" Ethan asked.

"Of course Dad, but help me switch on the TV please" Arin said, she's chewing on her strawberry cake and candy at the same time.

"Okay" Ethan said and grabbed the remote control. He switched on the TV and scrolled through the channels for his daughter's favorite. He found it and click on it before dropping the remote control.

"Thanks Dad" Arin called after him as he walked out of the door with Irish.

"How old is Arin?" Irish asked Ethan as they approached the dining room.

Ethan opened the door and they stepped in.

The table was set already and Irish almost exclaimed at the classic settings.

Just like how she sees it in movies.

She shouldn't be surprised by anything in this house,she knows he's a billionaire who can afford anything.

"Arin is six" Ethan answered.

"Wow! How come she's so smart?" Irish asked.

"Well...she got the smartness from me" Ethan boasted, smiling.

"That's obvious" Irish nodded.

"So,this is my personal dining room, i eat here with my daughter and Gabrielle. The workers have their dining room" Ethan said.

"Ohh...okay, Sarah already informed me, I'll go meet Gabrielle to show me the way to the workers dining room" Irish said.

"Chill..." Ethan paused and then continued.

"You'll be eating here with us" He finally said.

"Huh?" Irish asked, furrowing her brow.

"Why?" She wondered aloud.

Shouldn't she be happy she'll be eating on the same table with him?

So many people would jump at it.

"I'll be fine at the workers dining room,that's where i belong" Irish said.

"Of course that's where you belong cause you're a worker here" Ethan agreed.

"Yeah" Irish said.

"But Arin wants you here" Ethan lied. He does,not Arin.

He just doesn't know why he want to keep seeing her every time.

When did he turn into a liar?

And when did he ever propose this idea to any of his workers? Even those that has been with him for years have never got the chance to eat on the same table with him.

And he even had to lie that Arin want her here just for her to accept.

Sincerely he had liked her from the very first sight, She looks so decent, just as he wanted. But he doesn't know how long she'll stay before showing her real self.

But with what he had seen so far, it seems that who she really is.

"Really? Why does Arin want me here?" Irish asked.

"She needs to be close to her nanny always."

"But the past nannies definitely do not eat on the same table with you guys,why does Arin suddenly want me to?" Irish asked.

"Well..she told me, starting from you, she's gonna make a change" Ethan said,his conscience hitting him hard.

Lies brings more lies.

"Ohh... okay" Irish said, feeling so special she'll be dining with Ethan Harlow, the most handsome billionaire in the whole of California who some people are dying to see.

She had felt special right from when he told her she'll be dining with them and she had almost jumped at the offer but again she had a rethink.

"Let's go eat, enough of the dilly dally" Ethan said and they both moved towards the dining table.


They had almost finished eating and Ethan kept hoping Arin won't pop up anytime soon.

She's going to be surprised to see Irish dining in their personal dining room and she'll ask what she's doing here.

And then Irish would know he lied.

She'll start seeing him as a liar right from that moment.

Oh.. no.

He stared at Irish who was obviously enjoying the meal, even if he wants to stand up anytime soon, he knew she's not ready at all.


She just shifted another bowl of fruits closer to herself.

Gabrielle is done eating, she picked a glass cup of her favorite fruit juice and started gulping it down her throat.

She had communicated with Ethan with her eyes when she saw Irish in the dining room and he had nodded, meaning he'll explain things to her later.

Ethan shifted in his seat when he heard tiny footsteps on the step.

He hoped it wasn't Arin but again who among his workers has such tiny steps.

"Why can't you just stay put in your room,this little girl" He thought, feeling uneasy that his cat is about to be let out of the bag.

"Dad" He heard Arin called before the dining room door opened.

Hell no!

"Cease Her!" He suddenly shouted, scaring everyone out of their chair.

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