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C10 Chapter 9

"Mr. Steinfield is already engaged to his long-time girlfriend." Immediately my heart beat faster and I didn't understand what it was supposed to be. Pain? Because baby Trigger is already my fiancée? But that was not announced to the public! When did that happen? And it looks like Miss Amara read the questions in my mind because she answered me.

"That engagement was very private and it happened out of the country. I am not allowed to disclose any information regarding that, my only concern here is the rules of Mr. Steinfield." I just nodded because it looked like I couldn't really get any info from him. Shit! My heart hurts! I can't forget who his fiancée is and when they got engaged, but one thing is for sure – if it's not a Wattpad story, I'll do it!

I'm his bedwarmer now but I'll make sure that before our story ends, he'll be my lover too! It's a struggle if it's a struggle as long as I love Trigger and I really believe that we are meant for each other.

You see, destiny made a way for us to meet again. Out of the many girls who applied to him as his bedwarmer, I was the one he really chose. Oh, right? This is the start of our story.

"Great bess! I really can't believe that my salary will be four million!" Ciffer smiled at what I said and then shook his head.

"Yes, bess! It's four million, if it's four million, you've been repeating it for a while now." And then he jokingly teased me. I got angry and then I lay down on his bed. I went to Ciffer's condo after visiting Mama in the hospital. Fortunately, he was awake when I went, so I was able to talk to him somehow. He told me that he is okay but you can see in his face that he is not. Sigh.

After Miss Amara and I talked about baby Trigger's rules, we went to the hospital because I was going to meet baby Trigger tonight and I couldn't help but get excited. I was able to face him again, but I immediately got my forehead. Why did I suddenly have a flashback in my mind of what I did when we first met! Huh! He has seen my b oobs! Son of a lamb!

But he can and will see that too, right? Because we're going to do the same thing, maybe tonight we're going to do the same thing! Because I already signed the contract, but Miss Amara told me that there is one more rule that is very important that should be followed, that baby Trigger will be discussed with me.

I wonder what that is? But no matter what the rules are, I will still sign the contract. That's baby Trigger, will I still refuse? Right?

And then a while ago I was also injected with churva-churva so that I wouldn't get pregnant and then they even took a tissue from my body to test if I was sick or not. While doing the test, Miss Amara was just outside the waiting area because just like she told me, he didn't care about the result, he just took the folder from the Doctor after the test and told me that I should be at home by 5PM later because he will pick me up.

"And about your salary Miss Alegre, the total amount you will get is four million pesos and you will get one-fourth of that within six months. So, that's six hundred sixty-six thousand and six hundred sixty-six pesos and six one hundred sixty-seven centavos per month." I just nodded at what he said. Really complete even with the centavos included.

"Do you have any questions about your salary?" I immediately shook my head at his question. After all, that is too much, for Mama's monthly needs for her hospital bills and medicine.

Until we said goodbye to each other. He said he will go straight to baby Trigger's office to submit the result of my physical test. But I really can't help but be curious about what baby Trigger's last rule is for our deal.

"I just can't believe that my salary is that much." I added that Ciffer didn't answer because he was busy drawing his new designs in his drawing book. I would have focused my attention on what we were watching suddenly if I remembered baby Trigger's engagement.

"Angeline!" Ciffer called me annoyed when I suddenly shook him, it's a good thing he didn't write the design he was about to finish but I was upset!

"I found out about Miss Amara." And since Miss Amara didn't say anything that I shouldn't tell anyone, I'll tell Ciffer and Ciffer is not a gossip so it's okay for him to know. He didn't answer and just waited for what I had to say.

I couldn't help but frown. My heart hurts a little bit again - of course the man I love so much and I've wanted to get engaged for a long time. Huh! But I really believe that even if she is my fiancée, they will still be separated because we are really meant for each other. Sigh.

"Baby Trigger is my fiancée." It was weak to say to him and I made my voice really sad, I know that he and Ciffer will sympathize with me. What are friends are for if not, right?

"Ouch!" I complained that Ciffer suddenly hit me. Eh, his hand is still rough! I held my head and then rubbed it. Then I went back to him with my bad look but he didn't seem to care. Geez! Does it look like I don't think badly of him now?

"What is that for?" I was annoyed to ask him more. He frowned at me and then he answered me. "What else would you expect? Angeline thirty, Trigger, I'm not surprised anymore." He gave me a simple answer as if he was just telling me that it's not a big deal. I couldn't help but lengthen my nose again. Because his friend is supportive!

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