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C102 Ending


"Baby Sydney grandpa, I want you to meet your b itch Mother, Nicole." The child's cry got louder and louder, you can really feel that he is very scared also when you look at his face.

"How –"

"Oh yeah. You thought you and Trigger had only one child, didn't you? But what do you know if you're unconscious in the operating room and I paid a lot of money to the Doctors and Nurses who took care of you? Well, newsflash Nicole . Twins. Your son and Trigger are twins." Before I could answer him and belittle him.

"Push that, I want to see him buried alive with his son." And then without saying a word his staff pushed me causing me to fall into a deep pit. My hip hit the ground and it hurts a lot but there is no time to feel the pain anymore because -

"And follow that t'yanak too!" Immediately if my body blocked my son's fall just to make sure he wouldn't be hurt when he fell.

I closed my eyes again to stop the doubling pain that I feel in my body because of what I did when I caught Sydney.

"Start burying those two!" Agatha screamed again and then Sydney and I fell to the ground.

Trigger Montemayor

"I love you."

"And I love you too." Ciffer answered me in an almost breathless voice after she ended our kiss. I f ucking want to kiss her more but she pushed me and immediately stand up from seating on my lap, like she's scared I might do something more!

We've being dating for almost two years now. I met her in the weirdest way I'd ever known. My Mom told me that I'm engage and to be married to the daughter of her business partner for business purposes. I don't mind. I'm not really interested in love. I don't even have any freaking idea what love is all about because I always tell myself that love is not true.

Those people who we're claiming that they're in love are just confused. I mean, they like the person because of the what they are seeing outside? Like outside beauty? Sexual attraction? I believe that's not love, it's just admiration. Maybe you guys are thinking that I am saying things like this because I came from a tragic relationship like the girl whom I want to spent the rest of my life left me to be with someone else she thinks better than me. It's not like that.

I am just being realistic. I don't want to make myself of something that will never happen.

But after meeting Ciffer in real life. Going on a date with her that I was not interested at first, getting to know her more. She reminds me on something -no not really something it's more like, she reminds me on someone. Someone that I don't have any f ucking idea who the hell is that person and every time I'm trying to remember who that person is; it just makes my head ache.

So I don't bother anymore and just started trying to focus with Ciffer. The next thing I knew, I love her so d amn much and I understand now what in love people feels like.

Ciffer never let me go beyond other than kissing her on the lips. She sights and started walking back and forth in front of me. She's really so d amn beautiful whatever her facial reaction is. Happy, confuse or even on her serious face she's beautiful still.

"You know that I'm still not ready for more than kissing Trigger." He said to me confused. I was immediately consumed by my conscience. So I stood up from where I was sitting earlier and then I hugged him more. I kissed him on my side before I rested my chin on his shoulder and then whispered –

"I know baby. I'm sorry." For the nth time she sees again and found her way to escape from my tight embrace. This time he sat where I was sitting earlier.

"We can't go beyond kissing, when I first told you that, right? I want to stay pure until our wedding night but if this is..." She bit her lower lip before continuing what she's about to say.

"...we can't always stop ourselves, especially you." Then she sees again. "...maybe we should call off the engagement." He told me, using his weak voice. I clenched my fists at what he said. I want to get mad at her but I just can't. I love her so much that whatever she says is like music to my ears.

This is not the first time, she asked to call off the engagement. The first time she asked it, I was expecting that I'll be mad and hurt myself to get drunk because of frustration but the weird thing is... I don't feel anything. My chest doesn't hurt, my heart is beating on a normal heart beat and it was like... nothing. Nothing important that I don't need to care about.

"I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again –" And before I could say anything else, her phone started ringing, We looked at each other until he took out his phone from inside his bag and showed me who was calling him. It's her best friend... again. Angeline Nicole. Why does this girl always have the wrong timing whenever Ciffer and I talk about something important?

"I'll just take this. It might be important." And then he stood up and walked out of the balcony of his condo to talk to his best friend alone. Sigh.

Angeline Nicole Alegre, sounds so f ucking familiar to my ears especially here. And then I touched my chest where my heart is. I don't understand why it's beating so d amn face whenever I hear her name. I don't even know her personally.

"I need to go." I was in awe of Ciffer when I heard his voice.

"But I just came here." I answered him. She looked at me apologetically before answering me.

The End
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