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C2 Chapter 1

"Ready for more?" He asked me again, at the same time our eyes met.

It was as if I was being hypnotized by his gaze that even though I didn't seem to understand what he was saying because of my orgasm, I kept nodding one after the other. He grinned at me and then knelt down in front of me.

It felt like my throat was dry because of the series of times when he started to swallow, he moved his hand up and down on what he was doing. He was looking at me while he was doing it and his mouth was still slightly open. Sheettt! He looks so hot! I don't just love him now, but I love him so much!

It didn't take long for me to see little by little white coming out of his body. What is that? And before I could ask him what it was, he moved his body even closer to the middle of my thighs and then hugged me around his waist. He guided his masculinity into the opening of my femininity.

I closed my eyes tightly again and I couldn't help but cry because of the pain of him slowly inserting his manhood inside me. I also bit my lower lip to stop myself from complaining to him about the pain.

This is what I want, right? When baby notices me Trigger my lobes. Oh, he's already noticed me, he even got my virginity, but why does it seem like it's my fault? I feel wrong. Nope. It's not like I'm a hired bed warmer, I like it. But it seems like another reason for me, so I feel like I'm wrong. But I can't imagine what that reason is.

Nicole Angeline

"When will Baby Trigger notice me?" I sadly asked my best friend if it was Ciffer. She stopped typing something on her laptop and turned her full attention to me and the witch actually raised an eyebrow at me.

"Maybe when the sun rises in the west." He answered me and then he turned his eyes to his laptop again. What's on his laptop? Out of curiosity, I sat down on the table and then I looked at his laptop. Oh That's why I don't have his full attention because he makes his designs for the House of Cipher.

Ciffer is a fashion designer. She has just started in the fashion industry but her designs are already popular not only with artists, but also with female politicians and other socialites.

"It's a cipher! I'm serious! I really want baby Trigger to notice me, I'm really sure he's my forever mate." I was dramatizing him. Baby Trigger's picture is still on the TV screen and Gretchen Follido is reporting on your showbiz.

They said that they made a billboard of a female artist and invited my baby Trigger to go on a date, even if it's just for coffee. I've been rolling my eyes over and over again. Yes, this female artist is very popular now, but she only became famous because of her leading man, she's only been famous for a few months, but if she's flirting, she's totally out of it!

"They can't date!' How come Gretchen just announced that baby Trigger agreed to have coffee with them! Eish! Not allowed! Can not be! That's why even though I knew if Ciffer would get mad at me, I teased him a lot, because he's my connections and he can use that to make a way to stop baby Trigger's date with that Kathryn Padilla.

"Ciffer help me! I don't want them to date!" And then I shook his shoulder.

"What the hell, Angeline, stop me! You see, you're busy here! I'm on my deadline for this design." But I didn't listen to him and I shook his body even more. Until the end, he also gave up on my stupidity. He stopped drawing on the laptop and then gave me a bad look.

I immediately smiled at him and gave the peace sign but he just gave me trouble. I just breathed, knowing that this Ciffer would never tolerate me. That's why when I heard him I held my breath knowing that he was my solution to my problem.

"I'll call you back later. I just have something to find out." I creased my forehead and I also stood up when Ciffer stood up carrying his laptop. Weird. I still thought that he was my idea of how Trigger would notice me and that his date with Kathryn would not continue. Until I didn't even notice that Ciffer had already left.

"Angeline, maybe no one will ever buy from my shops! You've been frowning for a while now!" Aunt Phoebe loves me. My Mom's brother slash my Boss. Because I am one of his fruit vendors here in the big place of his orchard in the market. It's just that my Aunt Phoebe is very poor, it's also obvious that she doesn't recognize us as relatives, because Mama and I are just poor.

My dad was a former soldier and because of his job, he went to heaven when I was a child. Sigh. On the other hand, Mama used to be the manager of a clothing boutique but due to her age and illness she could no longer handle it so she had no choice but to resign. We saved money but it was only enough for his treatment, because he has leukemia.

So after I graduated from high school, I decided to work, just in case when I tried to apply to malls and grocery stores, they were looking for me with some kind of requirements. Where am I going to get funding for that? Mama and I were always in trouble every day, so I ended up forcing Aunt Phoebe to accept me as her slaes lady.

My salary is three-hundred fifty every day and half of it is just enough for my mom and me to eat and the other half I save to pay for the house we rent. Sigh. Terrible! Life is really hard.

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