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C20 Chapter 19

"Let's go stargazing." He is my nanny. My eyes widened at what he said and I really couldn't believe that he invited me to go star gazing. He came closer to me and then he grabbed one of my hands and pulled me upright, I fell into his chest. One of his hands immediately hugged my waist so I looked up at him.

"You really look a hottie with my shirt on you." He whispered in my ear, I immediately felt restless. I was holding my breath and I felt like my heart had come out of the rib cage. Even my soul has left my land because my knees are getting weak. I can smell baby Trigger's natural baby smell! Seriously!

When baby Trigger is really close to me, I feel like I'm really in heaven. And I almost passed out when I felt his gentle kiss on the top of my head. Wow! Why is baby Trigger so sweet to me? What can he eat? I hope he will always eat so that he will always be sweet to me.

"Get dressed, I'll wait for you outside." He whispered in my ear again and then pulled me out of the kitchen. It's a good thing that it's summer now and it's not cold even though it's almost dawn, because I didn't bring any clothes when I lived here at baby Trigger's mansion and the clothes in my closet are all sexy, clothes that look like they will always attend the party!

I didn't take too long to get dressed because baby Trigger might change his mind later on when we started gazing. You know that bipolar person changes his mind quickly. I went out of the main door because I heard him honk his horn once.

I immediately got into his car and we traveled quietly, I don't know where we were going, but I was sure I was going to a mountain where I had a good view for star gazing, why did he just drive up and down? baby Trigger it's like we're going through a zigzag road.

I think we traveled for almost forty-five minutes until he stopped the car on a flat mountain. Before we finally got out of the car, he made it so that the back went to the side of the mountain, it looks like we will sit on my back so that we can star gazing.

I immediately followed him when he got out of the car, it was difficult and he might insult me again if I didn't follow immediately. I hope he opens the door for me, right? But that's how I frowned when he came to the door where I was going to go out and we opened the door of the shot gun seat at the same time. I looked at him but he avoided looking at me which scared me even more.

Wait – was he going to open the door for me? Shocks! I really wanted to thrill, but I thought, what can I do? When I turned to look at him again, he was in the back of the car and it looked like he was fixing it. Why is baby Trigger acting weird all of a sudden? What's up?

I just shook my head and followed him to the back of the car, I saw him fixing the – am I seeing right? Comforter? Where did he get that? I wanted to ask again where he got it from but I thought he might just insult me so it's better to keep quiet. I just stood behind him until he finished and then he looked at me.

"Ready for star gazing?" He asked me. I bit my bottom lip because the tone of baby Trigger's voice was so sweet! Wow! I feel like we are dating now. I nodded to his question and then I came closer to him.

I even gasped when he suddenly came behind me - I was still wondering what he was going to do - because he grabbed both of my waists and effortlessly pushed me up the back of the car and then he followed me.

We were positioned at the end and then we leaned our backs on it, I didn't even feel the hardness of the floor of the car as well as the cold here because of the comforter that baby Trigger placed. My took him from his side and then he placed him in the middle of us. That paper bag earlier that he put the food you cooked. Wait, what did he cook earlier?

"If you want to eat, just get something here." And then he shoved the paper bag at me even more and I remembered again that I was hungry that's why I woke up! I immediately opened the paper bag and the new smell of what he cooked greeted me. I felt my hunger even more.

As soon as I took the Tupperware out of the paper bag, more chocolates came with me when I took it out. Wow! I like chocolates too! Of course, after eating what baby Trigger cooked, I will have chocolates for dessert. But I want to know what he cooked. That's why I dared to ask him.

"Uhh. Trigger, what did you cook?" I asked him. He turned to me and said what it was.

"Fried dumplings." I creased my forehead, shouldn't he just steam the dumpling and then he knows how to cook. Baby Trigger keeps falling in love even more! How about when we get married? I always want him to cook our food. Lol!

Since it's only finger food, I took a piece right away, luckily it's not that hot anymore so it's okay to eat it in pieces. I immediately tasted the delicious taste of baby Trigger's fried dumpling. I couldn't help but bite one after another until I finished the first dumpling I took. It's so delicious! I was about to take another one when baby Trigger stopped me, which is why I looked at him.

"You have something on the side of your lips." I didn't react immediately when he suddenly touched both of my cheeks with his hands and brought his face close to mine and then –

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