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C2 His secret love

Tate Stephens arrived at his Business analysis class thirty minutes earlier than the time scheduled for the class to begin and hours earlier than any other classes that he had ever attended .

He yawned as he settled down at the back of the class , next to his best friend Marcus who was smiling like a fool .

" I think we are too early , She is not here yet ", Mark observed as he swept the wide auditorium in search of the reason Tate never missed a Business analysis class .

Tate made himself comfortable and yawned again , of course she was not here yet .

She always came early , exactly fifteen minutes before the class was supposed to start , Tate had decided to come much earlier so he would just have more time to relax before she came in .

Maybe if he was relaxed enough , he would eventually talk to her today .

He yawned again and Marcus laughed loudly .

" Man , when last did you sleep well ? You have been yawning really crazily for a while now ", Marcus again stated the obvious .

Tate frowned , wondering when last he had actually slept well .

It had been days since he had slept at night but in some sick way , the longer he had not slept for, the happier he was because he knew that when he eventually collapsed from the exhaustion , he would probably sleep for two or three straight days .

He had given up on sleeping normally and could only wait till his body shut down everytime it could not take much more .

He opened his eyes and looked at his phone screen , She would be here in three minutes .

He raised the screen of his phone higher to see if his hair was okay and his face did not look like he was some sleep deprived hobo which was exactly what he was .

He could hear Marcus chuckle from his side , he laughed at him every time but he still followed him to class early every single time so Tate did not have to wait for her alone.

There was really no point to checking his reflection because she never looked at him or anyone for that matter .

A few seconds till when she would walk in and Tate found himself sinking into his seat , it was like he wanted her to notice him and at the same time , he did not want her to notice him .

She walked in at that moment and Tate held his breath as he watched her walk .

She was completely covered again , wearing sweats that swallowed her entirely , leaving only a little of her face exposed .

Her eyebrows were light and dark like they had been drawn by a master animator's deep stroke , her lashes long and thick and fluttering as she surveyed the class for where to sit .

Her eyes were slightly slanted and deep cut and a strange colour , they were a bright blue that was almost purple if the light was just right , strange like her name and were like two human magnets that just held you hostage till she blinked and then you could escape.

Her lips were full and red , she was always licking them , her small pink tongue darting out to dance over them ever so often .

Tate's exhaustion was immediately gone as he waited for the moment that always made his day and possibly his week .

It came immediately as she chose to seat where she always sat ,she swivelled to the left and the hoodie of her sweatshirt fell open slightly , revealing very little of her hair that she covered up back in a few seconds .

But In those few seconds , Tate had seen her voluminous black hair bounce to life from behind her , crowning her head like a goddess come to life .

Tate drew a deep breath , holding his breath till she settled down and her coffee cup covered the rest of her face .

" Breathe man !! ", Marcus said mockingly from his side and Tate did exactly as he was told .

He turned to Marcus and smiled excitedly , suddenly filled from the very brief encounter that could not even be considered an encounter .

Marcus was all smiles .

" Look man , I am not judging you but I honestly do not know what you see in her , I mean her whole face is covered and the little that is visible , she always covers it with that gigantic ass coffee cup ", Marcus whined like he always did and Tate ignored him like he always did .

" I also do not mean to judge you but your crazy girlfriend and her touchy friend are incoming ",Tate whispered harshly .

The girls giggled as they approached them in a cloud of perfume and snarky laughs .

Marcus's girlfriend swooned and fell into his legs while her friend moved to sit next to Tate , kissing him deeply before she sat down .

Yes , The bitchy friend was someone he was currently fucking.

" Tate babe ? ", Amber called through her nose .

Tate turned slightly to regard her but she already had her lips ready and pulled Tate into a kiss that Tate imagined was with Divine.

He put his all into it , wanting to impress Divine and only stopped when people began to hail him.

Amber looked flushed and he already knew she would be waiting for him when he got back home .

The lecturer walked in and Amber finally left him alone so he could stare at Divine as much as he wanted for the next two hours .


Tate held his breath again , longer than he had ever done , she was looking straight at him and noticing him .

This was his time to do something but Tate was just frozen there , she suddenly jolted like she just realized that she had been staring , she turned and hurriedly walked out of the class .

" Man, she was just looking at me , right ? ", Tate asked Marcus , he had to be sure he was not hallucinating .

Marcus laughed heartily and slapped his chest .

" One hundred percent dude , absolutely ! ".

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