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C6 The claiming

"I already did ,She's mine!".

Skip had been so enraptured that he had thought that he had only whispered this , to himself and for her if she could read his lips too .

Even though there were three dancers , it was as if the girl in the middle had washed the others off and trying to pay attention to anything other than her was impossible.

But , Skip did not need to pay attention to any other thing or person that was not her .

One of the other girls grabbed her neck , pulling her forward like she was going to kiss her and Skip immediately bristled till he realized it was part of the routine.

The other dancer had pushed some of her hair back when she had pulled her forward , so Skip could see more of her face now .

He exhaled softly as she continued to dance,her eyes never leaving him .

All of a sudden, the lights on the stage went off and Skip waited impatiently for them to come back on .

When the lights came back on , there were different girls on the stage , they began a new dance .

" Where is my girl ? ", Alex asked from beside Skip.

Skip turned to observe Alex who had a lofty smile on his face , Matt and Carl were still watching the rest of the dances with their eyes wide open .

" She is not your girl ! ", This time he yelled it loud enough for Alex and the rest of the guys to hear .

" Yelling at your boy for a girl you just met, Hamilton ? ", Alex asked in a fake, exaggerated American accent .

Skip shook his head ,leave it to Alex to get a laugh out of every weird situation.

" It is not that , I just mean you can not call dibs on her just because you like her , she decides who she likes , Alexander ", Skip replied in a perfect British accent .

Alex narrowed his eyes and was suddenly pouting , Skip was about to ask if they were allowed to talk to the girls , being an expensive club with so many rules and all but Alex's phone buzzed and he hurriedly checked it which was a first , Alex generally avoided his phone .

He read whatever the message was and smiled , surprising the rest of them even more .

He suddenly raised up his head the offending smile still on his face as he looked around at their faces .

" I will be right back , I need to check on something outside. Skip , do not even think of talking to my girlfriend ! ", he shouted as he ran out of the club .

" What is his deal ? ", Matt asked as they watched him run out.

" No one really cares , not even you ", Carl says to him and they both laugh while Carl signifies for drinks to be brought over .

Carl catches Skip staring up at him and immediately diverts his attention to the incoming drinks , satisfying Skip's curiosity .

Something had really happened earlier with that man , Skip did not want to have to find out himself and would simply wait for Carl to tell him in his own time .

Their drinks arrived , each bottle of champagne and wine being carried by an almost naked or naked woman and Skip wonders if this is even sanitary while Matt and Carl ogle all of them , smiling like two boys that have just left an all boys boarding school.

They were still being served their drinks when Alex appeared again , this time accompanied by a woman in a small, red dress .

Skip's first thought is that it is his angel but then he notices the blonde hair and smiles.

Alex always was the kind of friend that went all out , even with his apologies .

Matt begins to cough lousily as soon as he sees who Alex has brought over .

He jumps on his feet , offsetting the girl that had been about to sit next to him.

Alex reaches them , Jade in tow , they are both smiling .

" Matt , I am sorry for what happened on our way here and I know you are also sorry that Jade had to hear that , so I've brought her over so you can apologize ".

Matt smiled widely .

" Thank you for bringing Jade over for the sole purpose of my apologizing , I am quite honoured ".

Everyone chuckled and Jade looks around .

" Hello Boss , Carl and hello to you too , Mr. Fillis ", She says softly .

Anyone can tell that she's calling him by his last name to flirt with him .

" Wine or Champagne ? ", Matt suddenly asks, Jade only smiles.

" Guess ?", She teases .

Matt does not think too long and just grabs a bottle of wine and two glasses , Jade smiles widely and tries to help him with the glasses but he refuses and leads the way,away from the rest of the guys .

Carl and Skip turn to Alex as soon as they are off .

" What ? I had to fix it when I realized he actually liked her !", Alex yelled and looked on to the stage to find that the girls he had left on the stage where the ones still dancing , his expression immediately falls .

" Where's my angel ? ", he asks like he is about to cry .

" She dances only once a night ", Carl supplied , catching both Skip and Alex's attention .

" You know her ? ", Skip hurriedly asks .

Carl smiles and takes a long sip of his champagne .

" Yes , everyone calls her angel , she is the ace of the club and the reason this club was separated out of the actual club . Apparently , the club was always filled with people coming to watch her dance , crime rates increased around the club due to this and police had to shut it down ,that is why this place remains a secret ".

Skip swallows in all of this information .

" How long have you known her ? ", he asked, thinking of how she had seemed young.

" About a year now ", Carl answered .

A woman appeared from another part of the club, dressed in a floor length black gown with full , heavy make up.

She was all smiles as she approached them .

" Gentlemen , I am Katherine and I manage this club , I heard you came to watch my girls dance , how did you find it ? ", She asked proudly.

She was aware of how great their services were .

Alex cleared his throat softly , they all turned to face him and Skip just knew he was about to do something very Alex like .

" Does Angel really dance once a night ? ", He asked .

Katherine smiled ,"Yes , she is a busy child and was not even supposed to be in today,O just wanted to give your group the very best ".

" How much ? ", Alex asked , his accent strong .

Katherine looked at the face of the other men and Carl avoided her gaze while Snip stared right back .

" What do you mean ,sir ?", Katherine eventually asked .

" I want to see another dance from Angel , how much would that cost ? Whatever it is , I will double it ", Alex states .

They can all tell from the way Katherine's countenance drops that she already considers them a bunch of rich , spoilt brats but Skip can also tell from the way Alex's eyes are focused that he just really wants to see the girl again and is hoping that Katherine will be intimidated.

Usually , Skip would have stopped this but he also really wants to see her .

Carl sees no reason to interfere since Skip doesn't.

" Sir , Like I said , the kid is busy and dances just once , as we speak , she is getting ready to return home ", Katherine informs them and Skip panics a little but manages to hide it while Alex completely fails to hide it.

" What ? I told you , I will pay you anything , just let me see her one more time ".

Katherine was about to answer when someone appeared behind her and patted her back , none of them had seen her come .

Katherine turned around to see who had patted her back .

" Oh , Are you ready to leave ? Is your Uber here ? ", Katherine asked worriedly .

She obviously cared about the girl a lot.

" No , my phone died so I was going to use yours but I could not find you ,Let me take care of this before I leave ".

Her voice was smooth and silky and yet willful , she sounded incredibly stubborn but they still had not seen who was talking because Katherine's body was covering up most of her and she seemed to be really small .

Katherine said something softly into the girl's ear and the girl laughed out .

Her laugh was just as willful and strong , like she laughed a lot.

" I will leave it to you then", Katherine says as she turns around to face them.

" Sirs , Angel says she will answer your inquiries herself ", Katherine informed them and they all immediately pause the glasses of champagne that they had travelling to their lips a while ago .

Katherine moves away to reveal Angel and Skip gets dizzy for a second before he relaxes and takes another look at her.

She's staring straight at Alex who has gone red everywhere , even in the blue lights of the club , it is quite obvious .

She is breathtaking.

She is small but she's wearing really high heels that still don't bring her to Skip's height .

She's wearing a tiny , black mesh gown that is completely see through and red lingerie under that wraps around the swells of her breasts , the rise of her hips and the dips of her waist .

Her dark hair is long , wild and wavy and flairs around her back and shoulders and is pushed behind her ears that seem really large in a cute way .

Her nose is thin and straight , her lips full and red and her eyes so large that it's easy to tell that the colour of it is not a regular color but the blue lights make it hard to tell what exactly the colour is.

She is holding a large bag that could pass as a duffel and seems quite large for her , she is also checking out Alex .

It's obviously not for a good reason but now Skip wished he had been the one to accost Katherine so she would be looking at him right now .

She suddenly lets her duffel drop to the seat that used to belong to Matt and drops down next to the bag .

She picks up a shot glass that is filled and downs it while still staring at Alex .

Skip watches as her slender throat bobs when she swallows the drink .

" I hear you are loaded , I'm guessing you don't mind me having a glass ", She says in an almost threatening manner before relaxing into the seat .

" So , tell me sir , what was it again that you were saying to Katherine ? "

Skip realized then that Alex had not moved an inch since she approached .

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