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C8 Shakedown


Divine would have loved nothing more than escaping at that moment but she was not a child that did not realize that she had to at least apologize.

She turned towards the man that had been subject to her stupidity,he was still smiling at her like he did not have a care in the world.

Divine wondered if he was just smiling at the situation or if he was drunk already but she honestly did not care so much about that so she lowered her eyes and grimaced accordingly as she apologized.

" I am so sorry ", She called out loudly, throwing in a weird half bow and running off hurriedly , she did not want it to be even weirder when she raised her head and let their eyes meet,that would have simply taken the cake off it.

She had of course banged the door behind her as she fled, too embarrassed to stay longer and apologize properly and too prideful to leave without making a statement of sorts.

It did not matter since they did not live in Las Vegas, she would hopefully never come across them again and if she did,they would have no reason to remember one another, it was just like that.

When the door banged behind the beautiful dancer, Matt and Jade exchanged a look before they both burst in to laughter.

"Oh lords, she I so cute ",Jade commented with a sweet smile on her features.

Matt nodded his head in agreement.

"Did you see her fists ? She balled them up like she was getting ready to beat the shit out of me ",He remembered and they both laughed some more.

"She is probably the type that would have made a great friend , she did not even know who I was and was going to get in to a fight with a man twice her size for me ",Jade said with a vague smile.

Matt looked at the door.

"Beautiful and loyal , a fierce combination",He muttered.

He was referring to Divine but his eyes were glued to Jade's,she smiled at him,a promise.

"And what combination am I ?",She asked of him.

Matt chuckled.

"Do you remember the first time we met ? I joined Skip for a trip to New Jersey. There was a little turbulence on the way and we came down to the cockpit to see if you were okay. Skip did not seem to be scared so I tried to put on a front too. And then, I saw you. Your hair was slicked back in a bun and your hands were gripping the controls heavily, I could see how tense your body was as you tried to control the plane but lords,your face. You face was glowing, your eyes were wicked looking , you were having one hell of a time and for some reason, I was no longer scared",he smiled as he spoke to her, stroking her arms as he recalled exactly how he has felt that day.

Jade blinked, she had only been expecting two or three words.

"To me, you were absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful and wild. This might be cringe but you looked like a dragon tamer",He finished.

A dragon tamer?

No one had ever called her that and she had never thought of a plane as a dragon or an animal even.

True, she liked to fly.

She liked the feeling of total freedom and control that came with it.

But now, having someone say all of this was making her frigid heart warm up and she did not like it,she was here strictly to play.


Divine looked around for Katherine as soon as she was out, she would need her phone to call an Uber since hers had run out of battery .

She was still reeling from her embarrassment with the couple from the VIP room when she found Katherine standing on the other side of the club.

Divine moved closer to see what she was doing since Katherine was not the type to frolick or even exchange pleasantries with clients.

When she got closer,she had a better view of the situation and saw that Katherine was talking to the other three friends.

That was weird so she tried to focus on Katherine's face despite the annoying lightning.

She did not need to focus all that much because even in the coloured lights, she could see that Katherine did not seem to be in the best of moods, she looked pissed.

In fact, it seemed like the colours made her look even more pissed.

Divine wondered if she should cut in again.

But what if it was like the previous situation and she was misreading the room like she seemed to always do.

She remembered then that Katherine had a very obvious tell for when she was angry.

Whenever she was angry , a vein would pop out on her head and begin to tick , the speed of the ticking depended on how angry she was.

So she strained her eyes even more till she found the vein,it was indeed out .

The vein had popped out but it was not moving very fast so she was probably highly irritated and had not ventured in to particularly angry yet .

Katherine was very capable of handling herself in any situation but Divine hoped that those rich folks were not bullying her.

She had learnt that Katherine was someone who had lost a lot to going against wealthy people so when she thought that people were particularly wealthy, she was suddenly incapable of her usual buoyancy and became a young girl again.

Divine walked over to listen to what was being discussed that was irritating Katherine so much,this time she would be very careful before deciding to butt in to the conversation.

They were all engrossed with this conversation so they did not even notice her walk up to them and begin to listen in.

"What ? I told you, I will pay you anything, just let me see her one more time ", One of the men was saying as she approached .

This had been said with a deep British accent by the only blonde guy in the group.

Ahhh,so they were trying to get Katherine to Introduce them to dancers.

Too bad, Katherine never pimped out her girls, regardless of what was offered.

Divine stepped forward and tapped Katherine causing her to turn around, she was probably even more pissed to have been disturbed while she was trying to evade these bullying men but her face relaxed when she saw that it was just her .

"What is going on ? Are they making trouble?", She whispered , not loud enough to have them hear and find out that she was possibly making another assumption .

They spoke briefly as Katherine hurriedly explained the situation to Divine.

She was almost done with the explanation when she looked at Divine,her expression was worried.

"Shouldn't you be gone now?", She asked Divine when she finished telling her story.

Divine shrugged before she also explained her Uber situation to Katherine after which she asked for Katherine's help with getting one.

She then told Katherine to leave the situation to her,she had watched her enough to know how to take care of situations like this, getting aggressive bwas never the answer.

She would handle it while Katherine was helping her.

Katherine trusted and readily left it to her, taking her phone with her to probably charge it for her.

Divine was about to tell her that she could just use her phone to order but then she remembered that her phone was not password protected, so as long as Katherine boosted it a little, she could order an Uber for her as soon as possible.

Katherine would get her an Uber and tell her when it was here while she would be busy putting these corporate bullies in their place .

Divine turned and stared at the blonde guy, he was also handsome and his accent from earlier had made him sound not as dangerous as what she had assumed and now that she was looking at him, he did not even look like he could harm a fly but that did not matter.

She had met men that looked like they had never aged after twelve but they had still become beasts behind the closed doors of an establishment like this.

She could feel other two pair of eyes on her, one more intense than the other .

She caught a glimpse of their packed table that looked like every drink from the bar had been brought down here and thought that she could also use a drink if she was going to be schooling uncouth adults,that was the least they could pay her.

She threw her bag down on the seat first before she plopped down after it and grabbed a shot glass, she downed it and closed her eyes as the fire raced down her throat, Lords .

She looked up to find that they were all watching her intensely, she smiled and raised the shot glass to them to show her appreciation.

"I hear you are loaded, I am guessing you do not mind me having a glass ", She said to the blond one in particular.

He shook his head and gestured for her to continue.

"Of course not, Even if I was not loaded , I would still not mind ", his voice was soft , his accent ringing clear .

She smiled in return and poured herself a little bit of the whiskey.

She took a sip and frowned,she had no idea they sold whiskey that was this well aged.

She eventually raised her head to address the men.

"So, tell me sir, what was it again that you were saying to Katherine? ", She asked , wanting to get the conversation over with .

The blonde man smiled and Divine blinked, surprised by how harmless and innocent the smile could come off as,no wonder Katherine had not been full blown angry .

"I was asking to meet a particular dance,the most beautiful dancer I have ever had the pleasure of watching",He said.

Divine found herself smiling, her threatening facade crumbling, it was not her fault that his accent was so beautiful .

"You should have been nicer when you asked for another dance, Katherine does not like entitled people especially ones that come from money", She told him .

Like she had suspected, he did not get offended and only grinned.

"Thank you for the tip , I will remember to use it next time, I had just assumed that she was going to be a cliche club manager", He revealed and moved closer , putting out his hands.

Divine smiled again at the cliche manager part as she looked from his hand to his handsome face .

"My name is Alex Gallagher but you can call me anything you feel like", He said with a smile that lit his face and made his gray eyes pop .

Divine leaned forward to take his hand and to also introduce herself.

" I am ...".

They were both Interrupted by a loud throat clearing and they immediately turned to their other two companions .

The two guys stared at them,one of them , a beautiful Hispanic looking man that made Divine want to drool was smiling and the other man, the one that she had been staring at during her dance was frowning.

His face was set in a grave expression that only made his already sharp features even sharper .

His dark hair had been faded by the sides and he kept only a bit of a beard.

His jaw was chiselled to perfection and his black eyes were doing what they had done while she danced , sucking her in .

It was quite obvious that he had been the one to clear his throat and interrupt them.

He was frowning heavily as he observed her.

"I am sure we paid for your dance tonight , why are you here having our drinks when you were not invited? ", he asked harshly .

Divine blinked , taken aback by the anger in his voice and the second hand embarassment that came with it .

She almost whimpered in fear with how his stare was grating on her but instead all she did was narrow her eyes at him .

She was saved from having to answer when Katherine hollered .

"Angel , your Uber is waiting! ", Katherine told her .

Divine nodded and picked up her bag as she stood up from the seat she had sat on.

"Thank you for the drink", She whispered and walked off , taking her phone out of Katherine's hand , angry at herself for getting teary just because someone had spoken harshly to her .

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