The Billionaire's Ex/C11 Differences
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The Billionaire's Ex/C11 Differences
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C11 Differences

The morning came really quick unlike the others. Everyone involved in the wedding, anticipated the union. It was dawn but Thea was up already, very excited about what the day held for her.

Today was her wedding day.

She sighed with a smile as she remembered why she was getting married and who she was getting married to.

One of the most eligible bachelor, Ashton Ryder.

She couldn't wait. She stared at her wedding dress for the nth time. She even slept dreaming about how the wedding dress will look on her today. When she woke in the middle of the night, Ashton was up too, texting her and telling her that he couldn't wait. She unconsciously played with her necklace, smiling at the thought of Ashton being hers today.

"Thea?" Her mother called from behind the door.

"I'm awake mother," she said, standing from the chair she was sitting.

Her mother sighed. God, she didn't sent that she was nervous. "Very good, hurry up, we mustn't be late."

"I'm almost ready, I'll be out in a minute!" Thea dragged her box out of the room immediately, not wanting to keep her mother waiting anymore.

Her mother looked at her and smiled before giving her a firm hug. "The almighty bless you my child."

"Amen mother, Amen." She said.


Ashton buttoned the length of his tuxedo. Fixing himself properly, he stared back at his reflection. He was startled a little when the door opened revealing his father. He stepped away from the mirror immediately.


"I can see you are already prepared without my help."

"Em-I didn't know I was supposed to wait for you. I got so excited that I couldn't wait any longer." He said.

His father chuckled. "I know the feeling well Ashton. When I was about to wed your mother, I must say, I was nervous as hell." Ashton chuckled too. "But I still thought even the very last minute and decided that I truly needed to be with her for the rest of my life. Now you have to ask yourself, do you want to be with Thea for the rest of your life?"

"I know you don't like Thea, but I've never been sure of anything else in my life. I love Thea dad, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her."

"Even if she isn't honest with you?"

Ashton frowned. "What do you mean Dad?"

"I just wanted to make sure you are thinking straight. I can see that nothing will change your mind now. If that's the case, I approve of this marriage, if it's what makes you happy."

Ashton hugged his father firmly with a smile playing on his lips. "Thanks Dad, this really means a lot to me." His father slowly circled his arms around him. He patted his son's back twice until Ashton released him to stared back at him. He chuckled nervously in happiness.

"We must leave now, it's time to have her in your arms." Ashton nodded and walked out of the room with his father.


Ashton checked his watch for the third time that morning. He tapped nervously on his laps as he looked at the door. She was nowhere near it.

What was keeping her?

Gosh what was this feeling in her chest. This wedding was taking a lot on him. He tried to calm down nd not look worried in front of the congregation. He looked at the priest and mustered a smile.

Suddenly, a woman ran in just as Ashton turned to stare at the door once more.

"The bride fainted!"

Fainted? Ashton frowned in confusion. Upon realization, his eyes widened in shock.

Thea, his soon to be bride, had fainted.

The hall became suddenly noisy. Ashton looked at his father anxiously and without wasting anymore time, rushed out and his father followed.

"This will be resolved in a while, please we should all remain calm!" Mr. Ryder said before following Ashton out of the hall.


"Doctor, what's wrong? Will she be alright?" Mrs. Ryder asked.

Ashton anxiously waited on the doctors remark. His eyes darted to Thea that laid on the bed, resting.

"She will be okay. She'll wake up anytime soon." They all involuntarily sighed in relief.

Mrs. Ryder held her chest letting out a sigh of relief. "Thank God! She gave me quite a fright. I almost thought today was going to be ruined."

"But why did she faint? What could cause her to faint.... unexpectedly?" Mr. Ryder asked walking closer to the doctor in a few steps.

"She must have consumed something that wasn't good for her health and the baby," the doctor said and Ashton frowned.

"What baby?" Mrs. Ryder asked. "Ashton what baby is he talking about?" Ashton shook his head signaling that he didn't have a clue.

"The woman is with child, if you'll excuse me, I was urgently called. I would like to return to what I was formally doing." He said before walking away.

"Did you know she was pregnant?" Mr. Ryder asked with a frown.

"No, she didn't tell me anything like that, I didn't know she was pregnant." Ashton said mainly to his mother, not wanting to meet his father's stare.

"I knew something would go wrong today." Mr. Ryder exclaimed.

"Austin, you shouldn't talk like that!" Mrs. Ryder said.

"I need to be alone with her," Ashton said to them coming to sit besides his soon to be bride. He swept her hair off her face and took them behind her ear.

She moaned in tiredness hours later. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she stared right into the eyes of her Fiance.

"Hey," he said to her softly. She looked at where he had interlocked their fingers together and back to his face.


"You scared me back there," he said to her.

"Where am I?" She asked, looking around her for clue. Ashton tightened his hold on her reassuringly.

"You fainted. You are in my room now, how are you feeling?" He said to her.

"I'm feeling alright, I am alright." She told him.

"Do want to know why you fainted Thea?" He asked and in turn, she stared at him curiously. "You're pregnant Thea, that's what the doctor said."

"Pregnant? I didn't know, i-"

"Am I the father?" Ashton asked and she paused.

"What kind of question is that? You know that I have not been with anyone but you." She told him.

"I know Thea, I trust you. I know you won't betray me." He said holding their hands to his chest. "I just... I'm just scared that's all, I don't want to lose you that's all."

"Ash, what did Mom say? And Dad?" Ashton only hugged her to himself.

"Don't worry what they say, I'm always with you Thea. It's us against the world, remember?" She nodded frantically, blinking her tears away.

"What about everyone?" She asked.

He said, "It's 4pm already, everyone has already left except your mother. I told them to wait downstairs till you wake up."

"But the wedding-"

"You aren't well Thea. Besides, we aren't in a hurry. We can get married whenever we like."


Just then, the door opened revealing Mr. Ryder. He strode inside the room before coming to stare daggers at Thea.

"Leave Ashton,"

"But Father-" Ashton tried.

"I won't let my family's name be dragged to the dust. I said leave, I need to have a word with your so called Fiancée." He said to him.

Ashton hesitated. Staring at Thea once more time, he gave a tired sigh and walked out of the room closing the door and trapping them both in it.

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