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C12 With a pool of

"I said, I didn't kill her!" Samson roared one more time.

"Mr Maxfield, you do know that denying it will get you no where. Why don't you say the truth, confess to it and your punishment might be less." The Blondie in charge told Samson as Samson panted in heavy breaths.

"Do you perhaps have anxiety problem? Maybe you did things you can't remember?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Samson simply said looking away from him.

"Did you get yourself treated? Who treated you?"

"I said I don't know what you are talking about!" Samson yelled stomping his hand on the table angrily. He held his head, suddenly feeling light headed and groaned softly seconds later. He quickly reached for the glass of water on the table there and drank half of it.

"As I thought," the officer tsked. "This is the second day and you've refused to say anything. You do not want to stay here forever, do you?" Officer Peter asked.

"I'm saying anything because I don't know anything!" Samson said to him.

"You called her to meet up with you that day and after those hours, nobody knew where she went and what happened to her. Where did you take her?!"

"I didn't take her anywhere! I came an hour late because I was caught up at work. When I came, she was already gone. I swear on my life that I didn't kill Freya, she was my girlfriend and I loved her!"

"But she didn't love you," Peter said and Samson buried his head in his hand in frustration.

"She didn't," Samson finally said. "She was in love with another man. She said he was her high school lover and when he came back from a long term vacation, they started seeing each other again and she forget about me." He told Peter and Peter, listened carefully.

"So you were angry with her?"

Samson raised his head to stare at the officer straight in the eye. He composed himself immediately and said to Peter, "Angry? Yes, yes I was. I couldn't bare to see her with someone else, so I asked her to meet up with me so we can have a little chat."


"Freya, stop don't do this to me. Freya!"

The lady immediately halted in her steps away from Samson. He wanted to say something but his hands fell in defeat as he scoffed.

"He hasn't been with you all these years and the moment he suddenly tells you he likes you, you run to him?" Samson said to her.

She turned and walked back to him in anger. "I love Zach and he loves me too that is all you need to know." She said to him.

"Don't. Say. That!" He gritted out. "You don't love him, you are infatuated with him and you'll know this soon."

"I'm not a child Samson, I'm twenty three and I can decided for myself and let it be none of your business from today henceforth."

Samson sighed after stepping closer to her. Holding her hand firmly in his, he said, "I really Love you Freya, can't you see that. I can't live without you, please don't do this. Don't let go of what we have, I know you love me too."

Her eyes darted to where their fingers interlocked themselves as one. No Sparks, no connection, everything she felt was nothing compared to what Zachary made her feel. His touch was incomparable and she couldn't let a stupid mistake take away this newfound happiness.

"No you are mistaken. What I feel for you isn't love," she said to him, gradually peeling her hands off his. He did nothing to stop her as she did. "What I feel for you isn't love Samson."

"Then what is this called-"

"You may love me Samson, but I do not love you, I'm sorry." She turned and walked away from him immediately, wiping the tears that fell down her cheeks immediately.


"I didn't kill her," he said softly. "She did not love me and I wasn't going to force her to. I believe I will find someone better." Samson said.

"You said you came an hour late," Samson nodded in agreement. "Who saw you leave the office?"

Samson thought for a moment before mentioning the name of a friend he hadn't met since that night.


Ashton's step slowed down until it came to a stop when he caught sight of his secretary, still on her desk working. She hadn't noticed him yet and he took the opportunity to stare at her longingly.

Earlier today, he noticed something that stole his mind for the whole day.

She still wore it.

She still wore his necklace and he wasn't sure what he felt then. Was it happiness? Or surprise? Or maybe a mixture of both.

That means, she did think of him and he wasn't the only one reliving their memories every single day since their break up.

From the moment he told her, don't ever show up in my face again, or something like that, he regretted it. Still, he kept telling himself that if she could go ahead and be intimate with another man why can't he?

For a moment there, his hands itched to raise her chin and lock their lips as one. He missed how soft they were. He wanted her to remember all they shared and maybe come to him?

What was happening to him? One moment, he says that he won't think about her and that he's over her and the next, he wants her to remember all they shared as a couple.

Ludicrous hypocrite!

Indecisive and confused bachelor!

Thea finally met his stare and hurriedly got up from her chair immediately.

"Sir, I didn't know you haven't left," he continued his strides.

"Aren't you going home Thea?" He simply asked. "It's 9pm,"

"I was planning on staying a little longer. I'll leave soon," she said.

He said. "It's late, pack your things and I'll take you home."

"I can get a taxi-"

"Didn't you hear me? It's late." He said. When she said nothing back, he sighed tiredly and said. "I'll be outside, don't make me wait long."

Thea collapsed in her seat immediately he was out of sight. She didn't sign up for an occupied weekend. She began packing her things, getting ready to meet him outside.

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