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C13 Emotions

"Does your hand still hurt?" He asked mainly because the silence in the car was uncomfortable. She had been looking out the window ever since she entered, avoiding his stare and pretending like he never existed.

"I'm fine now, Thank you." She still didn't turn her attention away from the boring night.

"Okay," he said softly. His face, impassive and without emotion. He stole a look at her one more time before concentrating on the road.

Throughout the ride, his knuckles didn't didn't loosen themselves around the wheel.

Few minutes later, she still sat, staring out of the window in thoughts while his car was no longer moving.

"Miss Kennedy," she hummed in response and slowly dragged her attention away from the night to stare at him. "We are at your house." He said to her.

She looked around in shock, she must have been seriously consumed by her thoughts not to notice this on time.

"Oh," she muttered. Grabbing her bag to leave, she froze when she felt cold hands against hers. Her once steady breath hitched in her throat at the contact.

She stared up at him instantly but he failed to meet her stare.

"Sir, i-"

"Are you happy?" Those three words caused silence for sometime. He found this as a cause to turn to her. "Are you happy Thea? You sure have moved on pretty well." He told her.

She swallowed then said, "Yes, I am happy. I am very happy in fact." She nodded agreeing with herself mostly. When she raised her eyes once more, she met his already staring at her as his expression mirrored an emotion she couldn't decipher.

He nodded seconds later. "That's good then, I wanted to make sure you have so I won't hurt anybody's feelings on the day of the ceremony." He said. "I want it to be perfect Thea. My Fiancée is flying over and I already asked her to attend."

Thea gripped her skirt tightly. Jealousy slipping into her features easily and he could tell that emotion anywhere. So she did still love him or was what he saw a fragment of his imagination?

"It's already going along well Sir. I don't think it's proper for me to ruin such an important occasion. Thank you for the ride sir and please next time, I'll just walk." She said before exiting the car immediately.

He watched her open her door with her keys before slamming it shut to shield herself of his sight. Watching her as she moved around her apartment, he saw the light in the living room on and then it went off again. His jaw tighten in anger and he immediately drove out of view.

She watched him from her window as he was just getting out of sight. His car sped away from her residence and immediately his words started sinking in.

"...My Fiancée is flying over, I already asked her to attend."

She gripped the necklace from her neck and threw it to the floor. Tears streaming down her face. Why couldn't she move on? What she planned for herself wasn't happening, why?!

She was supposed to be over him by now but he always manages to remind her and shove it in her face what she is missing. Ashton had really moved on from her easily. Why can't she?!

She screamed in pain and regret. Why should love be so hard?

Ashton slowly packed by the road when he couldn't handle it any longer. He combed his hair in frustration before hitting the wheel once,

Then twice,

He was reminded of the hurt that crossed her features when he told her of his brilliant idea to invite his Fiancée. He rested his forehead on the wheel in defeat.


"I dropped Johnny on my way to the restaurant. He didn't live far from there." Peter nodded in understanding.

"Why were you planning on running away?"

"I wanted to take a break," Samson simply said.

"No that's not it. You wanted to run away from the allegations made against you." Samson said nothing. "After you found out that she was already gone, where did you go?"

"After I left the restaurant, I went straight home. I didn't go anywhere else."

Peter nodded once more after staring meaningfully at Samson. "Thank you for your time Mr. Maxfield, I believe we are done for the day,"


Ashton found his seat in front of Jace after looking around the place as he walked in.

The place was the busiest. In just last month, the owner was able to draw many people. It must be as good as they say. He stared far into the corner of the large space almost occupied by tens of people. The girls were very clothed. This might be the best option for the night.

"I almost thought you wouldn't make it." Jace said.

Ashton said, "I needed this,"

"Bad day?"

"The worst," he said turning around to call a waiter.

"How many will you have?" Ashton asked. "I'll pay with my company's card."

"As many that makes me forget," Jace said mustering a smile. "We must find a way to get rid of our problems somehow,"

"5 bottles each for start!" He told the lady who scurried off immediately.

Jace mustered a smile at Ashton when they locked eyes once more, but he made no attempt in returning it as his eyes wondered around the place for the last time.


"Hello," the feminine voice called as Samuel raised the phone to his ears.


"It's Dawn Michaels speaking, I think I remember who it was that she spoke about." She said.

"Tell me then,"

"Let's meet up?" She asked.

He frowned. "What stops you from telling me on the phone?"

"Let's just say I'm security conscious. Besides, it's best we see one on one. My house?" She said to him. He hesitated before nodding in agreement.

"I'll be there," he said then hung up on her.

She stared at the phone then smiled in happiness.


"One question, why are women so complicated?" Ashton started after downing two bottles already.

"I ask myself the same question almost every time Ashton. I still haven't found the answer."

Ashton scoffed. "Have you ever been in love Jace?" The man stilled before going ahead to pour himself another glass.

"Yes, yes I have. She wants to make me a better person Ashton and she tries at it. She completes me honestly and it makes me happy."

"When was the last time you sounded this sappy?" The both burst out laughing. "Who is this woman anyways, do I know her?" Jace met his stare before shaking his head.

"No. You don't," he replied. "What about you? How is your Fiancée? You haven't spoken of her ever since. Are you not crazy over her?"

"I am," but just over a different her. "I'm thinking of announcing our wedding on my opening ceremony."

"You don't seem happy about it." Jace told him but Ashton decided to gulp another shot than reply him.


The hard and incessant knocking woke Thea up immediately. She thought about hiding in the far end of her home but when the knocking became pronounced, she took with her, a frying pan for defense mechanism.

The knocking finally stopped and she slowly lowered her pan and let out a sigh of relief. Once more the knocking came, not rushed then she heard a groan.

Her hand came in contact with the door and she swung it open immediately, only for a very drunk Ashton to stumble inside.

"My Goodness,"

She peeped outside hurriedly for a second as if checking to see if he was seen. She only saw his car packed outside. She shut the door behind her before turning to him in surprise.

"What are you doing here by this time As- Sir, it's late you shouldn't be-"

His lips claimed her in a very demanding kiss.

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