The Billionaire's Indecent Proposal/C8 Chapter 7: The Pleasure Is All Mine
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The Billionaire's Indecent Proposal/C8 Chapter 7: The Pleasure Is All Mine
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C8 Chapter 7: The Pleasure Is All Mine

Virgil’s presence kept me grounded and calm during takeoff. He even gave me chewing gum so that I didn’t suffer from ear aches when the air pressure changed. The flight was grueling and long, but it went by quicker than I had imagined. The flight attendant was polite and came often to ask if I needed anything. She even condoned my tinkering with the entertainment system and helped me function it. I must have succumbed to exhaustion somewhere in the middle of the second movie I chose to watch because when I woke up, Virgil was gently nudging me to say that we had arrived.

As we got off the jet, I saw a car stop on the runway in a distance. We got off the jet and I was led into the back of the limousine. It was already early evening, and I stared at the Quentin scenery as we passed it. I had been to the central cities before, Fairview was near Atkins and if someone wanted to go out for a trip, that was where they went.

But Fairview was nothing like Quentin.

Time seemed to flow and ebb as I watched the outside world in awe. Virgil allowed me to gawk in peace and whenever I glanced at him, he was busy on his phone.

“Where are we headed?” I finally asked him.

"Mr. Rowe's house." He briefly looked up and smiled.

There was a knot in my stomach at the mention of his name. I was finally meeting the mysterious Mr. Rowe in a matter of minutes. As we passed a security gate and slowed in front of a row of large and beautiful houses, I took several deep, calming breaths. The car finally stopped and a guy in a suit opened the door immediately. He offered me his hand and I wondered where he came from. Had he been in the car all along without me knowing? Had I been too anxious to notice?

I had to shake the thoughts out. I was lingering on irrelevant things and scaring myself further.

Virgil was at my side a moment later, my luggage in hand, and waiting while I soaked in my surroundings. Mr. Rowe’s house was made from light brick and the vast amount of glass windows of the five stories gleamed in the fading evening sunlight.

I had to check myself immediately. I straightened my dress and ran my fingers through my hair nervously. I felt so out of place in midst of such grandeur. I felt as if I wasn’t worthy to stand and breathe in the rich Quentin air.

I had watched enough television to understand this was the locality where the filthy rich resided.

“Please don’t be nervous, Miss Taylor. Keep my words in mind.”

I stared at Virgil, glad that he was trying to encourage him, but I wondered which of his words he wanted me to remember. He had said a lot of cryptic things in the past two days, most of which left me with more questions than answers.

I finally gave him a small nod and followed him up the steps to the front door. The door opened and a friendly older woman who reminded me of my late grandmother greeted us.

"Welcome, Willow," she greeted. She took my hand and urged me inside. "I hope the flight wasn't too taxing for you. I'm Laura, by the way, and I take care of Mr. Rowe’s house. Come to me if you need anything."

I bit back my smile at her enthusiasm. She seemed excited that I was there and I couldn’t understand why.

"I’m glad to meet you, Laura."

She squeezed my hand before turning to Virgil. "How's my lovely boy?"

Virgil grinned as he pulled her into a hug. It was the most sincere display of emotions I had seen on his face since we met.

“I am wonderful, as always. It’s great being back in the city.”

Laura hummed. “Why don’t you leave Willow’s things here? I will have someone else take care of it in a bit.”

They exchanged a knowing glance before turning back to me. I didn’t have the energy to ruminate over the exchange about my luggage. I assumed it would be taken to whatever hotel I was staying at.

Virgil nodded, catching my attention. I saw him preparing to leave. "Miss Taylor, it is time for me to leave. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. And I am sure I will see you again soon,” he said lightly.

"You're leaving?" I asked, jittery at the thought that the only somewhat familiar face was leaving all of a sudden.

"You are in excellent hands. It is time for me to check in with my team. As you can see, my work forces me to leave."

I was at a loss for what to do. I wanted to hug him goodbye and thank him for his help, but it seemed inappropriate. “Thank you for everything,” I finally settled on saying.

He gave me a polite nod before leaving out of the front door. In the end, I was alone with Laura.

“Would you care for something to drink? Nicholas asked me to arrange dinner on the terrace. I am sure you must be famished.”

It was the first time someone referred to Mr. Rowe as Nicholas. I was hungry even though my anxiety was dampening it. I hadn’t had a single bite the entire day.

"Thank you, Laura. I don’t want anything to drink."

She patted my hand almost affectionately. “Very well, dear girl. Let me show you to the terrace.”

I followed her timidly, admiring the open layout of the rooms and the large staircase that curved along the wall. I held back the gasp at the extravagant chandelier hanging from the ceiling as we walked through the living room. The next room I entered was equally, if not more, impressive.

All my fantasies were laid out in front of me. A library. I could have been killed in the room and happily gone to heaven. It took up two floors and each wall was lined from top to bottom with rows and rows of books. There was an expansive sofa set arranged comfortably for people to sit. I could just imagine curling up in front of the fireplace as it snowed. The best part was the sliding ladders available at each panel for easier access to the highest shelves.

I was speechless as I turned slowly, taking in the whole room.

I was so lost in my thoughts that minutes passed before I realized Laura was no longer with me. I swiveled to the direction we had come through and my breath caught as I saw Mr. Rowe leaning against the doorway, watching me.

The pictures on the internet did him no justice. He was the best-looking man I had laid my eyes on. His eyes glittered as he watched me, his lips curved up in a small smirk. He likely thought I was nuts, looking awed by a room he saw every day.

My eyes drifted down from his face to the crisp dress shirt he had on, unbuttoned and rolled up at the sleeves to reveal his forearms. His arms were crossed over his chest. I saw a thick silver watch around his wrist, as well.

I felt bad for scoffing at girls who raved and drooled over forearm pictures. How had I not known they could be so sexy? His hands belonged on social media as a thirst trap. His slacks hung low on his hips, perfectly showcasing his long legs. His stance was casual with one foot crossed in front of the other as he leaned against the door frame. My eyes snapped back to his and I saw his smile broaden. Safe to say my heart was pounding.

He obviously enjoyed my ogling and the effect he had on me. I checked myself to ensure I was not drooling in reality.

His head was tilted to the side and his gaze was intense. I began to wonder if he was staring into my soul. He had promised to take care of me, but he never specified what he meant by that. I only hoped that he wouldn’t regret his decision.

I was panicking as he drew out his silence.

‘Why isn’t he saying anything? Is he waiting for me to speak first?’

After what felt like an eternity, he pushed off the frame and slowly made his way to me. He was so graceful that I felt fainter with each step he took.

“I’m glad to finally meet you, Willow.”

My insides became goo at the sound of my name falling from his lips. Still, I gathered my wits to take the hand he held out in greeting. When our hands touched, I had to clench my teeth to not have a meltdown.

He just radiated electricity that made my hormones go berserk.

He was so tall that I had to crane my neck to hold his gaze. His lips tugged into a frown as he eyed my lips. I suddenly realized that I was biting my lip and it was bothering him. I released it immediately and sucked in a deep breath. I looked down and found our hands still clasped together.

And I had yet to say a word.

“Thank you for meeting me, Mr. Rowe.”

At the sound of my voice, his smile returned. My breath hitched when his thumb stroked the back of my hand, sending tingles up my arm.

“The pleasure is all mine, Willow.”

I would petition for his voice to be deemed illegal. It was wreaking havoc on my insides. He could start an ASMR channel or become a voice actor with how attractive it sounded.

"And please, call me Nicholas."

I could barely nod.

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