The Billionaire's Instant Family/C2 A Historical Night
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The Billionaire's Instant Family/C2 A Historical Night
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C2 A Historical Night

Eleanor looked at him in silence for a while.

She was thinking if she should go on with it or just quit now. After a moment of contemplation, the former won. She would do it...

Eleanor grinned mischievously as she spoke, "Let's play it". Excitement, fear, anger, hate, revenge- all were present in her tone at that moment.

Eleanor knew her family well. The McKinleys were one of the most prestigious families in the whole of New York City. They were prideful and she knew how affected they were by her refusal to marry the scumbag they had chosen for her. She felt content at the thought of how to hurt their pride.

"Shall we then?" Damien said, standing up. He stretched out his hand for her to take and Eleanor didn't hesitate to do so.

Each step she took was a question to herself if she wanted to go through the ordeal. She wouldn't back out.!

Damien led her further into the room and soon, they arrived at another door. As he opened the door, a wide and spacious bedroom came into view.

Eleanor sat on the edge of the bed, her legs dangling as she surveyed the room.

It was beautiful.

Her gaze moved to the man who was undressing. His back was turned to her.

Now that she thought about it, he is decent. At least she didn't have sex with a street thug.

"So... How many ladies have you brought up here?" Eleanor took the initiative to break the silence. She wasn't a fan of silence, and this one was deafening.

He turned around and began to walk towards her.

"I mentioned that I am 'extremely' picky. So to answer your question, just three. You're the third one." He stressed the word "Extremely" as he leaned in to capture her lips.

Eleanor, even if she wanted to, couldn't disagree with the fact that the man before her had an amazing and awkward personality.

'Good thing it's a nightstand, by tomorrow we'd be strangers to each other ' Eleanor thought as she summoned up the courage to look at the man who stood proudly like a macho man before her.

His biceps, the abs, his....member?

Eleanor gulped as her gaze met his. It wasn't too late to back out now, was it? She quickly shook her head to dismiss the thoughts.

She stood and started to undress. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the man looking at her as though he were scanning every curve on her body.

The atmosphere in the room was starting to get tense.

As Damien thrust on and on, Eleanor's moans responded to each thrust.

The first round...

The second round...

Many more rounds after that...

It wasn't until the sun came out of hiding that they stopped to sleep.

When Eleanor woke up it was about 5 pm. Her eyes slightly opened. She almost freaked at the figure beside her, but as the events of last night started to play in her mind, she relaxed.

"Woken up?" Damien asked indifferently.


"Any regrets?"

"None whatsoever. I wasn't drunk when it happened. It happened under mutual consent"

Eleanor replied truthfully to see him nod in response.

"What's your name?" She asked as she got off the bed and began to dress up.

It wasn't important to know his name, but it wouldn't be too bad either if she knew the name of the man she gave her the first time.

Damien got off the bed and started to get dressed, "I don't think it's important"

"Hmmm," she nodded and didn't probe further.

They got dressed in silence and walked out of the room, and outside the bar.

Eleanor walked directly to the cab she had called earlier, while Damien walked to his car.

And so, the one-night stand came to an end.


All through the ride home, Eleanor couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. How drastically her life had changed in one night.

*sighs *sigh again...

"Ma'am, are you okay?" The driver asked, his face masked with worry. He saw her through the rearview mirror, and he knew she wasn't okay.

Eleanor quickly regained her composure and smiled brightly, "I'm fine. Thank you"

The driver nodded and didn't say anything more to her.


The ride ended soon, as they arrived at the metal doors to the McKinley Manor.

Eleanor alighted from the cab and paid off the driver. She sighed as she walked slowly towards the main mansion.

With each step she took, she was wondering what she'd be met with. Were they serious about disowning her? Or were they only bluffing? But given the kind of man Alexander was, she knew he wasn't bluffing about what he said yesterday.

She inhaled sharply to exhale slowly as she stepped into the Hall.


Eleanor was welcomed with a fierce slap on her cheek.

She held her cheek as she raised her head to look up.

It was her father! Mr. Alexander McKinley. It was obvious he was angry by the look on his face.

Alexander stared at the girl before him and gritted his teeth. After humiliating him, she still dared to come into his house.

What guts! he thought.

"Where do you think you're going, young lady?" He asked coldly. Anger was evident in his eyes.

"Answer me you slut!" Alexander shouted.

His shout had attracted everyone in the house as they began to come into the Hall.

Her stepmother had a smirk on her face and so did her stepbrother and sister.

"I'm here for my belongings" Eleanor replied shakily. Her face stung from the slap she had received. Her tears were threatening to break free, but she WOULD NOT cry before these people; they weren't worth it.

Elaine scoffed at her stepdaughter's words. How she hated her couldn't be said. She wished she could walk up to her and strangle her to death now.

"What belongings? They were all bought by us! You didn't contribute a dime to them!" Elaine screamed in detest.

Eleanor didn't respond to her stepmother's words. She just didn't understand what she had done to acquire so much hate from the woman. Did she ever...

"You cease to be my daughter from today! Henceforth, you shall no longer bear the McKinley name!"

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