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C4 Five Years Later

The city of New York continued to thrive, Bloom, and flourish for five years after Eleanor left.

"Mommy, we're landing soon wake up"

A crisp voice made Eleanor open her eyes, upon which she immediately saw an adorable young face.

Tasha Anderson-Red stared at her mother keenly. "Mommy, why are we back in New York City?"

"Are we here to look for Daddy?" Nathan chimed in.

Eleanor stretched her body lazily and sat comfortably. She mumbled, "You don't have a father"

"Mum, we're not kids anymore. So we're not going to believe any nonsense you spout. We couldn't have been conceived magically. Or did we pop out of rocks?"

Eleanor "..."

Eleanor didn't respond as she began to tie up her waist-length hair.

Tasha continued to speak to her brother, "We'd look for daddy ourselves, right?"

"Yes," Nathan assured his sisterly warmly.

They'd surely look for their father.

A glint of warmth flashed across Eleanor's grape-like eyes.

She was reminded of that night from five years ago. The night her precious gems were conceived. However, Eleanor couldn't even know who their father was.

She had tried to find him, but it was as though he had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

She wouldn't stop trying to find him but, she had other things taxing.

On the surface, her return was to establish. At least that was what she made Jonathan and Cassie believe.

However, the most important thing was actually to take what rightfully belonged to her.

About fifteen minutes later, the plane came to a complete stop.

Eleanor let Tasha sit on the suitcase, while she held Nathan, whose head was stuck in a book, as they walked forward.

Her fair skin, sharp and pert nose, curly black hair that was tied up, fiery-red lips, and graceful figure made her a wondrous sight at the airport.

Heads turned as she swayed her hips from side to side.

Increased attention was nothing new to her.

She had come to New York for a reason. She must not complicate it.

As they approached the exit, Eleanor spotted a familiar figure in the arrival hall in front. Her lips curled into a smile as she pushed forward.

A man stood at a prominent spot at the exit of the airport. He was wearing a suit and he looked... more mature than he had been five years ago.

He turned out to be her best friend, Jonathan Lewinsky.

With his head stuck in a phone, he smiled brightly. Whatever was on that phone, was good.

He was lost in his phone as he waited for his friend.

Jonathan and Eleanor had been friends since they were kids. And since Jonathan was older by only three months, they had gotten along very well.

He was mesmerized by the beautiful woman before him as soon as he raised his head.

Jonathan was speechless as he stared at Eleanor in awe.

She had changed drastically in five years.

It even seemed as though the entire airport had lit up a few notches brighter the moment she arrived.

"Eleanor? Is this you?" Jonathan asked in disbelief.

Eleanor chuckled as she spread her arms, indicating for him to throw himself in.

"Oh... I missed you, El." Jonathan said as he ravished in her embrace. He had missed her little cares and major tantrums.

"Missed you, Jo"

Jonathan turned to the kids as he shrieked like a lady in delight.

"Oh, El. Your womb is beautiful."

Eleanor smiled but didn't reply.

"You must be Tasha," He said pointing to the young lady sitting on the suitcase.

He turned to the boy, "Nathan?"

"Yes," Nathan replied coldly.

He didn't like strangers.

Jonathan happily pointed to himself, "I'm Uncle Jonathan, Okay?"

"Okay," Tasha smiled at him.

She likes him. She likes everyone.

"Call me Godfather"

"Godfather?" Nathan asked, his head tilted to the side.


"Okay. Can we go now, Godfather?" Nathan wanted to leave immediately.

Jonathan grinned like a Cheshire cat as he had been called Godfather. He happily pulled the kids towards the car.

Leaving Eleanor, who was following quietly, to struggle with her suitcase.


The car pulled up in front of a building.

"Eleanor, this is it. I can't come with you, but, I'd come by tomorrow" Jonathan sounded apologetic as he handed her a bunch of keys.

Eleanor understood, so she just nodded as she stepped out with the kids.

"Thanks, Jo"

"Bye Godfather" the kids sang as he drove out of the building.


As she opened the main door to the building, "Mommy, can we go check it out?" Nathan asked excitedly.

"Yes babies" Eleanor responded and in an instant, they were gone from her sight.

Eleanor shook her head as she walked through the main doors, and took herself on a tour inside the building.

It is hers!

Since Jonathan was a building engineer, she had given him the contract for her home here in New York.

The building was all about elegance. It screamed LUXURY, yet simplicity was its key detail.

It was a four-storeyed building, with a living room dining room, and kitchen on the first floor, three bedrooms on the second floor, two guest rooms, a library, and an office on the third floor.

The fourth floor was surrounded with floor to floor-to-ceiling windows. And it was a music floor.

Eleanor had always been a lover of music since she was young. Her mom would play with her, and teach her to play too.

She went back downstairs, only to find the kids asleep on the floor.

It was obvious they were tired and had fallen asleep, immediately.

Eleanor changed them into their nightwear and laid them on their beds.

Since they were used to sleeping together, she had requested a single room for them.

But, each had a bed, closet, and bathroom. And one side of the room was painted grey, while the other, was pink.

She would organize the house properly tomorrow.

For now, she needed sleep.

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