The Billionaire's Instant Family/C5 Take Back What Belongs To Me
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The Billionaire's Instant Family/C5 Take Back What Belongs To Me
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C5 Take Back What Belongs To Me

The plane arrived a little later than expected.

As Cassie's feet touched the ground in New York City, she smiled. She pulled out her phone to make a call. A cab driver had pulled up before her, so she signaled him to wait a while.

After a few rings, the call connected.

"Cassie?" Eleanor's voice came from the other end.

She sounded busy and tired.

"Boss, are you alright?" Cassie asked in a low tone.

Eleanor hissed at Cassie's question. She was sure that Cassie's plane had already landed, but instead of asking for the address, she was asking about her condition.

Well, that was just Cassie.

With this in mind, Eleanor replied gratefully, "I'm fine Cass. Here's the address _____"

Cassie ended the call getting the address. She told to the car driver and they began their journey.

After an hour's drive, the cab pulled up in front of a big metallic gate. Cassie was awestruck by her boss' house. She was elated as she quickly paid off the cab driver.

She was eager to get into the house.

Cassie prayed within her that her boss won't send her to a hotel, but give her a room in the mansion.

Eleanor was satisfied upon seeing Cassie standing in the doorway. She strode towards her.

"Well Cass," Eleanor said with a smile.

Cassie smiled in return as they hugged. "Eleanor, your house is beautiful!" Cassie declared gleefully.

Eleanor chuckled as she led her into the living room.

Cassie wasn't just Eleanor's secretary, she was also a friend. For the past five years, she had been with Eleanor, standing by her through everything. And Eleanor loved her like a sister.

"Aunt Cass! You're here!" Tasha screamed happily as her little feet ran across to where Cassie was.

Cassie knelt as she welcomed Tasha into her arms "Oh! My baby! I missed you"

"Did you miss me too?"

Tasha giggled as she nodded.

"Godmother! You're here!" Nathan said cheerfully as he strode into the living room, with his hands in his pockets.

Cassie grinned as she rose, "Yes, Mr. Gentleman"

Nathan walked to her and stood beside her.

Patting his head lovingly, Cassie asked, " Tell me where's my room?"

Tasha ran to her mum, "Mama, where's Godmother's room?"

Eleanor who had been standing at the side, watching their little exchange, smiled as she replied, "Right after yours baby. The room on the left"

"Yay! Aunt Cass, our room is between yours and Mommy" Tasha revealed happily.

Cassie feigned a surprise gasp as she placed her hand on her chest, "Wow! that's nice. We get to play...."

"Sleepover!" The trio sang in unison.

Sleepover was something they always did.

Eleanor chuckled lightly as she took Cassi's suitcase upstairs, while Cassie and the kids followed behind her.

After dismissing the trio, she went to her room. Ensuring that everything was in place, she took her bath and got dressed.

Before leaving the kids to Cassie, she kissed them and left In a hurry.


Inside the meeting room of the ZerAnderson Group building, Alexander and Elaine sat with their lawyers by their side.

They were negotiating with the people who wanted to purchase the company.

At the front desk of the building lobby, Eleanor showed her identity card to the receptionist and said, "I'm Eleanor Anderson-Red. The only daughter of The Late Chairwoman. Where's my father?"

The receptionist had seen, not only the identity card but also the striking resemblance Eleanor bore to the Late Boss, so she told the truth, "Mr and Mrs McKinley are in the meeting room on the top floor. Currently, they're having a meeting with the potential buyers of the company."

Eleanor was furious when she heard this. Her eyes flickered with hate and resentment as she made her way to the elevator.

The ZerAnderson Group was part of the inheritance left to her by her mother, Mrs Zera. The woman wanted her to take over when she came of age. But, unfortunately, she passed away before that time came, leaving the role of acting president to her husband, Alexander.

In the news, it had been widely reported that Alexander had plans to sell the ZerAnderson Group and register a new company with the money. With Elaine as the legal representative.

This information, of course, didn't sit well with Eleanor. She had to stop them at all costs. She couldn't allow her mother's company to be sold. Even more, she would never let them get a share of the profit.

Their greed was insatiable!

Back in the meeting room, Alexander and the buyer had finally reached an agreement. All that was left was to sign a contract of transfer of ownership and sale.

The lawyers checked the legal papers and saw that everything was in order. To make it official, was all that was left now.

"Mr Callaghan, I'm happy we've finally concluded. Our business will grow stronger from here on, I assure you. Without further ado, let's make it official, shall we?" Alexander was eager. He couldn't wait for the ZerAnderson Group to be sold so he could finally receive all the money and start a new company with his wife.

Callaghan Mark couldn't disagree, as he too was eager to add ZerAnderson to his corporation. "Agreed. Mr McKinley, I look forward to doing more business with you. Cheers to us bo--"

The last words were hardly off his tongue when the door suddenly flung open.

"I'm afraid that wouldn't be happening"

A fierce-looking Eleanor walked into the meeting room, glaring at the shocked couple.

Eleanor felt lucky to have arrived just before the contract was signed. She had saved her mother's legacy in the nick of time.

Across the long table, Alexander and Elaine became furious as they abruptly stood up.

"Eleanor? What are you doing here?" Alexander asked in disbelief.

The McKinley family had never heard from Eleanor after they had sent her out of New York. Alexander thought she was dead. He didn't expect her to reappear in the company, especially not at such a crucial time.

Elaine glared at Eleanor. If looks could kill, the latter would have died. She pointed her finger at her stepdaughter as she spoke through gritted teeth, "You! What do you think you're doing? Huh"

Eleanor scoffed at her stepmother's words.

Was she daft?

"Are you so blind? or deaf? or both? Isn't it obvious? I'm here to stop you two sly foxes from selling the ZerAnderson Group" came Eleanor's firm reply.

"I'm here to take what rightfully belongs to me!"

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