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C6 Only Just Begun

"I'm here to take what rightfully belongs to me!"

Eleanor turned to the confused group across the table with a sense of urgency. She politely greeted them, before stating her business there. "Hello, apologies for barging in. I'm Eleanor Anderson-Red and this company belongs to me. My mother, Mrs., Zera Anderson passed it down to me. There's a document that had been notarized by her attorney. If you need to clarify, it can be shown to you. Therefore, Mr McKinley here, and his toy, have no right whatsoever, to sell this company. I am in charge!"

Callaghan and his group of lawyers were surprised by this shocking revelation. This was a twist they hadn't seen coming.

They had come here to buy the company because they thought it belonged to Alexander. But they were wrong!

They turned to each other and began to whisper amongst themselves.

Alexander and Elaine, fearing the worst, became anxious. Billions of dollars were about to go down the drain. Just like that, it'd slip from their fingertips. They needed to act fast!

"What nonsense! This company has belonged to me since your mother's death. I have the right to decide what's best for business!" Alexander stated angrily, staring at Eleanor with contempt.

"That's right!" echoed Elaine.

Unable to resist the urge to confront Eleanor, she rushed forward.

"You little bastard! I'll beat you up and kick your ass out of here!"

The crazy woman lashed out, raising her hand to slap Eleanor, she charged forward angrily, intending to push her out the door.

But, Eleanor was not giving up at all. She blocked the slap with ease and held her stance, unwilling to concede.

As she drew back, Elaine gnashed her teeth in frustration after failing to push Eleanor outside. "You bitch! Do you dare resist? You don't know what I'm capable of, right? I will show you! I'll put an end to your miserable existence today."

Elaine was driven into a frenzy. She lunged at Eleanor, the determination to hurt her by all means, clouded her sense of reasoning.

Eleanor continued to hold the crazy woman at bay and not to get hurt. She was trying her best to maintain her calm composure.

Seeing that his wife couldn't touch a strand of Eleanor's hair, Alexander rushed to his wife's aid.

The pressure was mounting. And Alexander had just raised his hand to slap Eleanor when,


A loud bang interrupted them.

With a look of disappointment on his face, Callaghan stood up and pounded the table hard, and suddenly, there was pin-drop silence in the room. He turned to Alexander and spoke discontentedly, "Mr McKinley, it seems that your company has some kind of internal dispute. You should deal with it first. We can talk about business after you solve the problems in your own home."

Too stunned to speak, Alexander and Elaine retreated from Eleanor.

Realizing they had acted rashly and on impulse in front of the buyers, they became anxious.

The business transaction was only a couple of signatures away from finalizing and they were losing it..!

Just as Alexander opened his mouth to speak, he heard Callaghan's voice echo clearly in the room.

"The deal is off Mr McKinley!"

Alexander and Elaine couldn't believe they had lost a contract worth billions of dollars just like that. Eleanor on the other hand, felt satisfied.

Turning to his group of lawyers, Callaghan spoke, "We are finished here. Let's leave."

Callaghan walked to the door as his people followed behind him. And within a few seconds, they were gone.

"Mr Callaghan, we can still work this out!..."Alexander called after them, trying to stitch the issue but it was too late.

The meeting room became quiet as Elaine, Eleanor, and Alexander had a staring contest.

Eleanor straightened her dress as she cleared her throat. Looking straight into her father's eyes, she spoke fearlessly. "I want to take back the ZerAnderson Group."

"Not a chance!" Elaine objected fiercely. "You think we would give it to you? You dream, little girl! It belongs to us and we will NEVER give it to you!"

Eleanor was unfazed. Ignoring her stepmother's words, she silently waited for her father's response.

Alexander sighed as he saw the determination in his daughter's eyes. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his seat. After thinking for a while, he laid out his speech.

"Yes, the ZerAnderson Group belonged to your mother. She declared that you would inherit the company after you come of age. But, I have looked after the ZerAnderson Group for years. Eleanor McKinley, you..."

"Anderson-Red! Eleanor Anderson-Red is the name." Eleanor corrected quickly, cutting his words Midway.

Alexander kept quiet for a while as he looked at the determined young girl across him. She was just so stubborn. And just like her mother, her stand could not be deterred.

Before she died, he had done everything he could to get Zera, his wife to give him the company. But she had refused bluntly, saying it would be given, only to her daughter as a heirloom.

He sighed as he continued to speak. "Eleanor, I will give you the ZerAnderson Group as it rightfully belongs to you."

Eleanor nodded at his words.

It wasn't like he had any other choice.

"But, if and only when you get married!" Alexander added sternly.

Eleanor was dumbfounded when his words finally sank in.

She could only take over her company when she gets married? She didn't hear about that condition.

Even though Eleanor was too young to understand when her mother laid the conditions, the lawyer had briefed her earlier after them.

Before coming to confront them, she had called the lawyer if there was anything she needed to know. He had clearly stated that her mother's only condition was that she could only take over when she reached 18.

She even had with her a copy of the document that was notarized by the lawyer.

Eleanor chuckled as she stood up. "Then I'd see you in court, Mr McKinley. Enjoy your day." She said with a smile as she placed the document on the table and walked away. Leaving the shock for her father and the verification of the papers to lawyers.

"It's only just begun, Mr McKinley. You wait and see, Father...."

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