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C7 I Will Find You

The air in the meeting room was suffocating as they struggled for air.

After watching Eleanor leave, Elaine quickly opened the documents only to be left shocked.

Is this real?

Seeing his shocked and speechless his wife was, Alexander grabbed the sheets from her and scanned through them.

"What is this?" He spat out in anger as he threw the papers furiously on the table.

"What nonsense! These cannot be real! I had this discarded!"

After taking Eleanor out of the picture, Alexander ordered the discarding of the original documents that were notarized. He had made a new one where he stated that for Eleanor to take over the ZerAnderson Group, she had to be married. He had made that condition because he believed she would never return ever again.

Now he realizes how foolish he was, he should have removed her name completely!

Thinking back to that time, he realized that he had forgotten about the copy that was left with Lawyer Jesse.

Alexander gritted his teeth in frustration.

He would not lose to a small girl like Eleanor. Never!

Turning to the lawyers who had been standing in a corner, he snapped coldly. "Verify these papers! Now!"

The lawyers frantically looked through the papers for a few minutes, and after a while, they were done.


"They're authentic Sir. They even have the seals of the Supreme Court and also of the Senate." One of the lawyers took the boldness to report back to him.

"How dare she! That Zera!" Elaine said through gritted teeth.

She couldn't believe Zera had been so meticulous about the documentation that she had even put the senatorial seal. That of the Supreme Court could be changed, but there was little to nothing they could do about the senatorial seal.

"Ahh! Zera! You did your job well. But, I won't give up so easily." Alexander said as he broke into a peal of hysterical laughter.

"Get out now!" Elaine shouted to the lawyers who didn't spare a second more in the room.

The couple inside the meeting room was crazy and everyone knew so!


As she drove into the compound, Eleanor sighed in relief. She still wasn't over the shock of almost losing her company today.

"That was a close call, Mama. ZerAnderson could have been lost forever," she muttered as she stepped into the house.

Eleanor was not surprised to see Cassie and the kids sprawled out on the ground, and the living room... a mess with the food and snacks they had eaten.

Whenever Cassie and the kids played ' feed-a-lot ', the house always ended up this way.

Feed-a-lot is a game they played, where the person who ate the highest amount would be rewarded.

Eleanor placed her bag on the table and began to clear the room. She'd do the one she could. The rest, she'd leave for the cleaners to deal with tomorrow.

In the whole mansion, she had only three workers. Two cleaners and a gardener.

When she was done, she first woke Cassie and together they took to sleeping kids to their room. After kissing them good night, they both went to their respective rooms.


In another part of the world...

Eddy looked at his boss whose head was buried in work. They hadn't been able to get lunch and now, they were about to miss dinner too.

Eddy could hear his stomach grumble, but he could only endure. He wasn't planning on being the dinner to this Lion King tonight.

"Eddy, fix the plane. We'd be returning to New York City first thing in the morning" A cold, husky, and deep voice echoed through Eddy's thoughts.

"Yes boss" Eddy responded to his boss as he turned to leave to leave the room.

"And go to bed"

Those words almost made Eddy run up to his boss and kiss him all over the face. But Eddy chooses to restrain himself.

"Thanks, boss. Good night" hurriedly but surely, Eddy left. He couldn't afford his evil boss to change his mind.

When he was sure Eddy was gone, Damien reclined in his seat as he played with the pen in his hand.

There were tons of things bothering him at the moment.

"Where are you?" he muttered.

For five years, he had been searching for the girl who broke his ordinance in one night. The girl from the bar. But it was as though, from that day, she had vanished into thin air; just like smoke.

"Wherever you are, I will find you. And when I do, I won't let you leave.."

His resolve was firm. His victory was set in stone.

The next morning, the private jet took off, marking its trail to New York City.

As the plane stabilized in the sky, Damien reclined his chair to get some sleep.

He had only closed his eyes when Eddy approached him.

A fearful Eddy stood before his boss. He was trembling as he didn't know how to break it to his boss.

Damien, even though his eyes were shut, had felt Eddy's presence. And he knew he had something to say but was scared.


Eddy almost fled but maintained his stance.

"Boss, an email just came in from Mr Kevin. He asked for the contract to be postponed. On account that one of the contractors had requested for a while more to prepare for it."

Damien's brows furrowed when he heard Eddy's report.


He wasn't a novice in the business world to not know that postponing a contract was as good as calling it off.

But why? He couldn't understand

This contract meant a whole lot to himself and his company as a whole. Losing it was... just too great a loss for the company.

Eddy broke into an invisible cold sweat seeing his boss's face now. Why did he have to be the bearer of such bad news?

"Hmm," Eddy was dumbfounded for a second. He expected his boss to get angry and vent it on him. But, that didn't happen.

'Wasn't he bothered about the contract?' Eddy thought as he watched Damien simply lay back in his seat.

"Do you plan to watch me sleep?" Damien snapped coldly and Eddy instantly fled.

Damien sighed as he closed his eyes. He knew just who was behind the fall of the contract. And at the right time, he would deal with them.

Being a man who believed only in moving forward, Damien decided to forget the lost contract and look forward to other ones.

He cleared his mind and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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