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C9 The Offer

Eddy was watching Damien typing on his laptop. His long fingers were moving swiftly across the keyboard and there were a few lines of data on the screen that caught Eddy's eyes.

"Boss," Eddy said pointing to a random line. "there"

"What?" Damien asked irritatedly, not understanding what Eddy was pointing to.

Eddy moved closer to his boss and touched a picture. It was the picture of a lady and Eddy felt the resemblance was deep to the one his boss had sketched.

"The woman in this picture," Eddy began, "she looks like the one from your sketches. The one you've been searching for for years."

Damien's interest was instantly piqued and he immediately taped the picture. His eyes widened instantly.

Eddy was right. She did look like the girl from that one night years ago. Those eyes, he could never forget them. Except for the fact that the one in the picture looked more mature, everything was the same.

After the nightstand with Eleanor, Damien had been crazy about finding her. He had even begun to draw pictures of her, but it was all pointless as he never got the slightest wind of her.

Damien abruptly stood up and handed the laptop to Eddy. "Eddy, find out everything about her. I need it before midnight!"

Eddy, who was pushed into a seat and handed a laptop was speechless as he watched his boss leave the office. He had not rested properly since they arrived in New York City yesterday and now, he was all alone in the office, left to find a woman he had no lead on except a photo.

How much better could this day get? he thought to himself.

Looking down at his wristwatch, he saw it was way past 8 p.m. Eddy instantly got to work, he needed to be done before midnight.


That night at The McKinley Manor

"Hello," Alexander said as he placed the phone on his ear.

"Good evening sir. Is this Mr. Alexander McKinley?" the voice on the other side sounded a little old.

Alexander wondered who it could be as he replied, "Yes. Who are you and how may I help you?"

The man on the other side chuckled lightly before he responded. "I'm lawyer Jesse."

Lawyer Jesse? Alexander was shocked. How did he reach him? Except if...

"Your daughter, Miss Eleanor Anderson-Red reached out to me concerning the ownership of the ZerAnderson Group." Lawyer Jesse began, "And as you very well know, the company rightfully belongs to her. It had been clearly stated in the document that both you and I have. Right, Mr. McKinley?"

Alexander was speechless for a while. That brat had taken this to the court. When Eleanor had said to meet in court, he had thought she was bluffing. To his dismay, she was very much serious about it.

"Lawyer Jesse, I believe you know this is a family matter and you have no right to interfere in it." Alexander was trying to play his way out.

Lawyer Jesse knew what Alex was trying to do, but he wasn't going to let it happen. "Mr. McKinley, I also believe that you are well aware that this became a court order when the Late Mrs. Zera Anderson involved the court and had her will notarized." Lawyer Jesse paused for a second before continuing. "Ms. Anderson-Red had stated her interest in taking this matter to both the Senate and the court If you refuse to let go of her company."

Alexander was furious. Was Eleanor trying to compete with him?

"Mr. Jesse, I am also part of my wife's will. As such I have a say in the affairs of the ZerAnderson Group. Also, the ZerAnderson Group had been run by me since my wife passed on." Alexander threw out his trump card.

This is better work.

"Mr. McKinley, the order from the court has no business with how long you have looked after the company in Ms. Anderson's absence. That, you'd settle with Ms. Anderson."

Lawyer Jesse has told Eleanor not to take the case to court as he'd handle it. Even though he knew Alexander would try to play games, he was determined to put him in a tough spot. Thus, forcing him to sign the transfer of ownership papers without dragging in court.

But, if Alexander didn't heed his words, they would have no option but to take the matter to the Supreme Court.

"I've sent to your email, the soft copy of the transfer papers, also a direct court order. It is left to you to decide. But be warned,.." Lawyer Jesse paused for a second.

"If you let this matter reach the supreme court, not only would the ZerAnderson Group be snatched from your hands... But your assets would be split and forty percent of it would be given to Ms. Anderson-Red. She is still your daughter besides." Lawyer Jesse's tone was low, sounding dangerous in Alexander's ears.

Alexander didn't feel so good at this offer. How could she do this to him? He had watched over the ZerAnderson Group for years since her mother died.

"Good night, Mr. McKinley. The choice is yours to make." The call ended abruptly before Alexander could reply.

The call barely lasted for five minutes, but Alexander was sure he'd be disturbed for quite some time.

What was he to do now?

No matter which he chooses, he is still at a losing end.

He was determined not to lose to a little girl. No!

He would fight for the ZerAnderson Group.


At Eleanor's Home...

"El, why don't you just give it a trial?" Cassie tried to cajole Eleanor. She'd been begging Eleanor to agree to a proposal she had received.

Eleanor's resolve was firm and resolute, "No Cassie. I am fine just without anyone."

She didn't plan to go on a date with anyone. She had come to New York City with a plan, so why should she complicate it?

Her resolve was firm. First, to make the McKinley family suffer for what they did to her. And second, to find his kids' father.

"Why don't you just think and give this a try?" Cassie sounded serious with her suggestion.

Eleanor was watching her kids who lay on their beds. Tasha was already asleep, but Nathan was wide awake and he was reading a storybook. Eleanor was captivated by her son's alluring and handsome face.

"Eleanor!" The silence from Eleanor was getting Cassie agitated.

Regaining her composure, Eleanor said, "You saying?"


"All I'm saying is, go ahead and give this a trial. The guy's handsome and rich too. Also, he's from New York City... He's highly respected too. Just do this, please! Also, his position would help you in this fight with your family more than you can ever know!"

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