The Billionaire's Revenge/C2 New Born Attraction
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The Billionaire's Revenge/C2 New Born Attraction
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C2 New Born Attraction

Kaitlyn’s POV

I went to his company. The CEO arranged two cars for the five of us. The boys in one and the girls in other. Well, that act is decent.

I reached this building.


So dreamy!

This building definitely stands here proudly. It has many, many windows and it is extremely beautiful. All of us are taken aback by the beauty.

“Let’s go” Cassy said and that’s when we headed inside.

“So. I am Daniel Sullivan and you all are going to do a research on this. You have to find out what this is” he said as we reached the hall.

There was this small insect in a jar.

It was very different.

Never ever studied about it.

Never ever saw it.

“It’s an endangered species. You have to conduct a full-length research and I will check the file myself” he said. “Especially yours, Kaitlyn” he said.

My eyes were coming out as he took my name specially.

Why am I so special here!?

I don’t like people’s attention!

But right now everyone is looking at me.

“What is with you and Mr. Sullivan?” Cassie asked as Mr. Sullivan went to some cabin, which was his office probably.

“I don’t know girls. He... I don’t even know him!” I said. She sighed.

“Anyways, let’s get to work. All the best!” Cassie announced and then we were sent to different rooms by a lady.

The rooms are royal.

They have all the facilities like microscope, research PC, etc.

This is awesome.

Well, Cassie is my friend here. Or I should say my only friend here. She is a really beautiful girl. And when I say beautiful, it means both personality and face.

She has always helped me in everything and she is indeed a friend. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. So. She is a friend indeed.

I turned on the PC. There was a notification. “Your time starts now. You have to complete this before 5 PM. Also, Kaitlyn Adams, I would love to speak to your brother. Spread my word to him”

What. The. Fuck.

If he takes my name again, I’m gonna murder him.

I mean, this is creepy. He knows everything about me, and now he wants to talk to my brother. I mean, literally creepy.

Well, anyways, I should focus on the work at hand.

I started doing my work and started researching on the creature, based on the way it reacted to different circumstances.


It’s 4:30 PM.

I just have to draw a conclusion.

“.. and so, I conclude that this is Euspinolia militaris” I completed it.

You know the interesting part? Why it took so long? Because there have been some experiments on this creature that changed its appearance. Nice trick.

I headed back to the hall to submit my file and I found that all my colleagues have already submitted it and they are at the cafeteria.

I went to the office of Mr. Sullivan to submit my file.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to reply.

He replied after some time with a come in. I went inside. He looked at me, but then he really looked at me.

He saw me from top to bottom. Like he was looking through me. Like... I don’t know what.

“S-sir here is the report” I said. He looked at the file in my hand and nodded. He took it himself and kept it on his desk. I didn’t see any other files there. Why is everything so suspicious here?

“okay sir, then I’ll go...” I said and turned around. As I was going, he stopped me.

“Ms. Kaitlyn!” he said. I froze. My name from his lips rolls out so beautifully.

I turned back around to face him. “Y-yes sir?” I asked.

“I would like you to tell your brother that I want to talk to him” he said.

What’s with him and my family?

Why the hell does he want to talk to my brother??

“Oh-okay sir” I said. He nodded and I turned around.

But wait. I can ask him how does he know my family, right?

Because it’s not very common to just go to someone so famous and they know about you completely, like he does.

I turned around again and asked him. “Sir, h-how do you know my family?” I asked. He sighed.

He suddenly got up and came close to me. I froze at my position. Not that I wanted to, but it just went like that. He was this close to me, that it was impossible for me to be in my senses.

Bloody hormones.

“I know so much about you, you can’t even imagine” he said huskily in my ears.

Without another thing, I started blushing, and I was going backwards, when he stopped me by my wrist. “So... you will tell your brother, right?” he asked.

I nodded absentmindedly and he smirked seeing my condition.

“Now you may leave” he said slowly and left my hand. I ran away and didn’t stop until I reached a cab and headed to my home.

Now I have to ask Chris to ‘talk’ to him.

Why does he even want to talk to my brother?

How on Earth are they related?

If it is business then they would’ve met on their own!

Why to make me come in between?

Anyways, I reached my house. Dad was there and Chris too. I ignored dad and even Chris and went to my room.

I messaged Chris after going to my room.


Chris’ POV

“Chris, please come to my room” Kate messaged me.

Oh, now this is again gonna be a mess. I got up and started going.

“Where are you going?” dad asked.

He always boss around, even when I am simply going to her room.

“To Kaitlyn’s room” I said.

“Why?” he asked.

“I don’t see any reasons to explain that to you” I said.

“I don’t want you to ruin yourself the way she did” he spat.

“She? She is a brilliant girl with a bright future. So, leave her alone”

“Mind your language, son!” he yelled.

“Sorry. I’m just going to come back soon” I said defeated and went to her room.

I knocked on the door and she opened it.

“Why am I here?” I asked her. “You know that he irritates me to no end whenever we get along?”

“I know. I know brother, just hear this” she said. I nodded and we went inside and sat on the bed.

“hm” I said.

“You know Mr. Sullivan?”

“Daniel Sullivan?” I asked.

“Yeah” she replied.

What about him?

“He told me that he wants to meet you...” She said.

“For what?” I asked.

“I don’t know... but there’s something strange, Chris. He knows everything about me, our mom and you” she exclaimed.

He knows everything? Oh shit.

“Okay, don’t worry, I am gonna ask him about it” I spoke with sincerity.

“Yeah, thanks bro”

“Bye” I said and then went inside.

What the hell is happening?

He even reached Kaitlyn?

I have to talk to him and sort this out at all costs. And I can’t risk to tell everything to dad. I have to manage this by myself and prevent her from any harm.

I messaged Daniel.

“Chris here. What do you want?”

“Meet me at this location at 8 sharp” he replied.

This better not be any game. I can’t risk Kate.

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