The Billionaire's Revenge/C3 How Does He Know Him?
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The Billionaire's Revenge/C3 How Does He Know Him?
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C3 How Does He Know Him?

Chris’ POV

I made my hairs and was ready to meet Daniel. I am gonna set everything straight and have him leave Kate alone. As I stepped near the door, dad stopped me.

“Where are you going?”

Oh god, he is never gonna stop this nonsense.

“Stop it, will you? Why do I need to tell you that every time I step out of this gate?” I yelled.

“Okay” he said. I sighed and went to my car.

Firstly, this stupid bastard is creating scenes. Moreover, dad is going crazy nowadays. I need to tell him every single thing. I mean, I am 24! I need not tell him every single place I go and about every single girl I date.

I reached the location. It is an isolated room which is really isolated, as I see none other here. I think this is kind of dangerous, but it is not one for me.

I entered the room.

“Oh, hi Mr. Adams” I heard the voice I hate the most. I saw him standing.

“What do you want this time, Mr. Daniel?” I asked.

“ohho. I thought that you wouldn’t even add mister before my name!” he clicked his tongue.

I sighed frustrated and then asked him again. “What do you want?”

“Well, not much, you know” he replied.

“Get to the point, bastard!” I yelled. He chuckled.

“Language, man. Don’t freak out. I ain’t in that mood. And once I get out of my mood, you know what happens” he said. I took one deep breath to calm my boiling nerves.

“So, as you must have expected, Kaitlyn is selected!” he said.

“Why are you doing this?” I sighed.

“What? She is a great scientist man. She definitely deserves this” he faked.

“Oh yeah but she isn’t going to come to work with you” I said.

“Like you can stop her!” he said.

“Yes, I can” I replied with confidence.

“Oh yeah? You didn’t create that much trust in her Chris. She isn’t going to listen to you” he said.

“I’ll show you!” I said and took out my phone and called her.

“Hey, Kate?” I said.

“Yeah?” she replied.

“Well, listen you can’t go to work in Mr. Sullivan’s company”

“What? Chris I just received the notification that I am selected. Then why?” she asked with a little sadness evident in her voice.

“It’s complicated sis. You-you just can’t” I tried to explain, but I can’t.

“No. NO Chris. You’re also behaving like dad! WHY?”

“Kate- I- really try to understand...”

“Then give me a reason” she said.

She is plausible. But what can I tell her...?

“Just listen, Kate, you just-”

“I’m sorry brother but I can’t let this opportunity go” she said.


“I have worked for this all my life, Chris. I just can’t! At least not without a reason!” she said.

This is not what you have been working for all your life, Kate.

“Kate, please-”

“No means no, Chris...”

Then I will do this other way.


I heard her sobs from the side. “f-f-fine C-Chris bu-but remember this t-that I-I hate you” she cut the call.

I closed my eyes as I lowered my hand and the call cut. What can I do?

“Got in a little fight, huh?” he chuckled.

“I can’t risk her” I said to myself and called Patrick.

“Pat, seal my house this moment. Make sure Kaitlyn doesn’t leave the house. No matter what you have to do!” I said.

“Noted, sir” I cut the call.

“Now, you can’t do anything!” I said to Daniel.

“You’re ruining her future, Chris” he said.

“Me?” I scoffed. “You’re unbelievable”

“Thank you, but know this she won’t get a single job in her future!” he yelled.

Oh shit. The perks of being an influential man.


“What? Now will you plead to me?” he asked laughing.

“I will tell everything to her...” I said and turned around.

“If you do, she will die with the truth!” he yelled. I stopped.

No-no... h-he can’t!

“D-Daniel, n-no...” I said.

“Then she should be on work from tomorrow. If no, then she would get no jobs from over morrow. And if she doesn’t get to work from over morrow, then I’ll make sure that she dies!”

My heart beat stopped.

“D-Daniel, don’t hurt her...” I begged.

“Just look at you. The Future CEO of the Adams Foundation is begging to me?” he mocked. “I won’t if you sent her to work tomorrow”

“F-fine I-I will” I said and then went to my car.

I am sorry, but I don’t seem to have any choice, Kate.

You will go tomorrow.

And you have to do this.

But you’re not alone; I am with you.

I went home and straight to her room. Dad was not at home, maybe out at his night ‘work’.

I knocked on the door. She opened it. She was crying. Her eyes red swollen and her face filled with dried tears.

“W-why are you h-here? I p-promise I won’t go” she said.

My heart constricted seeing her like this. I don’t want this. Even after all the odds, I love her and she is my only sister. The only one who I know loves me, and not my power and money. Even after saying I hate you; I am sure she still loves me. But should I really let her go?

Do I have a choice?

“You can go” I said. She looked at me and then smiled weakly.


“Yes... don’t cry... I-I am so sorry” I said.

I am sorry that I can’t do anything.

I am sorry that I can’t protect you, although I will try, but I can’t do much.

“I-It’s okay” she said and hugged me. I hugged her back.

We might have hugged ages ago. At least 2-3 years ago.

“Brother, I only have you... you know that, right?” she said.

“I also have only you, Kate” I said.

We both smiled and then I went down. This is after such a long time that we actually talked. We don’t usually talk. Dad tried his best to keep us apart. He kind of thinks that we would build a plan against him if we get along. He never let us create a good understanding. He never lets us TRUST each other. He tries his best to create different misunderstandings between us. But I know that if I can ever trust anyone in this world, after mom has left, it is only Kate and no one else. She is the only one I have and I am not letting her go this easily.

I called my detectives to keep full track of Kate’s whereabouts and to report me if anything suspicious happens.

Please god. I never ever asked for anything. Did I?

But today I am. Please, not Kate. She is innocent. She never did anything wrong. The one who deserves punishment is roaming free. So please don’t do this wrong judgement.

Please god. I hope everything goes okay tomorrow, and he really doesn’t hurt her. If he hurts her, I will have no fucking choice than not to ever forgive myself.

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