The Billionaire's Revenge/C5 A Visit to His Apartment
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The Billionaire's Revenge/C5 A Visit to His Apartment
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C5 A Visit to His Apartment

Kaitlyn's POV

"You cannot take today off, Kaitlyn," Mr. Daniel said and I sighed.

"Okay, Mr. Daniel," I replied.

I have been working here for three months and everything is perfect. I spend a lot of my best time here. My colleagues here are also very friendly and I have made myself friends. I have been receiving 1 million dollars per month also as my salary.

And to be honest, I don't work so much to get all that.

This was the third time I was asking for a leave because Chris wants to spend time with me.

Yeah, we have been pretty close these days. He frequently asks me about how my job is and if I am happy. Dad has gone somewhere for the last 7 days and there is no news of him. And this is the chance we can be close. But dad suddenly disappeared…

And Chris is surprisingly not upset.

Whenever Chris asks me about my work, I always reply in positive because there is nothing that I don't like about being here.

The place is beautiful and mesmerising. Mr. Daniel is a perfect boss. The most handsome man I've ever seen and also the best personality. He treats me with respect and care. I've never met any boss who is more friendly than him.

And yes, I have developed a crush on him. But it'd go away eventually.

"Well, Kaitlyn, would you like to come to my apartment today?" he asked.

What? Why?

"Huh?" I asked.

"Don't get shocked. It's just a treat for your hard work. If you're feeling uncomfortable, then don’t..." he said.

I thought about it.


I have to ask him.

"uhh... I... I have to ask Chris" I said.

He smiled. "He's gonna allow you," he said.

"huh?" I asked.

"I-I mean that I hope he's gonna allow you. We are on good terms" he said.

I nodded and took out my phone.

"Hey Chris," I said.

"Yeah," he said.

"Well, Mr. Daniel here wants to invite me to his apartment for a treat, so I wanted your permission, after all you're the only one I can ask to" I said.

"N-No don't go," he said.

"Huh? Oh... Well... Okay" I said and cut the call.

Mr. Daniel looked at me.

"He... He denied" I said.

Mr. Daniel smirked. He looked at the window of the cabin and then shook his head.

"Well, then I ha-" he was cut off by my phone.

I picked up my phone, it was Chris.

"On second thought, you should go. My mind was elsewhere, you know so much work nowadays. Okay?" he said.

"Yeah fine" I replied.

I put down my phone and smiled at Mr. Daniel.

"On his second thoughts, he allowed" I said. He smiled and nodded.

"So, I will meet later," I said and left the cabin.


Chris' POV

I was doing my work in my office. Adams Foundation has so much pending work. I have to do anything to bring this company up again.

I am always connected with my detective on Kaitlyn and he tells me about her and his every move.

Right now Kaitlyn called me and told me that Daniel invited her to his apartment.

Well, I can't risk her.

I denied but then my detective informed me that Daniel is smirking and is probably going to hurt her if I don't say yes.

So I immediately called her and allowed her.

He hasn't hurt her anyway till now.

Let's keep it that way.

I am ready to do whatever he says, if he doesn't hurt her.


Daniel's POV

Chris thinks he is smart. I know that there is this detective on Kaitlyn and that he is recording her moves.

Well, I used that as an advantage and threatened him. That worked.

After Kaitlyn left the cabin, I continued my work and waited for the day to get over.


It was 6 PM and I was ready to take Kaitlyn with me to my home. Actually it would be better if I take her with me instead of a cab.

Formalities, bruh.

I took her to my house in my car.


Kaitlyn's POV

I reached Mr. Daniel's house with him in his car and got off.

I was shocked that no other employees have been called.

But I didn't have any danger from Mr. Daniel so I stepped inside with him.

He made me tea and the supper was made by the maids.

He told me that 'giving tea is a ritual' in his family.

Well, I didn't see his parents either. Only his sister, whose name is Rose, was there. She was continuously scrolling through her phone the entire time and didn't even get up to say hello.

Anyways, I was just eating my supper slowly so that I could pass time because it is awkward.

"Well, I want to say something," Mr. Daniel said.

"Yeah, Mr. Daniel?" I asked.

"Kaitlyn," he said. "Don't freak out," he said, or rather ordered.

What is there to freak out about?

"Okay?" I said.

He took a deep breath and then spoke up.

"I like you, Kaitlyn," he said.

My breath hitched up in my lungs as I stopped breathing for a due moment. He- likes- me??

"Me?" I found myself asking.

"Yeah... Only you" he said.

I looked down at the floor and started thinking.

I was happy.

I was beyond happy.

I was the HAPPIEST.

He likes me!?

"D-Do you like me?" he asked.

Of course!

"uh... maybe a little," I said. He smiled.

"Maybe this works out, Kaitlyn. Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked.

My eyes widened in shock.

Did the CEO of Sullivan Enterprises, the most handsome bachelor of LA and the famous Billionaire, propose to me?

Asked me out?

Oh. Lord!!

"I-I... Are you serious?" I asked.

What if I say yes and then he says that he was kidding.

That would be the most embarrassing moment ever.

"Of course, I am. Don't you see the sincerity in my eyes?" he asked.

I looked at his eyes.

I'm not an eye reader.

I can't read eyes!

"W-Well... I-I have to ask Chris" I said.

"Chris? Oh god, you can make such decisions yourself!" he said. "anyway, I can't stop you from asking. Ask him and reply okay?" he said.

I smiled.

"And don't feel uncomfortable," he said.

Is he caring about me?

"Okay..." I said. He smiled even bigger and I got up.

"I should go now. I would be late" I told him. He nodded.

"I will drop you," he said. I smiled and then he dropped me at my house.


Chris comes late now. He is mostly at work. He told me that many deals have expired but the formalities have not been completed, that many contracts are pending, and that there is no new deal because of the same reasons.

Dad really ruined the company.

Well I believe that Chris will make everything alright.

I went to my room and received a message.

"Kaitlyn, you can take your day off tomorrow," said Mr. Daniel.

Well that brought a smile on my face.

Maybe I can give this a chance.

I can ask Chris and I can accept him.

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