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Guy Anderson is a 29-year-old billionaire and CEO of Anderson's Enterprise. He used to live a very happy and fulfilled life until his Legally wedded wife died a few minutes after giving birth to their first child.

Guy was devastated and very depressed but he knew he had to be strong for his daughter. He promised to take care very good care of her. Luna, his daughter, gave him a new reason to live.

Guy was able to move forward, live life again and take care of his daughter with the help of his Mom, Anna and sister, Silvia.

Guy's father died when he was 13 and since then, his mother has been the breadwinner of their family. Anna did her best to send Guy and Silvia to school till their masters level and now she's a proud mother of two successful children. Guy, who is three years older than Silvia is a successful businessman and Silvia is already a practising doctor.

Five Years Later, While Guy was doing some work in his office, He received a call from his daughter's PreSchool telling him his daughter had fainted. Luckily, the hospital she was taken to was where Silvia, his sister was working. Luna was quickly attended to but she ended up in a Coma.

Guy became depressed again. "What if his daughter never wakes up?" But his sister assured him that Luna will come around very soon.

Guy makes sure, he visits his daughter every morning at the hospital before going to work and every evening after work. He also brings along with him some of her bedtime stories to read to her.

To be honest, it saddens Guy to see his daughter that way. Luna is a very happy child. At the age of four, She's very smart and she also understands her mom is no more. She was still happy because she has her dad, her aunt and grandma. Hopefully, her dad will marry someone who will be a good mother to her and probably have some younger siblings as time goes on.

During the day while Guy is at work, Luna is always being visited by her grandma, Silvia and a very mysterious lady.

Emerald is the mysterious lady who was captured by Luna the first time she saw her. She believes Luna is still very young and innocent to be in this type of situation. Emerald is 23, she has no parents and is just an ordinary cleaner at the hospital Silvia works. Sometimes she had little food to eat and most times, she had nothing. Whatever money she had, She made sure she uses it for her rent. A one-room apartment, just to have somewhere to lay her head after the day's work.

The nurse who was appointed to take care of Luna was too lazy to do her job so she approached Emerald and promise to give her some amount of money at the end of every month if she takes care of Luna. Since then, Emerald has been taking care of Luna. She goes to Luna's room every day to clean her room, change her, comb her hair and do some other necessary things. She even sings to Luna and tells her stories of her life. Em found herself attached to the little girl.

To be honest, Emerald doubts it if Luna could hear her but she just feels connected to her and loves talking about herself to Luna. It's something Emerald looks forward to doing every day.

There was even a time Anna saw Emerald singing and making her grand daughter's hair at the same time. Anna was very impressed. She saw the love Emerald had in her eyes for her granddaughter and since then, they became friends.

Luna was always the reason for Guy's motivation to succeed. But since Luna's accident, He has become less focused. And now he just lost a great deal. A deal which could have provided his company with millions.

Guy blamed himself for all the bad things that have been happening to him and most importantly for losing the deal. If only he had put extra effort into it.

He was so angry and he did the only thing that came to his mind. To go to a club and get drunk. Guy ended up having a one night stand with a very beautiful lady. When he saw her in the club, he couldn't resist himself. The last time he had sex was with his deceased wife. That was because he swore not to have an affair with any other woman and besides, no other lady had captured his attention the way this one did. Seeing the beautiful lady in the club, He couldn't resist her and his drunken state did not help him either.

When he woke up the next morning, he saw that the lady was gone without any trace except with her beautiful face which can't stop popping up in Guy's mind.

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