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C2 One Visit

Relaxing in the gazebo was Cade Lorenzo, who was wearing a cream t-shirt with brown khaki shorts and a pair of sneakers.

He was leaning forward with one of his arms resting on the table and the other was browsing through his phone.

A pair of sunglasses sat on his messy brown hair and he would click his tongue, smirk, laugh, or grimaced at whatever deserved each emotion he played on his face.

He had been waiting for almost an hour and Dimitri was yet to get ready so that they could talk about why he was here and he can leave… then probably head over to his father’s company to get a glimpse of what he would be trained for when he was done resting.

There is one more week for him to get himself together and ready for the training that would last for six months.

He had planned on taking a vacation to Madrid to stay at his and Dimitri’s secret hangout for the whole two weeks then come up with a reason why he couldn’t come home for about four months then finally return to start his training but his dad seems to be smarter than him.

Donald told him that he shouldn’t think of going outside of New York if he was going to even travel.

Now, traveling is out of his list and he decided to engage with some online painting gigs he saw on the internet days ago and hoped that he could make a living out of it and leave the company to his younger brother.

He likes simplicity and he thinks that handling the company would be too much for him. Dimitri was not like him because he was sure that his little brother can take on anything he so wishes to do and succeed in it, with the right amount of mentorship and guidance, he was good to go.

Managing the company isn’t something he sees himself doing at all but his dad had wanted to retire for a long time so that he could have more time with family and most especially his wife so he wanted him to take over once he was done with college.

Dimitri would work under him when he was done with school too. He just wanted the family business to be headed by his sons so that they can keep growing.

“Who would do this?” he asked aloud with a grimace on his face as he watched the video playing on his phone.

Releasing a deep breath, he exits the social media platform he was watching the video on and checked his mail for any bidders. He really hopes that someone would place a good bid on his painting.

With that, he could look for a way of leaving for a while and trying to find a path.

While still scrolling through his phone, arms wrapped themselves around his neck and a body was pressed against his back.

He didn’t need to hear the person's voice or turn around to know who it was, so he puts his phone down, wrap his palm on the arms around his neck, took them off his shoulder then slightly pushed the person away from behind him so that she was standing beside him.

He looked up at the red-haired woman whose lips held a pout and her arms were now crossed as she glares at him playfully.

“Good day to you too Daniella” he greets her and she rolled her eyes then sat in front of him, placed her bag on her lap and her hands on the table then leaned forward.

She was wearing a mini high-waist jean skirt with a low neckline crop top.

When she did that, he leaned back and grabbed his phone just in case he needed to leave because of the uncomfortable situations she likes putting him in.

“How are you doing Cade?” she bit the bottom of her red coated lips and then put her hair behind her ear.

“I am very much okay, thanks and you?” he asked politely, ignoring her flirting.

“I am okay though, just a bit tired and stressed out from work” she stretched and he looked away when her top rode above her belly button.

“Might need a massage though” she stretched again and he didn’t bother looking at her, rather he looked down at his phone and prayed that Dimitri came in on time.

“Thank GOD you have a boyfriend to make that complaint to,” he remarked and glanced at her but didn’t miss the wink she threw in his direction.

Some women. He shook his head at that thought and then continued scrolling through his messages whilst waiting for his brother’s sudden arrival.

He could tolerate her to an extent but when she starts doing things like she is doing presently, it gets to his nerves and no matter what he tells his brother about her flirting with him, he wouldn’t listen because of how smitten he is by her.

Aiden would most of the time joke that she was using a spell on him but Cade would caution him about that and tell him to just respect Dimitri’s decision on the kind of woman he wants in his life.

“He is a grown man and knows what he is doing and what he wants, let's respect that for him as our brother. I don’t like her neither am I comfortable around her but she keeps my little brother happy, who am I to oppose?” he would say every time.

That was why he keeps the distance between them, whether they are alone or around people but she still doesn’t seem to understand what ‘boundaries’ actually mean.

“Well, I am tel-” her words were interrupted by the voice of Dimitri coming from behind Cade.

He had a towel around his neck to dry his wet hair and was wearing a black wife beater with a pair of deep blue jeans and crocks.

“Hey baby” Daniella stood up from her chair to go meet her confused-looking boyfriend then smack a kiss on his lips and his arms instantly went around her waist.

“Hi, what are you doing here though? Thought you said you had other engagements to attend to today?” he asked in confusion.

“Yeah, but I was missing you already” she batted her lashes and went to sit in the chair she was seated in seconds ago with Dimitri now sitting beside her.

He looked at his older brother and they both shook hands then he turned to Daniella.

“It's sweet of you but I thought that you wouldn’t be coming so I scheduled a meeting with my brother, so can you excuse us? I will be with you in no time” he pecked her cheeks and she felt sour by what he said.

She actually came because of Cade and now he wants her to excuse them both… it was offending on her own terms but pouted so that he can buy it like he does every time.

“I’ll be good, just get on with your business,” she said and he looked at his brother who was already on his feet.

“Some other time baby brother,” Cade said and Dimitri stood up too.

“No, she wouldn’t mind excusing us for some minutes to talk… I am sure that whatever you want to say to me is really important” he told his brother but Cade shook his head.

“Nah, it's okay… enjoy your day” with that said he left the both of them and made his way out of there quickly.

She was really offended now that Cade chose to leave when he was so sure that she came for him.

What a jerk! she thought then twisted her lips in annoyance.

‘Maybe next time, but he wouldn’t be able to resist again’ she said within herself.

“So, what would you like to eat?” Dimitri sat down beside her and took her hand in his then kissed it.

Cade couldn’t take it any longer… all the sweet display of affection she showed to his little brother while she openly and shamelessly flirts with him.

Shaking his head at his brother’s ignorance to her attitude, he decided on going to his dad’s office as he thought earlier.

That could make him feel less irritated than he was feeling at the moment.

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