The Billionaire Secret/C5 Asking Questions
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The Billionaire Secret/C5 Asking Questions
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C5 Asking Questions

“Who are my real parents?” he asked and just like that, the looks on their face flattered and was replaced with worry… mostly Patricia’s face.

“Baby…” Patricia began and he stopped her.

“I just need to know, who are my real parents?” he asked again.

Patricia and her husband exchanged looks before she took his hands in her and placed them on her cheeks.

“First, who told you?” she asked.

“Daniella” he breathed out and a hissing sound came of out from Donald while Patricia just closed her eyes to keep her cool.

“I am honestly going to get that lady arrested for invasion of privacy, is she nuts? Who the hell did she think she was to tell you such? It’s in our place, not he-”

“Why didn’t you tell me first then?” he asked and that cut Donald off.

“I think it's high time that we told you about you and how much of a blessing you have been to us,” Patricia said then caressed his cheek with a smile on her face.

“I am listening,” he said.

“I had this friend called Lexi,” she began and paused then her husband rubbed her shoulder which encouraged her to speak so she continued.

“About a week or two before our wedding, she called that she gave birth to a child by herself and needed some help because she was bleeding badly and didn’t have enough funds to get the right medical help, so I went over to take her to the hospital,” she said with a smile then sighed.

“I went to help her to the hospital and Donald footed the entire bills, the doctor did tell us that she might have suffered some kind of infection and it may or may not cost her life… she heard what the doctor said and was really bitter that she was going to die” she smiled sadly.

“She didn’t want to die and said some really harmful words…” she shook her head as if trying to get those words out of her head.

“Like?” he asked when she stopped.

“Hurtful words… they were hurtful but I promise you that Lexi meant none of them. She was a very sweet girl and so full of life, she was just overwhelmed with how things turned out and just blurt them out” she explained.

“People tend to say things when they feel things don’t seem to work out for them,” she said and watched Cade’s facial expression.

He looked conflicted but didn’t say anything like he was expecting her to continue and tell him what his real mother said to or about him.

She didn’t want him harboring any hard feelings towards his biological mother, even though she is long gone, Lexi never wanted this, she would have been taking care of him and being there for him, seeing him as he graduates college but life had to happen.

“What did she say?” he asked.

“As I said, she never meant them, she was just so sc-”

“What did she say?” he cuts her off and she let out a sigh.

“Don’t take it to heart, she said that she wished she never kept you if she knew it would eventually cost her life. She didn’t mean it, please don’t put any mind to it” she told him.

He closed his eyes and nod his head then opened them back to look at the both of them.

“So, she asked you to take me away from her” he didn’t ask.

“No, not like that. She said that I should take care of you and that she was sure that we could take care of you better than she would”

“Why would she think that?” he asked with a frown.

“It has nothing to do with you Cade, she was thinking that she might not survive,” she told him.

“Did she?”

“Yes, she did” she breathe out.

“So, she didn’t bother coming to see or check to see if I was doing okay since that time? It’s been how many years now?” he asked already feeling angry.

… ‘you are an outsider to them, even if they tell you that you are the heir and all those shits, you are still nothing to them’…

Her words rang in his head and his jaws tightened then he closed his eyes so that he doesn’t break from the emotions surging through his entire body.

He might not seem like that to them but to his real parents, he is like that to them. His parents never wanted him so no one would.

Then it occurred to him…

“How about my dad? Where is he?” he asked.

“He… I am not sure about him Cade but please don’t ever think that you are not wanted because you are. Ever since you came into our lives you have been nothing but a huge blessing to us and I thank GOD every day for bringing you to us” she touched his cheek and smiled.

He held her hand that was on his cheek and kissed her palm then rest the side of his face on her palm with his eyes closed.

They love him and it shouldn’t bother him where he came from or if his real parents need him or not but he couldn’t understand why he doesn’t feel that way again.

But why does he need to know his real parents and ask questions to hear from them directly?

“I will have to suspend my training for a later time” he opened his eyes to look at Donald who looked sad at how his son was feeling.

“Cade, this is too much to handle but I want you to understand that we love you, we will and will always love you, your little brother adores and looks up to you, your mum and I are always proud of you so please don’t let this get to you or whatever Daniella might have said to you,” Donald said to him.

“I know that we should have told you earlier and not let you hear from an outside source, we are sorry for that but please let this be in your heart that we love you so much, okay?” he completed and Cade smiled at his dad.

“I really appreciate you guys and everything that you have done for me but I will need to leave for a while,” he told them.


“Mum, I understand you guys and I am grateful for having you both and my little brother as my family but please try to understand that I need to be away for a while, please.” He explained to them and they nod their head in understanding.

“Okay, but will you be back soon?” she asked.

“I will call from time to time, thanks for letting me know about it” he stood up and so did both of them.

“We are sorry for not telling you in time, please take care”

“It’s okay mum, thank you” he hugged them both and walked to the door.

Just as he stepped out of the door a thought went through his mind so he stopped and turned to them.

“Is Dimitri aware of this?” he asked.

“No, but even if he is, nothing will change between the both of you. He’ll still adore and respect you as he has always done” answered Donald.

“Okay, don’t tell him yet but you can, only when you think it’s the right time to,” he said then turned around to the car he parked in the garage.

Maybe it was time he went to locate who his mother is and have a talk with her that’s if she is still alive but he will need some information on how to get her and what she looked like.

He entered his car and sighed then took out his phone from his pocket and went through his phone contact to call the one person he was sure to help him with this.

Releasing another sigh, he tapped the person’s name and the number began to dial so he put his phone on his ear as he waits for the person to answer the call.

“Hey Cade”

“Hi Daniella, I need your help,” he said.

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