The Billionaires Desires/C2 New Feelings
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The Billionaires Desires/C2 New Feelings
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C2 New Feelings

Nathan’s POV

It’s our graduation day. I finally get to leave school and focus on the family businesses. I have so many plans to put into action.

Trent’s group of companies are the best in all fields, but there is much that needs improvement, besides, I plan to branch out and build bigger branches in six different countries.

I’ve got everything cut out for me, I’ve got it all planned out already, I just can’t wait to jump right into it, which is why am super glad that we are finally graduating.

I won’t need to split my time between school and work, I’ll focus completely on my work, and more importantly, I won’t need to share my space with these silly gold diggers that keep throwing themselves at me.

Girls are so dumb and stupid!

I simply can’t stand them. They would do anything to get to the top, I mean anything at all. I’ve seen many devious ways that they employ, just to achieve what they desire. One time, Travis had set me up with a girl, getting me in trouble with the council. I had nearly lost all my inheritance to him if not for the timely intervention of my father.

Travis is my cousin and rival in the family. His father had tried so hard to unseat my father and take the title as family head and heir to the companies but he never succeeded because my father was always smarter than him.

Now he has passed on the trait to his only son Travis and he is now trying to unseat me. But just like his father, his plans always fail because I am always one step ahead of him. He nearly succeeded once and that was because I had been dragged by a stupid whore that he paid to blackmail me.

He only succeeded in making me very wary of girls and hating them completely. It’s been more than three years ago that he had tried that to set me up with those whores, but it is still so fresh in my memory and I simply cannot bear the presence of any girl around me, they simply irritate me.

I don’t go anywhere without my guards, they always keep the girls away from me. Some had tried to sneak past them a few times but when they got embarrassed and kicked out in public, it finally got stuck in their heads that no woman was allowed near me and them finally learnt to avoid me completely. They can stare and gawk at me as much as they liked, but they are never allowed to come close to me.

It’s been the norm for years now, I always hear them whispering about me, claiming that I am gay but am not bothered about their meaningless gossip, as long as it keeps them away from me, am cool with it.

We had just finished the main graduation ceremony, we were just heading into the reception hall. As usual, I was walking down with Edward and Carl, then all of a sudden, a girl walked towards us, or should I say towards me.

I know her, I mean, I’ve seen her around. She’s one of the scholarship students that my mom’s organization is paying for. There are more than twenty of them in this school but they have no idea that their scholarship funds are coming from my family, and I intend to keep it that way.

She is not one of the girls that throw themselves at me, in fact, she has never acted like I existed, which is why I had noticed her in the first place. She is more like a book worm and she keeps strictly to herself, only hanging out with her best friend who is also a beneficiary of my mom’s scholarship.

I know she isn’t one of those gold diggers that throws themselves at me, that is why I signaled my guards to stand down as she approached me. I was thinking she had something to say to me or maybe she has a favor she wants to request from me so I stood still and let her approach me.

To my greatest surprise, she locked her arms around my neck, pulling her curvy body so close to me that I felt my dick twitch for a woman for the very first time in my life. She rubbed her body against mine so seductively, then she stood on the tip of her toes and brought her lips forward, capturing my lips in hers as she kissed me so passionately, sucking on my lips and my tongue in a sensuous manner, causing my dick to harden in my trousers.


I have never felt this way before. No woman has ever made me feel this way. I couldn’t react in any way, my mind was telling me to push her away but my body was telling me to pull her more closer to me and kiss her so hard that her lips would be swollen for days to come.

The whole school gathered around us, cheering and applauding her bravery but I didn’t care about them, I don’t even care about my reputation that she is just about to ruin, all I know is that I want this girl, I want her real bad, I must have her for myself, no matter what.

I was just about to wrap my arms around her waist and deepen our kiss, then she suddenly broke it off, causing me to feel a warm sensation around my heart as I longed for her lips once more. Before I could pull her close to me, she turned around and ran away, making me feel cold and rejected.

Why are girls so cunning and wicked?

Why would she come to me when she knows that she doesn’t want anything to do with me. She just stole my heart away and she threw it on the floor and stumped on it.

If only she knows that she is the only girl that has ever touched my heart. I have tried to avoid every girl that crosses my path, but not this one, not Hillary. She warms up my cold heart that has remained frozen for a very long time.

I sent my guards to go after her and bring her back to me but the silly idiots just couldn’t find her. They kept going around in circles but she was nowhere to be found. It seems like she just vanished into thin air.

After letting them search for some minutes, going around the school premises, I finally gave up and left the school angrily. The party no longer interests me anymore. I stormed out of the school premises, throwing away everything in my path, banging every door I passed, including the car's door.

I couldn’t stop yelling at the guards, screaming at every little provocation. What the hell has this girl done to me?

Why am I letting her get under my skin?

For all I know she could be partying and making merry right now, and here I am getting worked up over her. Why is she affecting me so much, why does she have this much effect on me, how can I be acting so childish and skittish because of a kiss, just a kiss, a kiss that seems to have melted the ice around my cold heart.

When I got home, I went right up to my room, thrashing everything I could lay my hand on. How could she do this to me?

Why did she run away from me, did she suddenly hate me after that kiss?


I’ll never be able to get that moment out of my mind, it’s forever implanted in my memory and nothing can ever erase it, nothing at all.

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