The Billionaires Desires/C5 On The Dance Floor
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The Billionaires Desires/C5 On The Dance Floor
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C5 On The Dance Floor

Nathan’s POV

I watched from the tinted glass window as she walked into the club, dressed in a blue dress that highlights all her beautiful curves, stopping just below her ass. Her dress has a little opening in the front that gives a good view of her cleavage.

How did she get in here?

The little allowances that moms charity organization gives to them is certainly not enough to get a regular ticket into OXBY’s, let alone a VIP pass.

Oh right,

I almost forget. My friends had handed free VIP pass to other graduating students. I guess I’ll have to thank them for creating an opportunity for me to see her again. I have been thinking so hard, trying to find a way to meet her once more, but I keep coming up empty.

I had wanted to ask my moms secretary to help me search for her address but I thought against it because it would certainly raise a lot of questions from mom, besides, I can’t just show up at her house unexpectedly. I’ll look like a stalker and she may go running off again.

She looks so gorgeous and perfect. Her long wavy Auburn hair that makes her look super hot is left flowing on her back. She is wearing a light make up but it sure highlights all if her beautiful features. I could see some guys ogling at her as she walked past them and I felt the urge to go over there and punch them in the face for staring at her in such a lustful manner.


Why the fuck am I getting riled up over this girl?

As far as I am concerned, she is nothing to me, we have nothing in common and I don’t need her in my life, but why does my body react this way whenever she is around, like right now I can feel my dick getting harder by the second, pushing against my trousers.

“This is so embarrassing! How on earth do I hide this growing bulge between my legs?”

This is all her fault!

If she hadn’t kissed me earlier today, am sure I wouldn’t be feeling this way right now. She had turned my world around and now she doesn’t want to see me anymore. Why on earth would she chose to torture me this way, I mean, why make advances at me if you don’t want to be with me.

That’s plain stupid!


She’s driving me insane!

No woman has ever made me feel this way. I don’t think I can stay away from her any longer. My body yearns for her and I’ll be damned if I don’t go after her. Somehow, she has to put out this fire that she has just ignited in me. She ain’t getting away this time, I’ll make sure of that.

I watches as she walked up to the bar and sat down on the bar stool, ordering some tequila shots for herself and her friend. Judging by her carefree attitude tonight, I could tell that she is here to party and have lots of fun.

I kept my eyes on her, keeping a close eye on all her movements, watching as she downed more tequila shot. What the hell has gotten into her tonight? She’s going to get drunk pretty soon if she keeps this up much longer.

I don’t usually step out of my private booth whenever I come to the club, but if Hillary wants to party and have fun, then am game.

I walked out of my booth and walked through the crowd, trying as much as possible to avoid being touched by those needy whores that parade themselves as classy ladies. Edward and Carl we’re looking at me in surprise, they’ve never seen me coming out to socialize with people and they weren’t expecting me to grace their party with my presence.

But here I am, walking through a crowded dance floor, trying to get to her before someone claims her as a dance partner. Am going to create a scene here if I see any guy dancing with her, she is mine, and no one is allowed to go too close to her.

She is on the dance floor, moving her body to the beat of the music that’s playing. She kept moving her hand on her body in a seductive dance and I can see that her moves were attracting the eyes of some guys around. It’s a good thing that I got to her before any of them could make their move on her, I would hate to start up a fight in here, it would not only ruin my reputation but it would also affect our business here at the club and that would only earn me a series of tongue lashing from Edward and Carl..

I walked over to her, standing right behind as I also danced to the rhythm of the music. The dance floor was too full and crowded, which is why she didn’t bother to turn around to check who the person that is dancing with her. She rolled her hips against my hard shaft, make it harden even more.

As she grinds and rubs her ass around my bulge, I started getting pissed once more. No, I do not have anger issues, just that, I began to imagine if she would have danced with someone else had I not shown up on time. I can’t bear the thought of her dancing so freely and seductively with another guy, it would be so heartbreaking, I just can’t think about it.

I think she got tired of dancing, or maybe it’s her high heels that’s causing her some discomfort, I really can’t tell because women are just too complicated to understand. She wanted to head back to the bar for some more drinks, I guess. I think she wanted to say a few words to her dance partner because she turned around with a smile on her face, but when her eyes landed on me, her smile disappeared completely.

I smiled warmly at her but she was too stunned to respond to my smile. She looks to be in a daze, looking so lost and forlorn,

“W.. Wh.. what are you doing here?” she stammered out, sound both scared and excited at the same time. I think she’s having an inner fight with herself as she struggles to decide whether to stand and have a chat with me or to go running the other way.

“You don’t get to ask the questions sweetie, it’s my turn.

Tell me love, why did you run away from me after kissing me so passionately?” I asked her with a teasing smile, watching as her eyes widened in surprise.

I had to stifle my chuckle because she looks like a clown right now. Who would blame her for being so surprised?

She must have heard about my hatred for the opposite sex, she must know of my reputation with women, that is why she is so surprised that I am acting this way with her. If only she knows how much I need her, she just melted the ice around my heart with that one kiss.

She is so different from other girls, there is something about her that captivates me, making me yearn to have her all to myself. Standing this close to her is not even helping the situation at all, I want her in my arm right now, I want to rip off that gown and worship her beautiful body with my lips, I want to kiss every inch of her body, sucking on her tits like my life depended on it.

“I want this vixen, I want her so bad.”

I was having this inner turmoil with myself, then I heard her apologizing for her actions today, pleading for me not to hurt her. That fucking did it!

You don’t get me all turned on and aroused, then you turn around and apologize for it, that’s so unacceptable. I could not let her finish those words of apology, it would hurt me if I find out that she regrets making a pass at me.

Before she could finish those word, I pulled her into my arms, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss, backing her up against the wall to intensify our kiss. I felt so relieved when she responded to my kiss, kissing me back with so much intensity.

This night just went from boring to amazing!

It’s gonna be a great night, am so sure of that fact.

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