The Billionaires Desires/C6 First Night Together
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The Billionaires Desires/C6 First Night Together
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C6 First Night Together

Hillary’s POV

It all started right there in the middle of the dance floor, he kissed me so fiercely as we made out passionately on the dance floor. I’ve never felt such electrifying intensity before. For the first time in my life, I felt desired.

I’ve imagined being in his arms since I discovered my feelings for him. I’ve dreamt about him every day and night, but being in his arms right now is way better than anything I’ve ever dreamt of, it felt magical. The world seems to have stopped turning and time it’s froze along with everyone else on this party. Only the two of us existed in this magical world that we have just created

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifter me off the floor, carrying me to straddle his hips, then he backed me up against a wall, kissing me like his life depended on it, breaking briefly just to catch our breaths. He stared at me like a predator watching his prey while I gazed into his eyes, with so much love and affection. Our eyes held out unspoken challenges, we knew what we both wanted as we flirted with each other.

He put me down on the floor and took my hand in his leading me off the dance floor, and just like a sheep being led to the slaughter, I followed him without hesitation as he led me to a private elevator that I didn’t even know existed. I stood on the corner opposite him staring at him, while he had his arms crossed over his chest as he gazed at me with lust evident in his eyes. My face reddened with a deep blush as his eyes bore a hole through my soul. His eyes move over the curves of my body, going up to my waist, moving my eyes over my cleavage, up to my face, sending tingling wherever his eyes touches my body, causing my blood to boil hotter than ever.

He took a step forward and I followed suit, we met each other halfway where our lips met in a passionate, head-spinning kiss that made ever nerve in my body come alive. He wasn’t gentle this time, he was fierce and fierce as he made his intention clear, letting me know that he is in control

He kissed me so passionately that I felt my panties pool with my juices and I felt my stomach clenched in desire as all other thoughts disappeared from my head. His hardness is visibly pushing against the crotch of his pants and I shivered a little at my wild thoughts when I felt it.

Right now, I don't even want to think about my future with him or the fact that I still need a job to be able to take care of all my needs and expenses. All I want is for Nathan to satisfy these desires that he seems to always arouse in me, these desires that have been burning in me for a very long time.

We heard the ‘ting; which told us that we’ve reached our destination. He brought down his lips on mine and kissed me more intensely and lifted me up to straddle his hips and carried me inside without breaking our kisses.

My head spined and turned as I moaned so loudly and kissed him back eagerly, matching his kisses with my own, teasing him with my tongue. All my veins came to life as he cupped my boobs, I matched his kisses with mine, wrapping my arms around his neck so I don’t slip down his waist.

I felt strong and compelling emotions that I've never felt in my entire life as we made our way to the bedroom with me still hanging on his waist. He opened the door and walked in, putting me down gently on the soft mattress.

He fell on top of me, pinning me between the soft mattress and his body, as his lips collide with mine in a soft, sensuous kiss, sending Sparks and tingles to every part of my body.

I've completely lost all my senses and my breathing is laboured as I kept moaning and squirming beneath him. I don't even know when I lost my shoes and my gown, neither do I know where my pants were thrown. All I could think of was finding my release as I thirsted and hungered for Nathan Trent, my crush, my sweetheart.

"I want you" He whispered hoarsely against my ears as he moved his hands on my body, caressing every inch of my body.

His shirt and jacket and piled up with my clothes on the floor. He's only wearing his jeans and briefs.

When he squeezed my boobs and claimed my lips again, I felt the electric shock as Sparks erupts from our skin to skin contact.

All these feelings we're new to me. I never knew that a man's touch could feel this way.

Although I've never had sex with a guy before, but I never felt this way when I kissed and made out with other guys. A man's touch has never made me loose my sanity completely or make me feel a sense of urgency that I could hardly control.

"I want more" He whispered against my ear as he cupped my boobs, taking one nipple into his moist mouth as he sucks on it and rolls his tongue around it. My back arched off the bed from much pleasure, attempting to push myself further into his mouth. My nipples both pucker up instantly, craving for more attention as he gently bite down on a bud, before going back to sucking on it.

Am a panting mess already as I squirmed and moaned so loudly that walls shuddered.

His fingers slide into my wet sex and I clenched around it while he pumps gently until I created a puddle beneath us.

Am a bit ashamed at how wet I am down there, but at the same time, am too aroused to care.

He kept pumping his fingers into me as I arched my back off the bed from the force of the orgasm that racked my body as I shivered in pure pleasure.

"I want you" he repeated more hoarsely and I moaned once again at the sensuality of his voice.

"If you want this to stop babe, now's the time."

He stopped kissing me and looked at me intensely, with eyes drunk with passion and desire.

He stopped moving, giving me a chance to decide if I wanted to turn back or go forward.

I know there's no turning back. I can't help it, I also want more. I want him because I've fallen for him already and he makes me feel so good.

I leaned forward and nuzzled his neck and whispered seductively, "I want you too."

He smiled so widely like he has just won a prize and he kissed me so passionately, pouring all his desires into the kiss.

He moved aside only to divest himself of his clothes and my body felt cold when I lost contact with his warmth.

He was out of his jeans and boxers in less than a minute and he opened the drawer besides the bed and fetched a condom.

He was back on top of me in seconds and he kissed me gently as his knees nudged my thighs, urging me to grant him entrance.

I took a deep breath, excitement shooting from every part of my body. I felt him at my entrance and I shut my eyes, expecting the pain.

And then it came. I felt the tearing pain and I shut my eyes more tightly, as my arms flew to his neck and hugged him tightly, feeling a few tears run down my face, willing the pain to go away quickly.

"Oh shit" He cursed softly, as he realized what just happened. I felt his burning gaze on me but I couldn't look into his eyes right now.

With eyes still shut, I squirmed in his arms. I don't know how to go on with this pain that seems unbearable.

He just kept looking at me with mixed emotions and when he saw the tears rolling down my cheeks, he gently kissed them away, hugging me to himself as he tries to comfort me.

"Am sorry Love. I can't promise that this wouldn't hurt any more than it already does, but I'll try my best to lessen your pain."

He kissed me tenderly and withdrew so gently.

He reached down and I felt him touch his dick. I wanted to look down but he brought his lips down to mine, kissing me more passionately, yet so gently.

I felt him again at my entrance and slowly he penetrated me. When he got to that barrier, he pushed forward and tore through with one swift push. I felt it again, that tearing pain. But this time, it was less painful than the first time.

I shut my eyes again, waiting for him to move, but he remained still and held back, waiting for me to adjust to his size. I loved him more for his thoughtfulness.

Once the pain had subsided, I smiled at him and gave him a small nod, permitting him to start moving again.

He kissed me more tenderly before he started moving again and soon, the pain was replaced with more pleasure than I've ever experienced.

Moans began to spill from my mouth again, giving Adrian all the encouragement he needed as he grabbed a hold of my hips, lifting me from the bed a bit and pumped his dick harder and faster into me.

I soon forget about the pain as I felt more passion and yearning than ever before, like I was being possessed by an unknown force and I felt tingling and Sparks shooting from every part of my body that had me moaning and screaming out loud. I moved my hips forward to meet his as I experience pleasure like never before.

He groaned like a beast, kissing me fiercely and pumping harder and harder, driving me fucking crazy.

Our moans and cries of pleasure filled the whole house. I could feel my juices pooling on the bed as they slide down my thighs.

I shivered when he caught my mouth in his, swallowing my screams with his kisses.

I felt my pussy clenching around his dick as his thrust became more urgent. My orgasm hit me in full force and a delicious mixture of pleasure and pain coarse through my whole body.

He climaxed after my orgasm and pulled out immediately. He buried his face in my hair as I felt his body rock from his climax.

When it ended, he looked down at me as he smiled at me before pecking my nose and kissing me so tenderly.

After the kiss, neither of us said a word. he pulled me into his arms and cuddled me silently.

I felt dirty and sticky so I glanced down and to my horror, we we're both lying in a disgusting mattress, stained with blood and something else that's milky and sticky.

He noticed my movement and saw my panicked look, then he followed my line of sight and saw the cause of my panic and he smiled proudly, pulling me to himself as he kissed me passionately.

When he released me, he picked up the intercom on the table beside the bed and dialed the number on speed dial.

"What can I get for you sir??" Replied the person on the other end of the line, sounding tired and sleepy.

"I need you to change the mattress on my bed in ten minutes" He I ordered and hangs up immediately.

"No… No... No… I don’t want anyone to see this, I can change it myself, I’ll do it, I promise. I just don't want anyone seeing all this mess." I complained hysterically.

He smiled and kissed me again, silencing my words. "It's fine babe. it's nothing to be ashamed of."

He stood up and carefully lifted me up bridal style, taking me to the bathroom and offered to bath me....

“This night is just so perfect. So perfect.”


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