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C8 Crazy Ariel

Ariel’s POV

I was woken up by the sound of my phones ringing tone, I stretched my hand and reached for my phone, putting it on my ear without checking who the called was.

“What?” I yelled into the receiver, not caring who the caller was.

“Sorry for bothering you ma’am, I thought you would want to hear this.” Tony, my head of security spoke through the receiver, sounding skeptical.

“This had better be good Tony,” I warned him sternly. He knows better than to bother me at this late hour.

“I just got information that your fiance was spotted at OXBY’s with a woman.” He said in his usual raspy, businesslike tone that leave no room for skepticism. I jerked up from the bed immediately, looking perturbed and astonished.

“What the fuck are you talking about Tony? Nathan has never been seen with a woman, he is Alexithymic for fucks sake.” I yelled at the receiver, sounding so furious as I thought of the implications of this new information. Damn, I can’t even bring myself to imagine Nathan with another woman, it’s so unthinkable, so unbelievable. I don’t know what I would do if it turns out to be true that Nathan is having an affair with another woman, I would fucking kill that bitch! No one is going to ruin my plans, I’ve worked so hard to get here.

“How did you get this information, have you tried to ascertain if it is legit?” I asked him angrily.

“I just got the email a few minutes ago and I trust my source, he is legit. But that is why I called to let you know that I’m going over there to verify this information. My source assures me that he is still in the building right now. I’ll go over there with some guys and I’ll report my findings when we arrive at the scene, miss Ariel.” He told me confidently before hanging the call.

I flung the bedspread aside in anger and I stood up from the bed. I’m sure I’m not getting any sleep tonight until I find out what is actually going on. Nathan would never do something like that, not my Nathan. He would never be with another woman, not after rejecting me earlier today. Did I make a mistake when I decided to chose him as my betrothed?

Three years ago, I learnt that our family was on the verge of bankruptcy. My father has never been a wise business man, he prefers spending all his time and money fooling around with whores than taking care of his business. Mom never cared about his wanton behaviors because she is also living her life the way she wants, having lots and lots of fun. I know of some of her boy toys that she spends so much money on, I’ve shared boys with my mom on several occasions. One time, I had a threesome with my mom and one stunning looking guy, with an extremely large dick!

Gosh, it was so amazing, so satisfying. We had so much fun together, mom and I, I mean. True, the guy is a gigolo and he had cost us quite a fortune, but it was so enjoyable and I can’t stop having so much fun no matter what. As the only child of a wealthy family and I have always been used to living an extravagant life, which is why I can’t sit still and watch my fathers empire to collapse. I can’t quit my fun life, I just can’t live that way.

I tried helping out in the company to see if I can secure a contract that could help our situation a little, but it didn’t help out one bit. To support his lifestyle and give us all the money we need, dad took a huge loan from the bank and he had used the company and all his estates as collateral. I learnt that he has just a few months to pay up or we would be completely broke and poor. I would never live like a pauper, never!

Mom is hoarding all her gold and other expensive jewelry, hiding them in a secret location. She claims she has a house in her name and some other properties that could help us live a comfortable life, but I can’t bank on her words, can I?

I don’t want just a comfortable life, I don’t want to move to a little house downtown, I can’t live such a miserable life. I love my good life, I love the parties, the unrestricted shopping, the boys that I pay to party with me all night, it’s what I want. I want my life, my life. I had tried different means to get us out of this terrible situation, but all my efforts proved futile. I tried getting a rich lover but I couldn’t find a guy that would want me as a girlfriend or wife because every guy knows of my disdainful lifestyle, none of them wanted to have anything to do with me, especially when they found out about my fathers bankruptcy.

Am such a whore. I can’t believe that I’ve slept with almost all the rich guys in town, the few I’ve not slept with yet are those that don’t fool around and one of them is Nathan Trent. I have heard the rumor that Nathan is unable to be with any woman because of his illness. It is said that he is suffering from a rare condition called Alexithymic, As a result, he cannot feel any emotion. His family was searching for a wife that could bear his heirs and I knew I was the perfect candidate for this task. It’s the perfect solution to our problems, I mean, it works both ways. He gets to have a wife that would bear his children and stay by his side, despite his illness, and I get to live as a billionaire again, perfect, right?

I thought I had him all to myself, I thought I'd succeeded in kicking every other girl out of his life, but I thought wrong, I fucking thought wrong. One bitch was with him last night and I’m so going to kill her.

When I thought that I've finally got him exactly where I want him to be, he is now trying to announce to everyone that he can now feel all emotions, can you believe that? I mean when did he start feeling again and why did he reject me when he can feel again? Better question, who the hell is that whore that wants to compete with me?

For two years I've been in a relationship with him, I've pleased him in every fucking way possible. I try to keep my other affairs away from public eyes so I don’t embarrass him she everyone learns of his illness. Right now, only a few people know about his illness, it would be a huge humiliation to him and his family if the whole world knows about it. Yes, I have other guys that I play around with, I mean, I love Damien and I desire to be his Luna but I never get to see him always like I would love to, besides if I do see him, he pushes me away and treats me like trash.

I have needs too, you know. I can't wait around for him like a faithful, obedient dog, can I? He spends so much time at his other businesses and even when he is around, he doesn't give me all the attention that I deserve. What the hell am I talking about? He can’t even do it, even if he liked me, his dick is just completely useless. I have to let someone else take care of my needs while he is not around, what's wrong with that? It's not my fault that I have such an overactive libido, is it?

Anyways, since he can't be there for me, I get it elsewhere but trust me, I keep my other sexual adventures hidden from everyone, he doesn't know about it, and I want it to stay that way. The fact that I love having fun doesn't mean that I'm stupid, It still doesn't change the fact that I plan to be his Luna. I've worked so hard for it, I won't sit back and let one silly little girl take him away from me

That's never going to happen, not while I am still alive!

I worked so hard to keep him all to myself, I even got my hands dirty, getting rid of every other gold digger that tried to get close to him. They never listened when I asked them to back off, they thought they could compete with me for his heart. Am a desperate woman that is fighting to stay wealthy, I am not sharing this guy with anyone, not when his parents have already accepted him, not when I have a signed document at the bank that gives me only four years to pay up my fathers debt or we get thrown out and our secret would be exposed to world. I couldn’t let that happen, I had to get rid of them completely.

With Tony’s help, It wasn’t so hard to cover my tracks when went missing, I had to make it look like an accident, faking a scene that would make it look like a burglary attack or a car accident, one time Tony made it look like a gas explosion and no one ever traced it back tome. It had practically taken me weeks to plan each attack and execute my plans without anyone ever suspicious of any foul play. The cops had been searching endless for the bugler that killed one girl in her house and the hit and run driver that killed another girl. But the haven’t made any progress because there is no burglar or hit and run driver to find, It was all me, all me.

For two years, I've done many horrible things just to keep every other girl away from him and it's been working up until now. I can't believe that he would push me out of his room so rudely, only for him to spend the entire evening with another lady. He could be planning to break up with me without so much as a second thought, he may just decide to push me away, dumping me like trash, can you believe that?

More annoying is the fact that his Cousin Travis has been trying to get me on his side so he could get something to use against Nathan and then take his position as the Chairman of the Board and head of the family. Somehow, Travis had found out about my family secret and he had promised to settle all my fathers debt if I help him win against Nathan, but I rejected his offer because paying my fathers debt is not my only priority, I also want to be a wealthy billionaires wife and Travis cannot give me that because he is already betrothed to Nora Williams, the heiress of the Williams empire.

I’m not really bothered by Travis, my only problem is that whore that is trying to mess with me. She'll never take my place as long as I'm alive, I'll show her exactly what a beast I can be, I’ll teach her not to mess with me. She has no idea who she is dealing with. She thinks she can just waltz in her and steal my man from right under my nose? She had better think twice. Now I know why he doesn’t spend time with me, it’s because he spends every damn minute with her and it's so infuriating because I’m supposed to be his fiancee. I’m his fucking wife to be and he keeps treating me like garbage, but he goes clubbing with that whore all nnigh. That son of a bitch!

If she thinks I'll let her waltz in here and steal my man, then she has something else coming. I’m not letting her ruin my plans, I’ve worked so hard to get here. I'll kill her goddammit! I'll fucking kill that bitch, I swear it.

If he wasn't my only hope, I'd never let him treat me that way. Am too special to be treated like a whore, am too special to be playing second fiddle to that whore, whoever she might be, she is no match for me and I refuse to be compared to her in any way. Nathan is mine, if I can't have him, no one else can, not even his parents can put us apart let alone, a flimsy gold digger. I’m just waiting for Tony to find out if its true, I’m waiting for his report about Nathan and that whore. If it turns out to be true, then I’ll go after the bitch with everything I’ve got.

I'll just give it a little time, just a little more time and I'll find the perfect chance to get her alone, then I'll show her who's boss. She can cling to Nathan for as long as she wants to, but rest assured, I'll have him back in no time. She has no idea what I'm capable of, she has no fucking idea!

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