The billionaires Partner/C1 The sun is not always bright
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The billionaires Partner/C1 The sun is not always bright
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C1 The sun is not always bright

Greg's POV

It is refreshing. There is plenty of fresh air feeling my lungs as I run faster than I have ever tried to. Letting Eddie take control. I hope we are safe to let him mourn and do whatever he wants. Mindful of what he has become.

I force myself to lose to him, 'Eddie,' my wolf, the other me, shares my body and mind. Eddie has lost all sense of humanity.

The beautiful scenario through his eyes is mesmerizing: trees passing by at a tremendous speed, grass, stones, and deep roots. I hear a highlighted melody of the birds singing beautiful songs, but I don't get to enjoy it for long—my wolf is already miles away before I can savor the sounds. Butterflies dance over my wolf’s nose and he pushes them away with his breath, inhaling the scent of the fresh flowers.

Then somewhere deep in the unconsciousness my ears and nose catch something else. A choking cough and a scent of werewolf blood. That..... doesn't feel alright inside my guts. Bile goes up my throat and I fight for control over Eddie. I fight to shift, but I can’t.

I am in my wolf's form and in this state, Eddie has the added advantage of control over my mind and body.

My claws slashing over and over nonstop.

I want them to stop, but I don't have control. Fear is washing through my veins. I pray and hope that what is happening isn't something I will have to regret for the rest of my life again.

Finally, after a nonstop fight for control, I take back my mind control from Eddie and blink back the tears that are surrounding my vision to look clearly at what had happened, but I can't hold them back. They still fly down my face.

I fight the urge to scream, gritting my teeth and biting my tongue to induce pain.

I try to stop shaking and stand still on all fours but am losing balance, almost falling to my knees.

The forest is closing around me.

My mind burst with rage, hurt, and feelings of loss. ‘Why do bad things keep happening to me?

What did I do so wrong to the Moon Goddess?'

My panic is taking over again and I stand still.’ what have I done?’

I shed tears, looking at my claws, blood coating each part of them.

Rachel lies on the ground unconscious, with teeth marks all over her body. Her intestine and part of her stomach organs protruding from the wounds I have given her, a horrible sight even for me.

I shake my head involuntarily, left to right. 'No Ree….NO….not you.'

Mind linking her, I let my knees fall to the ground. Rachel held tight in my arms. I push fresh air in grasp both my nose and mouth and whimper. ‘Hang on Ree, I am so sorry…’

Tears keep going down my face like a running river, I start shaking again, and with a choking sob I try to open a mind link to my beta 'Alex', and before I can bring myself to make a coherent sentence and ask for help, he informs me of yet another perimeter breach of our lands.

We have kept our werewolf existence hidden from the human world for centuries. We live with them in plain sight in the same cities, but strategically isolated ourselves on Novena Island.

During the last couple of years, the human world has developed software that is way too advanced beyond our own, and now they are too close to my liking.

They keep poking their nose where it should not belong at very bad timing.

I push through to shift to my human body but can't get control. My mate's smile came to my mind when I close my eyes.

I need destruction. If not, the good, even the bad. I want to feel pain. I want another kind of pain, pain that would numb the pain I am feeling.

I open my eyes again to a movement Rachel made, blinking at me rapidly and her eyes letting go.


She mummers in a very low voice trying to make a sentence that I can't understand.

Rachel needs someone to come to her aid. I sob again and hold her in my arms. Someone or something needs to come and help us. She can't die on me, she was here to guard me, and I couldn't be an Alpha enough to protect her from myself. I want to unsee, to undo this so badly. The look of pain in her eyes. The pain in her words. She is powerless, laid bare for me.

‘Stay with me…. Please stay with me…. Alex is on his way… you going to be alright….. Just please don't die on me, please…….’I keep trying to keep her awake, scared of myself and for her safety.

My eyes wander to her face, tears dripping through her eyes. So much pain radiating through me from just watching her pain, from watching more blood streams overflowing around us.

The green veins are now showing vividly all over her skin and she is getting paler. Her time is running out.

I feel like a spear is cutting through my wounded heart again and again nonstop.

An idea comes to me to stand on my feet. Maybe I can make a louder growl to show how desperate they need to hurry to bring aid to where we are.

But then, being brought back to reality, we have a perimeter breach, there might be drones above me, and news of a werewolf in our land will bring more danger to me, Rachel, and the whole Pack.

My mind travels back to the first perimeter breach. It happened when I lost my wife 'Angel' two years ago.

The morning tabloids were throwing their victory in my face as they got access to the first-ever picture of me, posting me at my worst while I sobbed, holding the corpse of my mate.

And today, if they are lucky enough, they will get another glimpse of me again in my worst holding a pack member I might have killed.

I curse at myself for taking too long to finalize a partnership on the perimeter protection safety software.

I can hear movements getting closer. I sigh with relief.

They made it.

‘Help is here, Ree…’ I try to say more words, but I am cut off by a feeling of a needle pricking my neck. My chest squeezes into something, forcing my chest to contract abnormally. It forced all my muscles not to move.

I watch as my third in command, the Gamma 'Peter', takes Rachel out of my hands and half shifts into his wolf and starts licking her wounds, while the paramedics lie her down on the stretcher.

"Hurry, let's get her to the hospital," my second in command, my beta, Alex, commands.

Peter sniffs her neck with tears dripping through his eyes. He keeps telling her something that I can't grasp, as I hate myself more for what I have become and the pain I am causing my Pack.

I hear the ambulance sirens as I lose total consciousness

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