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C2 Sky

Greg’s POV

I wake up to a beautiful scene of the sunrise as always, the first rays of the sun lighting up my glass cabin, and giving it life.

Something about the golden rosy hue of sunlight and its scene in the morning sky makes it worth looking forward to a new day lately.

I am as good as dead. I don't know why the sun is tricking me.

The Alpha cabin, which is a single small room, is on the porch of the lake and isolated. We made it of only glass and the structure of wood. I had to be somewhere away from the Packhouse at certain times, when I was out of control, like the situation of attacking Rachel yesterday.

I made the design to give me a refreshing view, and access to my Beta and Gamma when needed. We fit the room with security cameras to monitor whatever is happening.

The melodic birdsong that is always nice to my ears today brought me back to the reality of what I have become. A weak Alpha that cannot protect his Pack.

I jump out of my bed to the lake, which is just one step away from my door, to wash out the stinky smell of wolfsbane and human blood attacking my senses.

Wolf's bane and human blood are used to stop me and slow down my deterioration, Whenever I am out of control it is injected into my body and it forces all muscles in my body not to move, but the dose is getting larger day after day, which means my body is getting used to it.

I ran out of the forest, surrounding my cabin to the Packhouse with a tense body, avoiding eye contact with any of my members. I put on the remaining clothing in my hand as I match to the hospital.

I meet the Pack doctor ‘Mafele’ at the door, the closest family member to me for the time being. He holds my hand without saying anything as we walk side by side to Rachel's room. She is in a coma and Peter is holding her hand, sleeping on the chair beside her bed, and putting his head on the remaining part of the bed.

I am sure he spent the night here.

The drips are connected to each point on her body and the scenario is disturbing, pushing tears into my snow-looking face. The skin cracking around my nose as I try to breathe in a gush of the cold morning air. Pain from this is nothing compared to what I feel inside.

Mafele checks the chats on her side bed table and pulls me outside the room to the long corridor just outside Rachel's room, indicating he wants to speak to me privately and not wake Peter up. He walks out, holding my hand as he reads through the notice in his handbook and leads me to his office.

I sit down on the patient's chair and he sits on his own chair that is opposite mine, separating us is a big wooden table, He places the files he is holding on the table and picks up a pen from a penholder on his table and scribbles something on his notes.

“She is doing better. The first twelve hours were critical to her healing," he explains."I know how much this is hurting you, but we all know it's not your fault," he comforts me as another massive amount of tears break out on my face accompanied by massive pain in my chest.

“She is a strong Gamma, why isn't she healing fast enough?”

“It's your saliva.”

“My saliva?”

“Yes, your saliva.” Mafele picks up a laboratory sheet in the extensive files on his table and extends it to my side putting it just below my eyes for me to see."Your Laboratory test from last week are out there… you can see the results in the content of your blood, saliva, and all liquids in your body.

“Your saliva's content now is the same as the rogues, very poisonous to us, with numerous deadly bacteria that are vital to werewolves. The healing process would have been easy for her if it wasn't for the poisonous saliva from your bites.”

My face fell, and I lose balance, dropping my hands from the armchair.

“Are you okay Alpha?” Mafele asks with worries written all over his face. He continues to speak after I nod. “I did not prepare you enough for this. I should have taken better care of you. What you are going through makes me truly sad. We both have tried our best in the last two years and I know this is not the right time to tell you this, but you are dying....... The poison has contaminated your blood to the maximum point, and there is nothing we can do anymore.”

“How long?”

"Three months top."With a sorrowful face, he stands up from his chair and walks over to me, holding my shoulders and massaging them as he stands behind my chair."And please think about what I suggested. On finding a chosen mate or an heir, these are the only options available that I think might keep you alive."I turn my head back halting his process of massaging me and frown.

We have been through this, and my wolf can't stand any female wolf in this pack.

The bond between two true mates completes them. A mate is not only a love interest, he or she is literally another half of our body, mind, strength, and spirit. When you complete the mating bond with your mate, you automatically get connected and become one, sharing emotions, strength, thoughts, feelings, body, and everything that makes you a werewolf.

When a mate dies the other mate can’t survive he or she deteriorates within a few months and dies unless they have passed their bond on to either their biological children or shared by a chosen mate who their wolf has to accept first.

"How am I supposed to find a chosen mate and have a biological heir?" I ask him.

“There are other places to find a mate apart from this park, Alpha. And I can also arrange a surrogate for you if you allow me.”

"And think about visiting the human world more. You never went back after college. Maybe there is a possibility waiting out there." He emphasizes.

“Humans are out of boundaries and you know that.”

“It’s a matter of life and death,... and not all humans are bad. This is debatable Alpha.” I look up at him with a sad smile. I do not believe more in any remorse for myself. Yesterday was the end.

I get out of the chair and walk out of Mafele’s office. Determined to use the remaining few days of my life effectively. Priority being the pack's safety.No more time to waste.

I mind link all pack warriors for an emergency meeting at the pack grounds.

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