The billionaires Partner/C3 Billionaire by Forbes
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The billionaires Partner/C3 Billionaire by Forbes
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C3 Billionaire by Forbes

Greg’s POV

Five minutes in the pack grounds and everyone has arrived. The pack warriors are members who once worked in the human government military.

I made a tough choice of choosing a different path for my pack members, a complete u-turn from that of my father and forefathers. Instead of fighting never-ending wars with other packs for power, we infatuated the human world; we learned in their schools, succeeded in all their sectors implanted different members from our pack in all sectors, learning and invested in everything we put our hands-on, investing largely in almost everything.

And because our life span is longer than that of humans, we live up to five hundred years. Each member is allowed only eight years in the same post in the human world, and thereafter, assigned another post in another part of the world. Those who do not wish to work are allowed to stay in Novena and do what they feel like doing.

But when an emergency occurs at the Pack, they must assume pack roles and help.

"There has been another perimeter breach," I announce, gasps of horror surrounding the faces of the warriors."I don’t know how much information has leaked, but I am open to your suggestion on what to do before that. I want us to take precautions and tighten the security.”

“How can we be of help Alpha” one member in the cloud shouts loudly though I can’t see his face.

"We will go the old ways, as I work with Alex on finalizing the technological part-" Steps coming from a far halt my conversation and I smell Peter joining the cloud. “We are going to arrange day and night shifts with more warriors on the pack perimeter than we have ever assigned, we are going to install more CCTV cameras all around the perimeter and I need you all to stay alert and inform Alex of any suspicious activities you notice.”

“Yes Alpha.” they all reply in unison.

“Alex will communicate the next steps in this arrangement. Get prepared. We start the first shift in an hour. You are all dismissed.” I turn my back to start walking to my office when Peter joins me on the walk.

"Rachel is going to be okay… I know how much you love her… she has always been so special to you…… the Greg I know would never hurt her." Peter comforts me as he walks steps closer toward me, squeezing me into a hug, and holding my hands.

Mafele words running through my head, already picturing myself dying before I have done anything right or messed up more. So much regret eating me up.

The walk is the longest I have had in my life. My legs don't feel like they can take it anymore.

I walk into Alex, already seated in my office.

When he sees me, he stands and salutes me.


I nod and walk in fast step to the Mahogany window facing the Pack Forest. The thick Forest surrounds the Packhouse which one would call an administration block of our Pack, the biggest building around here. A witch spell and wired parameter are used to protect the ten thousand square meters, but it is no longer strong enough.

Pack members can shift freely here. When you take a step in any part of Novena werewolves are walking in their wolf's form everywhere.

“What do they have?” I speak to Alex as I take my seat.

"Nothing on official media outlets. It’s just tabloids," he turns on the projected screen.

The screen shows an anchor reading the news exclusive with our pack house showing at the corner of the screen and the caption ‘Billionaire Greg’s mansion.’ he reads.

"In today exclusive. We bring you news about the wealthiest man alive, the man that owns the largest shares in absolutely everything. Billionaire Greg Henderson, the richest billionaire by Forbes for the last ten consecutive years.

“I have known nothing about him, you have known nothing about him except for his name, until recent years when he lost his mother two years ago, We have got more exclusive on his life including his personal life and mansions, cars and all there is to know, stay tuned as we bring you the exclusive of your life-”

I click the pause button and look into Alex's eyes. My Adam's apple rolls down my throat.

“Alpha, we are running out of options. My brother isn't here to fix this, and he is the only one that did everything with coding and software. We don’t have anyone that is specialized enough to crack this. We need Leyla’s help.”

“I thought you got someone else apart from Leyla.”

“I used one of our own and it got worse. They hacked him in a few minutes after installation, which has led to this.” I sigh.

"I haven't spoken with Leyla for ten years and now I drop into her perfect life again with my problems. We have worked out most of the things….. Me and you and the pack…… and found the solutions even when it took longer. We waited patiently. I don't see a reason to bring her in." I pleaded to Alex, who is sitting on the opposite chair to mine with a helpless expression.

He knows what I mean, but I also understand his worries.

I am the scapegoat for the pack, anything that is owned by the pack is written in my name to give attention to me, and the risk is when too much attention will set on me it will bring the human on the front doors of the pack.

Some of our own run the top positions in the government, we have stayed under the radar safely for centuries because of their hard work to keep everything out of the people's eyes, too many humans interested means few authority members will not have the power to keep it down.

“How much do they have? Any wolf shifting captured?”

“Not sure, on how much and what they captured, I watched the entire show and they just have the view of the pack house nothing more”

“Did you say Leyla was the one that took down the pictures last time?”

“Yes Alpha”

“The pack comes first. I can't risk the pack’s whereabouts. We will have to go through with Leyla’s proposal for the partnership. I don't like that we are working with a human on this, but I will figure a way after we are safe.

“Set the appointment for tomorrow at eight a.m. and send me all the documents for my review”.

I look at Peter, who has been silent, and nod as I walk out of the Pack office back to my cabin.

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