The billionaires Partner/C4 The moon comes out sometimes in a day
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The billionaires Partner/C4 The moon comes out sometimes in a day
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C4 The moon comes out sometimes in a day

Leyla’s POV

The antique clock on the wall and my face have been staring at each other more than I can count for the last two hours. I check the time again for the one-hundredth time and sigh.

I have called Linda, my secretary, enquiring whether Greg had arrived with no for an answer almost five times.

My new partner, Greg Henderson, set up our first ever appointment after we last saw each other and he is nowhere to be seen.

You would expect him to make it on time, considering it is our first business meeting.

I shake my head and wonder if his time management hasn't changed in the last ten years.

I pick up my laptop and walk to my office to continue with other activities on my timetable. Most of it is coding which makes me smile. Meetings are not my thing. I am already stressed enough. It is a meeting, but well, it's part of what I have signed up for.

Greg was my first love. We met in college thirteen years ago, but shortly after college, I received the worst breakup of my life. He broke up with me over a text message and married the love of his life.

I had never been to his house or his home. Although we both came from the same city. The only person I knew was his cousin Alex, who did me the honor of informing me Greg was a married man and I should move on.

Now we are finally meeting on business grounds. I am not sure of what I feel for him. I have done all I could to stop hoping and reliving our time together and truly hope when I meet him, I will have my closure.

After taking a few steps, I am back in my office, which is right at the corner from the conference room I was in. I seat on my chair and send a message to Alex, “Did you cancel the meeting without informing me?” and sigh.

Then, after I get down to coding, my mind is completely consumed with the large screens on my wall. Time to crack the codes. One thing I love most in my life is programming. It’s the only space I can completely bury myself for a whole day with a smiley face all day. It has never disappointed me compared to most of every other thing I have invested my heart in.

After a few hours of work, it's time for a brief break. I stand up and make myself a cup of coffee. Walking back to my desk, I open my phone. My SMS has not been delivered to Alex. ‘Why is it taking him long to get my text?’ I wonder.

I put it down and continue with my work. Time flies by with me immersed in my work. When I raise my eyes to the half-closed curtains of my office, the sun is going down. ’ooh my God, did I forget to have lunch again? Linda will be on my neck anytime soon from now.’

I hear a knock on my door and I ignore it, thinking it's Linda; she is always here to chase me from my own office whenever I work for more than twelve hours and today she will scold me for skipping lunch.

Then I hear another knock. I jump from my seat. It's not Linda. Linda does one knock and after she just counts to five, opens the door and budges in. Feeling my heart racing. Was I waiting for Greg? Really? How stupid? I clear my throat and shout out. “Come in.”

The door swings open, and Greg Henderson makes his appearance. ‘ooh no, think of the devil ’ the shock in me is beyond words. I sit still with my mind and body in a daze, stuck in what I should say or do, a thousand things flowing through my head.

Before I know it, he is standing right in front of me.

One moment he was at the door, another moment he was bending over my chair. He moves like a vampire.

I quickly scan him from head to toe as he stands beside me. And as always, my first impression of him comes to mind; there is no living human who is as handsome as this man that I know of.

He lowers himself onto the chair next to me. "I am sorry I am late for the appointment,” Greg speaks casually.

He loosens his tie, removes his jacket and hangs it on the chair, and folds the arms of his shirt halfway up his arms, making his biceps show more through the shirt.

"Do you have time now? Can we go through the contract? “He speaks as though he doesn’t have time and needs to get over and done with the meeting. It bothers me but I smile and keep professional.

“Yes,” I answer, keeping my voice steady as I try to compose myself, my mind no longer mine lost in words and action. I open the folder on his contract from my screen and dragged it onto the large screen on my wall and he starts reading loudly through each clause.

My mind is not in the room.

I finally know why I had never dated any man after him.

The feeling is a knife hitting my heart again. Tears threaten to come out.

I still loved this man with all my heart. A happily married man. What a sad feeling.

My eyes dart all over him. He wore a charcoal-colored suit that covers suits him well; I raise my eyes higher to see his face, coming across a white shirt buttoned up to his neck and a brown patch tie fastened at his throat, folded neatly into the suit jacket.

A glimpse of his face as he reads and his all concentration on the screen, and now I get to see his beautiful face features once again and his muscled body that is visible even under the shirt. His broad shoulders are placed perfectly on him as he sits dwelling over me. He is huge.

The sharp jaw outline that is shaved neatly is the first thing I, noticed had changed. He used to keep his beard back then, then came his dimpled face with dimples that are visible with just any muscle change in his face. I loved how the dimples moved when he smiled. His brown eyes are looking directly into my soul, which I am sure I don't want him to see through.

I am checking him out way too much for my liking.

So I force myself to avert my mind and eyes to anything else. He should not see through me.

Drop my gaze to the ground where I meet his shiny black boots that show my worried face on the reflection. Not a good choice I raise them again in the process to avert, the eyes dropped to his gorgeous lips, the memory of our first kiss, the memory of all the kisses we shared and how they felt then is almost as if we kissed each other yesterday.

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