The billionaires Partner/C5 Showing weakness
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The billionaires Partner/C5 Showing weakness
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C5 Showing weakness

Leyla’s POV

Greg pauses through the reading.

“Yla, are you with me?”

“Yes, ah… you were saying?”

There is nothing I had heard for the few minutes he was reading, embarrassed that I lost concentration in the wrong place and at the wrong time. I wish for the ground to swallow me at this point. This is too embracing for a grown-ass woman like me.

“I wanted to know if you have a visual representation of the arrangement.... of different components of the complete security system ready.” I smile and open the LAN in the UNIX tools program on the screen.

"I have encrypted all corners of the perimeter to protect sensitive information to be transmitted online, it’s more like a doom around the atmosphere of Novena where electromagnetic waves of very high frequency will be installed in programmed encryption, anything that gets close to the waves in ten centimeters will be detected and nothing can have any visual power beyond the doom circle." He smirks and I can see from his face how proud he is of this, and my heart shoots.

“Well, how did I almost forget how that IQ of yours is extraordinary?” then extends his hand near my elbow that is laying on the table and picks a pen, stroking my skin on his way to pick the pen. I place the pain in front of my notebook. He takes the pen and scribbles something in his notebook.

Butterflies in my stomach. I feel the heat rising inside my body with just that one tiny touch. I sigh, stand up and walk to the glass window for fresh air; it is completely dark outside. With the moon, the stars, and the clear atmosphere, it must be almost midnight. Our meeting has taken more time than I expected.

"Can we remove the animal detectors and sensors?" I thank God for his interruption because that is the only time I am completely focused in this office when he enquires more about business.

“Yes absolutely, but aren’t you worried something might be installed in the animals? I don’t have much on the breach specifics except that drones were able to travel through your atmosphere and take pictures, I can make complete conclusions until I have enough information and am granted access to your servers then I will know how to work through what I have planned for the upgrade.”

“Don’t worry about the servers. Once you are on the ground, you will have everything you need.”

“Is this the same software you have used over the years, or did you make some changes lately?”

Something has been bothering me. The details I have for the software from Alex wouldn’t have been easy for them to keep Greg under the carpet so perfectly for so many years like this.

I don’t think people even know Greg’s face. He might walk through the entire city with no one noticing it is him.

If it wasn’t for this partnership, I wouldn’t have known my G and Greg Henderson is the same person. Three years together in college and he had made it to the Forbes billionaires list, didn't look or behave like one, and didn’t care to share that critical information with me.

He sits uncomfortably in the chair, obviously unhappy with what I asked.

“What’s with the mystery? How much more are you hiding?”

"I granted you first level clearance to our compounds, and as stated in the contract—”

"Confidentiality agreement I know."I interrupt him." There is more to that. I know and I can feel it. I am worried you and Alex are not telling me sensitive stuff. The whole truth is not what you are showing me now. This contract is way over top with everything.

“Honestly, it makes it hard for me to work, interferes with my freedom. I have to work with someone watching my back at every single thing I touch or any person I talk to. Really? Is all that necessary?” He sighs and I don’t expect much because he was never a man of many words.

“I need to trust you, and from our history, I don’t find you trustworthy. Give me something. I need to know what my partners are hiding on an isolated island in the top world’s strategic capital city.

“I have searched everywhere, and no one has been allowed access to enter or leave your premises, It's only supplies that are left outside by specific suppliers, you don’t think that worries me making me the sole exceptional person now allowed to enter those compounds.”

“There is nothing illegal happening in Novena, and trust me when I, say it’s up to you, we are not going to force you into anything, the only reason you have become an exception is that no one in the whole world can crack your code. If there is one, let us know and we will take that person instead,” he speaks with a straight, serious face.

“You don’t trust me, well you shouldn’t, but I trust you with my life, Yla. It’s shameful of me to come back like this to ask for your help…. but I don’t have options. You are all I got and am pleading for your help.” He raises his chin, then dropped his eyes."Sorry, I broke my trust with you… I am so sorry….. What I did…”

His confession catches me off guard with tears threatening to start flying all over my face. Holding my knuckles and clenching them, I take in two deep breaths and swallow a lump in my throat.

“I am so sorry I did you wrong.”

My head turned to the side to hide the tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. I curse at myself for showing this part of my weakness in front of him.

I have to hold it together.

What is this? His words, his sincerity. Can he see through me? Can he see how much he still affects me even after ten years with no word?

Well, I thought I had prepared myself enough for this drama, but I lied to myself. What was I thinking that it will all be business and the past will not catch up to us? I truly wish he would not have touched on this subject.

I pull myself together and find another subject to clear the air. "How much time do I have after the contract signing before I start the installations? I might understand some reasoning you have on the ground." I enquire.

“We don't have time. If it wasn't for the contract, we would wish for you to be there even today." Greg replies, slightly lost in his mind.

"Do we have any more partnership things you need clarification on? I am late for another appointment."

“No, we are okay. We have made a lot of changes already. Thank you for accommodating us. Yla, I am truly sorry."

Greg stands up from his chair and throws his jacket on his right shoulder. He takes one last look at me and walks out of my office.

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