The Biography of Consort Xi/C1 finger marriage
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The Biography of Consort Xi/C1 finger marriage
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C1 finger marriage

At the end of September, New Hulu Yanhua married into the tetrabele's residence, her name was (her status as a concubine).

A month ago, Yan Hua came to the capital as a beautiful lady and was lucky to see Long Yan once.

She remembered the sunny day when the sun was burning down on the earth and even the earth seemed to be drying up. The cicadas on the big trees outside the palace were chirping happily. In this restless weather, it made one's heart churn for no reason.

Perhaps it was because she had been waiting in front of the Divine Martial Sect for so long, but after being exposed to the sun for so long, Yan Hua started to sweat. Her already white skin looked even more exquisite, her cheeks were slightly red, as if she was smeared with a superb rouge.

Two of her four other sisters, perhaps nervous, had been dropped on the spot because of a breach of etiquette in front of the hall. So when her father-in-law called her name, she was a little flustered and almost fell to her knees. It was a good thing that in normal times her Amma, Newcome Lingzhu, was very strict in her discipline, so she quickly recovered her composure and gave a respectful bow.

She didn't dare to look up as she pondered in her heart over what the emperor and Empress Dowager would ask her about. Her bright almond eyes spun in a circle. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the golden fringed hibiscus flowers embroidered on the hem of the elder sister's robe. She couldn't help but sigh in admiration at how beautiful she was.

"How old are you, looking at a child? "What's your name?" She heard a benevolent old voice that slowly sounded like it was reciting a poem. It was much warmer than her forehead, and when she heard it, even the trace of nervousness in her heart was suddenly dispelled.

"Returning to Empress Dowager a thousand years old, this slave servant, New-Hulu Yanhua, is thirteen this year." She quietly lowered her head and leisurely answered, like an oriole bird singing in jubilation.

"He's quite calm." Empress Dowager nodded his head in approval. With a smile on his face, he slowly turned his head to look at the emperor beside him.

The Emperor nodded in agreement. "Mm, Ling Zhu's teaching is not bad. Despite being so young, she has a calm personality, and is quite similar to Yin Zhen when he was young. "

She only knew that the Emperor had spoken a few words with the Empress Dowager and then signaled Elder Li to keep her name plate.

When they left, she couldn't help but secretly glance at the Emperor and Empress Dowager. One sat upright and august, but his eyes were soft; the other was gentle and affectionate as if he were an elder of the family, but there was an inviolable solemnity in his brow, and a weariness of the vicissitudes of life. She lowered her eyes hurriedly, not daring to peep any further, and caught up with him just in time.

Actually, she didn't want to be left with any tags, because she already had quite a few rules in her own house, but her aunt told her that there would only be more rules in the palace. Therefore, she really didn't want to stay in the palace.

After patiently waiting for a month, she finally found out that she had been pointed out to the tetrabele. The moment she found out, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Yan Hua was carried into the Four Belts by a red palanquin, the trembling of the palanquin made her feel uncomfortable. Yan Hua could not help but feel sad when he thought of how it would be hard to see his mother in the future.

When they were almost to the Four Belts, she hurriedly wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes.

Ying Xiu followed outside the palanquin and occasionally spoke to her. Yan Hua heaved a sigh of relief when she thought of the other person she could get close to. She curled her lips into a comfortable smile.

Ying was three years older than her. She was an orphan and grew up with her. Because of his meticulous thinking and calm personality, Ling Zhu had arranged for him to accompany Yan Hua to the capital.

"Miss, we're here."

Yan Hua didn't know how long she had been carried by the palanquin. Just as Yan Hua was about to fall asleep, Ying Xiu called out softly from outside. Yan Hua suddenly quivered and woke up.


The place where she lived day and night after that was outside the palanquin, wasn't it?

tetrabele, what kind of person is he now?

When she thought of the man she would meet in the future, not far away, her heart suddenly pounded wildly. It was like the feeling when she first learned how to ride a horse when she was young — excited, nervous, expectant, and a bit scared …

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