The Blackwood Pack/C2 Chapter 2
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The Blackwood Pack/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2


"How many times do I have to tell you Kim?!"

"But papa! America?! Really, are you fucking out of your mind?! There is no way in hell that I am going?!" I huffed at my father as I crossed my arm at my chest. I can't believe him! I know, I understand him. But sometimes his love for me overshadowed his ability to see through things.

You see after the incident my father dearest just dropped that news to me. Apparently he can't see me going through that again and again, and he is set to shipped me to another country. His adamant that I am his little boy and its not good for my innocence to be completely soiled.

Innocence my ass!!

And I just knew that wherever this 'new home' that he passionately saying is somewhere I would never wish to set foot on. And I am sure, no definitely 100% sure that it will be much worse than what my current house is! Knowing my dad it is absolutely possible!

What if my dad locked me in a tower far away from other people so that no one can kidnap me again. Or maybe an island far from the main city.

Ugh.. Just thinking about it make me shiver in fear. There is no fucking way that I would let that happen to me! Over my dead body!!

"Figlio, you don't have any say on this. You are going to America next week and that's final! And no, don't give me that look. Your flight has been set, even your place where you are staying. God! You are even enrolled in this good school there...."

Wait. What?!


Okay, that is something differently...good?? Probably...

"You're letting me go to school?!" I whisper yelled at my father as I abruptly stand from the chair that I am sitting.

"Yeah, it seems that you need to go to school if you are staying there for a long period of time."


I can't believe it. I can finally go to school. It has been my dream since I'm little and I almost want to cry from the extreme happiness that I'm feeling right now.

"Hmn, okay if that's what you really want dad I can't say no and either way America is a nice country." I exclaimed while I sit again to the expensive arm chair in front of father's table. My father just raise his brow at me but he never comment on how fast I change my mind.

I internally smile while my face remain stoic. Thanks Matthew for giving me a lesson about that. But God, I'm so excited right now that I can't wait till next week!


"Is this the right place Matthew?" I ask, while watching the passing sceneries outside of the car. The whole place is nice. After the strenuous flight from Italy to here, I can say that its really a pain in the ass. Some rich people might love flying but I would never like it.

Ugh.. I truly hate travelling.

But after we passed some tall buildings, a lot of nice shops and restaurants I can't help to feel anxious again.

Because as I glance around I keep on seeing a lot of trees, trees and more fucking trees! What the heck! My dad must be planning to let me stay in the middle of forest away from civilization. Okay, stop thinking about that. It will just make me depressed. Just breath...

"We are here young master." Matthews voice said, waking me from my musings.

The car stops in front of a white mansion. It is big and nice but much more smaller compare to what I'm used to. The whole place is large and I can't even see the entrance gate from here. It seems that I do not notice passing it when we went inside. Hmn, but this house is actually pretty nice.

"Matthew, is this place far from school?"

"No young master, it is only a 15 minute drive. Tomorrow is your first day and we already got your supplies. It is a long day, you can take your rest now. There are many rooms upstairs, you can just take your pick."


Even though I am excited for tomorrow I'm still feeling tired and sluggish. As I removed all of my clothes and lay in the bed I still can't shake the blissful happiness that I am feeling.

For once I can go out of the house, go to school and be normal. I can finally have friends. As my lips curve to a smile a total darkness consume my consciousness, lulling me in to a deep sleep.


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