The Blackwood Pack/C3 Chapter 3
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The Blackwood Pack/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

"Oh God, Chester what the fuck?!" I yelled to the young blonde who is still snoring in the bed.

"Ugg, Deathon I am still sleeping. Can you just go, away!?"

I just gawk at him, the fuck?!

"Hey, its already 7:30 and do you really have no idea what today is?! The fuck dude! Its the first day of school man?!" I screeched at him.

It seems that does it 'cause his eyes just snap open and he stumbles to his bed and God!! That one is the most hilarious thing that I've ever witnessed.

Chester trips so many times while getting dressed and bump to a wall a few times while putting his things to his knapsacks. He even hit his head in the roof of my car when he hop in. And after breaking so many traffic rules we finally make it to the school in one piece at a breaking time. Thank God!

"Never again, I mean it!! I will never going to wake you up again!" I hissed at him angrily while getting out of the car, he just rolled his eyes at me.

He knows that I would never do that to him. I love him, he is my brother after all. And one of the living relative that I have. Our pack was attacked by rouges two years ago. My dad who is the alpha at that time died protecting the whole pack. My mom who is his mate can't handle the lost of his other half making her weak and after a month she also died living me and my two brothers. My older brother Trenton become the alpha, then he appointed me as his beta. Some of them disagree with this, saying that I am still too young for the responsibilities. But my brother Trenton told them than I am more capable than they gave me credit for. Well he is definitely right because after two years, our pack become more stronger and successful than before.

We grew larger in number, the warrior wolves become more stronger, and aside from that, the business that our pack have become more successful.

Oh, gee it seems that it come out as unbelievable and crazy. But unfortunately it is not. Me and my family, and some of the townsfolk are werewolves.

There are some humans but they never knew about us. We have this written rule given by the Higher Council of Supernaturals that we need to conceal our kind from the humans. We live in the shadows, and its not just us werewolves but also the vampires, fae, witches and warlocks too. We do it to protect the balance of this world, human nature being unconsciously greedy can become a big problem for us. They might exploit us and our abilities for their own gain. It is sad but true nonetheless.

Suddenly my senses assaulted by the most exotic smell, my wolf jump with joy and my skin tingles. Turning to its source, I saw a boy getting out from a - what the fuck?! Is that a limo! You gotta be kidding me?! This suddenness seems to wake me up in whatever trance I am. Then I just stumble a little...

Oh fuck..

No way!!

This person who is indeed a rich one who has a fucking limo and, a fuck!! Is that a friggin butler?!! Is this for real?? Oh God I don't know anymore...

I mean the guy is my fucking mate!! Can you believe it!! And to my own horror he is a friggin' human!!!

The hell??!

I know right, it never happened before. And truthfully its starting to freak me out. Werewolves never mated to another species more so in humans. Their kind is much weaker, and they are vulnerable in any kind of attack. Being a mate of a werewolf, one's should have at least a strength in par with his mate. And me being a beta, and an Alpha's brother have a human mate?! I don't care if he's a male, same gender pairing is common among us it might startle me a little, but him as a human is so wrong in many levels.

Glancing towards him again. I become enthralled by his features. He is beyond beautiful, and I swear its not my wolf talking. He is truly beautiful, with his red hair with the same tint of blood that is a bit wavy framing his heart shaped face with big innocent stormy gray eyes framed by long dark lashes, a cute button nose and pouty pinkish lips. A lean small body with creamy ivory complexion that is wrapped by a white beater with a black hoodie. He is also a lot smaller than an average male, maybe around 5'5 or 5'6 with long shapely legs that is accented by his tight black skinny jeans. And that ass, delectable. I almost groan out loud but I steadily compose my self.

"God! Is he new??" A voice to his side suddenly snap him to his inner fantasy. "Ugh, a new sexy meat?? Its so unfair that he is a human."

Turning his head, he catch Grey watching the new boy with lust. It arouse some emotion deep in him. And he see himself wanting to rip Grey's eyes out of its socket. The possessiveness that he felt for the new boy scared him.

"And I think coming to school in a limo will not make him accepted by the humans. God! He must be rich huh?! I so want him.." A shrilly voice said, and I'm not surprised to see Kara one of the slut of the pack eyeing the new student as one of her new toy.

"Just leave him alone. He is a human, and you guys know, we can never associate with them."

I exclaimed with finality, they answered me back with respect as they all dispersed to their own ways. And by reflex I turn my eye to his way, but I am shocked to see him looking at me.

Our gazes locked, and I felt the world stop. The air become so intense, and my wolf inside of me howl with excitement. But it suddenly stopped, someone bump to me making our bond break as well as our gazes. By the time I looked at him again he already disappeared in the mass of the students. I felt my wolf whimpered and my stomach tightened. But I squished it hard and shoved all of the growing emotion inside of me deeply within. I can't accept him as my mate, and it hurts. I know...

But I am Deathon Blackwood, the beta of Alpha Trenton Blackwood of the Black Forest Pack. And I can't have him by my side. I don't want him to suffer, and be killed the same way as my parents. If him being human can be as an excuse to not let him acknowledge me as his mate then so be it, if it can give him the safety that he needed. He is far too innocent to be tainted by my darkness. And it would kill me to see him get hurt because of me.

With this new ideas in my mind, I slowly make my way to my first class. At least now I know that my mate is near me. Even if I can't touch him, I can still see him.. It might be painful but I just want him to be safe...and that's away from me.


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