The Blackwood Pack/C4 Chapter 4
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The Blackwood Pack/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

"Is this the school??" I asked Matthew, as I scan the building in front of me. It is made of bricks with the most ugliest paint I've seen that a building could have. Ugh. It has the color of mud with somewhat yellowish color, oh God it looks like crap. Literally..

The parking lot and the front side is full of kids my age, they are chatting happily with their friends. But they all stop when they saw my ride. Well, that's strange.

Oh, gee. I can't believe it. I am so stupid, I already watch a lot of American teen movies to know what they are thinking. Oh fuck! I'm totally a stupid son of a - I don't have to finish that statement, my dad will go hulk at me if he ever heard me curse my mom, even its true... Ok enough, that is somewhat a long story and its not the right time for that. But God!! I should have told Matthew to drive a more simpler car. This fucking Limo will make me stand out, and base to the kids faces it won't be good.

And to my horror, Matthew open the door for me bowing slightly. Oh wow, like a true gentleman. Fantastic! But base from the smirk in his face, I knew that he's srewing with me.

"Bastard!" I lowly hissed at him, but he just chuckled. The nerve?! But he suddenly become serious.

"Kim, be safe okay." He said with so much intensity and sincerity. I know that he is an asshole sometimes but he's still one of the nicest guy I knew.

"Yea-" but I never finished whatever I'm gonna say because he just drove away without a single glance from me. Rude.

Well, Matthew is always like that no need to think hard about it. He must be in a rush or something. Because he might be my personal body guard but he still needed to do so many things. Feeling eyes on me, I raise my head and I'm surprise that a lot of students eyeing me with so much intensity. It makes me uncomfortable and a little freak out. Ugh..

Then I felt my skin on my back prickle, turning around I've met with the most gorgeous pair of eyes I've ever seen, it belongs to a teenage boy who is older than me by a year or two base on his physique. He is so handsome, with a honey blonde short hair, a gorgeous blue eyes with a hint of green, a high cheek bones, prominent nose and a thin pinkish and sexy lips. He is tall too, probably 6'4 and a lot of muscle but not disgusting to look at. And while I am getting lost with his eyes it never occurred to me that I'm checking him out. I just realized it when someone bump him breaking our weird connection.

I felt my cheeks burned with embarrassment. God, I'm not even gay. But why I'm checking him out? Like some slut who wants to licked the guy?! Well not really licked..., maybe just a nipped.., just a little bit. Oh god, I'm sure he taste really good and with those bulging muscle I really have no doubt..yummm... The heck?!

I just don't think of him like that, right?! No friggin way... But I can't lie to my self. I'm aware of that. The attraction that I felt for him is as clear as crystal, and I would hate myself if I denied that. Ugh.. Its so messed up.

But clearly the guy is not gay. He would never feel the same way. Oh man, first person that I ended up liking is someone who can never reciprocate my feelings. How depressing..

With my mind filled with depressing thoughts, I don't realize that its my last subject already. My mind is almost numb with so much thinking that I can't even answer Matthew when he greeted me. He gave me a concerned look but I just shook my head at him. With a sigh he left me be as we drove away.


Its almost a whole week had passed but I am still pondering with my little problem. That I am likely gay and attracted to Deathon Blackwood.

Yes that's right I found out his name in the next day I saw him. I accidentally heard his name being called by a teacher and after that I become like some crazed fan and I researched all about him that's need to know.

I learned that his parents are dead. And he only have his two brothers. One of them is Trenton age 24, engage to be married and the CEO of Blackwood Manufacturing Corp. It is one of the biggest Manufacturing Company here in California and according to my source Deathon is one of the main reason in its success. Chester is his younger brother, who is the same age as me. The main vocalist of the band Burn. A local band in the town, whose been gathering a lot of fans not just here but in nearby town too.

Deathon has an interesting life and I'm wishing that I can have him, but sadly I can't because the most devastating news that I've learned about him, is that he is going out with Sarah Nelson her long time girlfriend for almost 3 years. Ugh..

I am so devastated when I first learned about it but somewhat I am doing just fine. The training that I am doing everyday with Matthew become my rock. The intense training make me forget about him. Matthew might notice my strange behavior but he never comment on it and I'm thankful of him for that.

But being here in school let me remember it again. Sigh. Ugh, if I just friends around my age who I can talk to. But because of my charade on the first day I never have the chance to get some friends. They avoid me like I have a plague or something. There are others who takes notice of me but they never approach me. It seems that I bound to be alone for the rest of my pathetic life. How sad...

But before I begun to drown on my own depressing thoughts a loud bang startle me. Glancing around, I notice that the hallways are completely empty. It seems that the bell already chimed and I'm already late to my next class. Then I heard it again, as I search where the noises coming from I came face to face with the scene I never think I would experience seeing.

In the end of the hallway five teenage boys are beating a small boy. And it seems that they were beating him for a while now base on the cuts and bruises that the boy have. I've seen movies and documentaries about bullying and I even read about it but I never imagined my self seeing it in person.

"Hey, stop!" I hollered loudly, while I quickened my steps.

They suddenly stop, and turn to look at me. The guy who is bigger in the group raise his brow at me. He is not participating in the bullying, but he is just standing there not helping the pitiful boy. This other boy who has a big muscles that somewhat belong to the football team snigger at me. And the others just do the same.

"Oh, another twink eh. It seems that your boyfriend is here to save you, faggot!" He sneered, then the other boys laugh loudly. I felt my left eye twitch. Definitely not a good sign. As they continue laughing and called me degrading names. I study the boy in the floor, it seems that he fainted. Without giving them any attention I crouch down in front of the boy and felt his pulse around his neck. I feel a steady rhythm and I felt somewhat relax but I feel someone's presence behind me. Before his fist touch my skin I suddenly grab it and twist it hard dislocating his wrist. Then the guy suddenly scream loudly.

"The fuck!! Ugh... My hand!! You bastard!! You broke it!" The one who have a blonde hair shouted, while he cradle his broken hands. He must be the one who's in my back a while ago. Tch.. Wrong move.. The other guys become agitated, while they eyed me with disgust and contempt. Then like any other stupid person they jump at me.

The three of them attacked me at the same time. One of them, who is watching silently a minute ago is still standing at the same place, with no care at all. They throw a lot of punches the other even let out a powerful kick. But I maneuvered my self, completely avoiding their attacks. And god, it seems that stunt pissed of the blonde dude. His face contorted with fury and his hand shook a little then he shove his entire body to me but of course I get out of the way swiftly making him missed resulting him to completely fall to the hard floor. Oops, it may hurt him badly but you can't chide me with that. The dude is pretty heavy and I'm not planning to be squashed by him. But god, that really hurts and I already dislocated his wrist, what a pitiful guy.

His friends hurriedly help him stand up, while he cradle his hands groaning painfully. Then when he turn his eyes at me I saw his eyes change, clouding it with complete fury. And I even flinch when he started yelling. Curses and yells boom around the place, it must have alerted some teachers because the next time I know the principal is marching toward us. Some teachers help the unconscious boy and brought him away to the nurse room, while me and the five boys are being escorted by the principal to his office.

At that moment I almost wish that I am still in Italy with my father chatting with him while drinking a hot chocolate. Sigh..

Well almost...


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