The Blackwood Pack/C5 Chapter 5
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The Blackwood Pack/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

I feel so angry right now, those stupid jocks! Are they out of their mind. Attacking someone because he is gay, not to add that Aiden is part of my pack. Aiden might be an omega but he's still a part of us. And its not just me, all of the teens that's from our pack that studying here are fuming with so much rage. All of us have the same sentiments. We care for the kid so much and learning that a human beat him yesterday for such stupid reason makes our blood boil. They might be humans but this time, they really crossed the line.

Aiden is gay and mated to my brother Chester, but of course they don't know about it. They just assume that Aiden somewhat turn Chester gay, and because my brother is pretty popular especially to the humans. Those kids become angry towards Aiden and they never accepted him as Chester's boyfriend. That's why they beat him up. But when my brother heard what happened he become so angry that he wanted to kill those bastards. Thankfully Trenton was there to calm him down.

But the most surprising thing is the one who save my brother's mate, it is none other than the new kid Kimmton Ramirez - my mate. Well, the whole school are in uproar when those jocks point at him as the one who attack them. But it seems that Kimmton is denying their accusation, and no one who can say that he is lying. Kimmton is fragile looking and small compare to those jocks. That is why Melvin and his little group are seething with anger, and just the look of his eyes that he's making when he eyed Kimmton are full of malice, that I know for myself he will bring his revenge to the red hair. That make me so pissed, and surprisingly the other guys too. The kid is so small, and I really doubt that he will survive if ever Melvin decides to ambush him.

"Deathon, are you okay?" Aiden ask me, he is sitting at my brother's lap. And watching him healing just fine somewhat calm me a little.

"I'm just fine Aiden," I reassure him with a small smile. I am driving now to school while the both of them are in the back sit. "But guys, can you stop making out in there. This is my car, you know."

"Gee bro, you're just jealous!" Chester exclaimed, "But Deathon, kidding aside is it true what you said before to Trenton? That the new kid is your mate, then how about Sarah? Are you gonna accept him? What are you planning to do?"

I sigh deeply, then I stop the car at our designated parking. From here, I saw him -- Kimmton with the lighting that casted around him from the sun I can only saw him as an angel. My mate, the one who is destined to be with me forever and ever. I feel my heartbeat quicken, my wolf is chanting in my head to rightfully claim him. And I just knew that I can't deny myself and my wolf the fate that has been given to us by the Moon Goddess. He is ours, and I am his bound for eternity..

"Me and Sarah already broke up, and for now I am only thinking of my mate. I am planning on how I am gonna woo him." I stated while eyeing my brother seriously. Chester's face broke to a playful smile, while Aiden smirk at me.

"Congrats Deathon," Aiden said.

"Same here bro, but poor guy he don't know what's coming to him. Just be gentle to him, okay." Chester exclaimed as they both hop out of the car.

I only shake my head to the both of them, while I also got out of the car and locked it. My pack mates widely grin at me when they saw where I'm heading, it seems they knew already. I still can't believe it. It was just a week ago when I promised my self that I will avoid him and let him be. But sometimes, we really can't fight our fate. And now I'm just thankful that my brothers and pack mates accept him as my mate.

Walking to him now, I saw him talking to two buff guys wearing black tuxedos and black shades. They smell dangerous, and my wolf went wild. I quicken my step towards him. The others felt my anxiousness and they begun to walk toward us. And the other students maybe felt the tension making them scamper away. We are the only ones left in the parking area but it seems their group is oblivious to it all. They're seem in the middle of a very heated argument.

"I am not letting you Matthew! I am going alone and that's final!" My mate hissed lowly, I almost don't catch it if its not with my super hearing.

I continue walking towards them my pack members behind me. When I am just a meter from them, when the three of them stop talking and they turn toward us, it seems they felt our presence but that's not possible right? Kimmton face started to blush and I almost growl with happiness. My wolf is happy that he reacts to us like that. But the large men suddenly stand in front of him blocking him from us, then they both point a gun at us. Crap! Are they serious!? For real?!

We stop, and I felt the guys behind me grow stiff. By the looks of it these two muscled guys are his guard or something and they are ready to kill. I can smell it, the stench of death. They are dangerous. Very.

"Matthew, Isaac put the gun down." A cold emotionless voice said, turning to it I saw my mate. He is somewhat different than normal. And his gray eyes are very cold and void with any emotion. He stared at them blankly, then after a while the two guys drop their gun.

"You should know me better than that Matthew. And you of all people should know that a group of teenage boys are not enough to even graze me. Or better yet kill me. But of course we don't know what might happen in the future." He coldly told them. And truthfully I felt lost in their conversation and I can't understand the sudden changes to Kimmton's demeanor. He really is different than what I'm used to. The two guys eyed him silently then they nod his head to him, it seems they finally understood something. Then they abruptly hop on to the black Audi and drove away.

The air is still heavy with intense silence. But then Kimmton spoke. "Why are you guys still here? Didn't you heard the bell?" He asked without looking up.

"Who are those guys?" I asked, he become rigid and his body shake a little.

I walk up to him and grab his chin tilting it up. My throat tighten, his face is full of sadness and his eyes is brimming with tears.

"What's the matter? Are you hurt somewhere?" I ask softly, then I felt the others leave us.

A lone tear suddenly drop from his eyes. "I-i am sorry,"

"Why are you sorry," I asked.

"Your not angry?"

"No, I am not angry." I softly whisper to him as I wipe his cheeks with my fingers and I gently caress him. He close his eyes and purred softly. Then he opened his eyes, my chest tighten when I saw the emotion swirling on it. My heart almost explode in my chest with the building emotions that I felt for him.

Then I bring my other hand toward his waist bringing him closer, and I lean to him slowly capturing his lips to a searing kiss. He grow still for a while but after a couple of second he begun to move. After a while it become heated and I felt my right hand move to his neck bringing him much closer if possible. I bit his bottom lip earning a gasp from him, then I dove my tongue inside of his mouth tasting him. He brought his hands to my neck and he begun to play with my nape gripping it a little. Then I brought my hands toward his butt cupping its cheeks and squeezing it hard. I felt myself grow hard then I begun grinding him. He lift his legs to my hips and brought himself much closer to me. We broke a little gasping for air, but I am still continue grinding him then I felt him grew hard too. My wolf purr when I saw his face. His pupils is dilated and his lips is slightly parted and its swollen from all our kissing. I brought my lips to his ears and whisper. "We should stop," earning a small whimper from him. "If we continue I might not control myself and take you right here. Even if I love to do that I still don't want your first to be done here."

It seems that statement wake him up a little making him stop humping me. He drop his legs and take a shaky breath. He shyly glance up at me and I felt my knees buckled, god he is so adorable! He is biting his lip cutely and blushing so hard. Clearing my throat, I ask him the question that I should have ask when I first saw him.

"Do you like to be my boyfriend?" I ask him sincerely and somewhat,... desperately.

His eyes widen a little, then he smile at me so sweetly almost lovingly. "I would love to."

Those words melt my heart and I almost felt crying, then I bring him to my chest and hug him tightly. I am happy, beyond happy....


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