The Blackwood Pack/C6 Chapter 6
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The Blackwood Pack/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

I feel that I'm in a cloud nine. I am beyond happy. And for the first time in my life, I am really grateful that I came here and met Deathon even though I become gay for him. When he ask me out this morning I actually surprise to know that he feel the same way. I mean the guy is gorgeous, you know. And I'm just me.

There is nothing good about me while he is so perfect. And there are a lot of things that I'm still keeping to him about myself.

"What are you thinking about?" Deathon suddenly ask me while I am sitting beside him in their table at the cafeteria. I'm still overwhelmed by the sudden change, just the other day I am sitting alone in a lone table without anyone to talk to and now I suddenly have a boyfriend and instant friends. Wow.

To my surprise his friends accepted me with smiles and open arms. And until now I still have a hard time believing it.

"Its nothing important," I assured him, as I reach his hands under the table squeezing it gently. He study me a little then after a while he squeezed my hand back. Then to my surprise he brought his lips to mine pecking it gently. His guy friends whistle and the girls squealed loudly bringing the other students attention to us. My face heated up with so much embarrassment. Ugh.Then I hide my face to Deathon's chest earning a chuckle from him while he hug me tightly.

"The two of you are so cute together!" I think her name is Dianna, who suddenly brought her phone and take a picture of us. Aside from her I heard multiple clicks and I knew that there is a lot of them taking pictures of us. So embarrasing..

"Hey, hey guys quit it already. You're scaring Kim." He said as he glared at them but I can see that he is really not angry. Dianna just stick her tongue at him, making him roll his eyes at her. Then I suddenly felt his other hand in my shoulder bringing me closer to him. I snuggle my self to his chest loving his warmth near me.

"Fags!" Someone suddenly snicker followed by loud laughters. And it don't even surprise me to see Melvin and his friends glaring at us from their table. Then I heard Deathon growl at him, really growl. Its hot, I know but truthfully its weird. But I just brush it off and turn my gaze to Melvin.

I can't believe that he would start something in the middle of cafeteria with a lot of students around. Thinking hard I suddenly realize the real reason behind his action.

"Oh I see,. For a blonde your pretty smart huh." I said smirking at him. Then I stand and walk toward their table. I can tell that Deathon is looking at me and Melvin's every move.

Leaning down I stare at him straight at the eyes making sure that my face remains cold and stoic. I saw him gulp and his friends grew anxious. Good, they are afraid but I am still not satisfied. Seeing the silver fork lying in the table I grab it and brought it to his neck. And I almost laugh hard when I felt him grew stiff while the whole cafeteria become quiet.

"It seems you still do not understand Melvin. You should be grateful that I am still letting you live. Do not test my patience, boy. Because I can end your pathetic life any moment I wish without batting an eye." I said to him slowly and as quietly as possible but I still knew that the whole cafeteria heard it on how quiet the whole place is.

But it seems that little statement aggravate Melvin more, his face contorts with so much anger and his eyes reflect his hatred towards me. Then he suddenly lunge at me, I heard my name being called then a lot of footsteps behind me. But I never have a chance to turn around, well if someone as big as Melvin is ready to beat the living daylights of me I really don't have the luxury to be distracted. Without any hesitation I stab him with the fork on his sides, then I sidestep a little catching his right fist bringing it to his back making sure that I put a lot of force breaking it, while I kick him at the back letting him drop to the floor. He let out a loud yell from pain while he grew still.

"Are you okay, Kim?" Deathon ask me as he hug me tightly.

"Yeah, don't worry about me." I said then I turn to face him. His face is full of worry but his friends and the others are in total shock while they gape at me and Melvin's body on the floor. It seems that he fainted from the pain, poor guy.

Then the group of students parted revealing a very angry looking principal, the coach and the head nurse. Oh damn, I think I really messed up this time.

I am so dead!


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