The Blackwood Pack/C7 Chapter 7
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The Blackwood Pack/C7 Chapter 7
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C7 Chapter 7

Why I am here again? And letting this old hag to bad mouth me like she's a fucking queen and she owns the place? The nerve!

Well, yeah right! Its my fucking fault in losing my temper! I am now in the principal's office while waiting for Matthew. While this woman who is Melvin's mother continue to degrade me. Who the fuck does she think she is?! And the idiot principal don't even stop the bitch.

Melvin on the other hand was brought by an ambulance in the nearest hospital because of blood loss and a broken arm. I internally laugh at that. The guy deserve it for being an asshole. But for the love of God where is Matthew when I need him, because I know for sure I don't deserve to be called names by someone I don't even know. And of course I gave the bitch the glare that she well deserve but she don't even take any notice of it as she continue her ranting. Then to my joy the door suddenly thrown open revealing Matthew and Derrick. Oh God not him! Well to all who don't know him Derrick is our family attorney. And if his here my father already knew about this. I'm just praying that my dad don't exaggerate this time. Because last time something like this happened, it didn't end well.

"You must be the guardian of Mr. Ramirez." The principal ask, earning a nod from Matthew. Then the principal told them to sit but Matthew just shake his head.

"I must decline but me and Kim are going to leave. But I would ask our family's attorney to talk to you. Whatever concern you have for Kim you can just tell to Derrick." He said as he held his hand for me to take. But the bitch suddenly stand up and glare at us.

"You are not going anywhere! And that boy is going to be reprimanded to anything that he have done to my son. I will make sure of it!" She yelled.

Matthew's face grew livid and the room suddenly becomes colder. Mrs. Andrews suddenly starts shaking out of fear. I pity her, an angry Matthew is a force to be reckoned with.

"I don't give a shit to your bullshit woman! And I don't tolerate anyone who talks to him like that, especially scums like you. And you don't even stop this bitch as she spurt some bullshit to one of your students, and you called yourself the principal of this school, unbelievable!" He sneered, turning his gaze to the principal. Earning a squeek from him. "My boss already heard about this and he is not happy with all of this. Just a warning from me. You both can run away now and hide but we will find you and we won't be merciful as young master is. You guys just make an enemy that you can't take on. We will make sure that you will receive the much worse treatment you've given to Kim. Good luck with that bitches!" He exclaimed while he grab my arm and led me outside.

When we were outside I realize that Deathon is nowhere to be found. But in his place is a very anxious looking Aiden. Then he abruptly stand up when he saw me.

"Hey Kimmton, sorry if Deathon suddenly leave without telling you but he have an emergency." He said while he wave his hand in a very frantic matter.

I sigh, I know that Deathon's life just don't revolve around me but I just want him near me especially now.

I gave him a small smile and it seems to relax Aiden a little.

"Let's go young master." Matthew suddenly said, then Aiden's attention move to him.

"Oh, Aiden this is Matthew my guardian. Matthew this is Aiden my friend." Matthew raise his hand and Aiden took it and shake. "And Aiden you can come with us, we can give you a lift."

"Oh no need, I don't want to be a bother." He said while shaking his head.

"Nonsense, you are a friend of Kim right? You are welcome to come." Matthew suddenly said as he gave Aiden his most charming smile. It seems it work 'cause the next thing I knew we are going to his place. Deathon just told me this morning that Aiden is living with them. And I'm excited to see his place. Even if he has this emergency I can still talk to him, right?

"Is this the right way Aiden?" I ask him but it seems Aiden is not listening because he is fidgeting in the back and frantically looking at the window. And now that I realize it, he seems scared but why?

"Hey Aiden, Aide-" whatever I want to say was cutoff when the car jolt to a stop.

"What the heck Matthew? Why do you stop!" But he never gave me an answer, his eyes has the murderous glint on it while looking ahead. Turning to it, my eyes widen. In front of us are a group of more than twenty wolves. And shit they have this scary red eyes, it seems that they are ready to kill us any minute now. Matthew open his side of the car then toss to me the key.

"Kimmton bring your friend and go to our house. And if I'm not back by night call your father and tell him that I needed to be replaced, okay." He said as he bring out his gun. Those wolves growled at him when they saw the gun. Fuck!

"Tell him that yourself oldman. I can't possibly leave you here now can I?" I reply as I toss the key to Aiden. "Here Aiden you can drive right, now drive this car as far-" I don't even finish talking when Aiden cut me off.

"No I am not going! Deathon ask me to keep you safe and I won't take it back. I will keep you safe, even I die from doing so!" He suddenly burst out as he got out of the car. God, what a pushover!

Then I get out of the car too, but my jaw drop when I saw someone who suddenly walk in front of the giant wolves. Sarah!

"Why Sarah?" Aiden suddenly whimper as she eyed the ex my boyfriend. Matthew is silently eyeing them and he don't even acknowledge my presence. Well, he knows that I can take care of my self. I am stronger than him afterall.

Sarah just growl at us and let out an evil laugh. "Why Aiden, do you really think I won't tell my sister that Deathon rejected me. She's so angry you know, she even cancel the supposedly wedding and alliance. And now we want our honor back and my sister wants war. Just remember that all of this happened because Deathon choose this pathetic fag over me!"

And to my astonishment Sarah shifted to a brown wolf with red eyes and bare her canines at us. But my eyes suddenly turn to Aiden when I heard some bone cracking and snapping. My eyes bulge when I saw Aiden turn to a black wolf too. Okay, I don't have to freak out but Holy Crap! My friend just turn to a freaking wolf infront of me. God am I dreaming? Is this for real?

"Kim, I know that you are freaking out but can you please focus. If you want to help, just fucking help us! We can't finish them all by ourself you know!" Matthew's voice suddenly wake me to my reverie. I saw him fire his gun to the brown wolf but the wolf is much faster totally avoiding the flying bullets but the one who is behind is not lucky it suddenly drop to the ground when the bullet hit it straight to its head. Aiden-the black wolf is fighting too. And it appears that its opponent is Sarah, who by the look of it is much stronger.

A grey wolf suddenly lunge at me, but I pulled my favorite weapon out - an alloy made string. It is sharper than a sword and weightless too. Without hesitation I wrap the wolf head with it and pull a little. His head fall off spluttering his blood everywhere. It is horrendous kind of killing and I never used it often because its kind of messy and bloody. But I am so pissed off right now that all of my compassion where thrown out to the window. I am so pissed that I do not have any fucking idea on what's happening. God! Then I saw Sarah, she is an inch close in sinking her canine to Aiden's neck, without any remorse I jump to her back and wrap my string at her neck. She let out a loud yelp and a gurgle before her head completely leave her body. Her blood soak me from head to toe. I know that Aiden is surprised but I don't have a time to spare him any moment because a lot of wolf run my way. And I know they are furious. I eyed them coldly and I jump down. They growl angrily when they saw Sarah's decapicitated body. But one of them yelp when a bullet come flying and hit him at his left hind leg. I saw Matthew in my peripheral vision, he seems tired and panting hard. I know that he's growing tired and that's not good. I let out a heavy sigh. I am so gonna hit the salon after this! Why do I have to kill them all on my own?? Ugh.. That is what I'm thinking when I ran fast confronting the wolves.


I am so messy as fuck, while I am sitting down in one of the dead bodies like some ancient warlord. My shirt is full of blood even my hair and face. God! How many wolves do I killed? It seems they kept on coming but thankfully after half an hour not a single one appear, again. Afterall killing is so tiring, I tell you. They seems have an unlimited source of wolves because they kept on coming from the woods. Thank God that its all done! Matthew is panting but not as hard as before. He is much alert now as he glance to the woods. While Aiden shifted back and fully naked. Surprisingly he has a nice body and I feel jealous when I saw his, the dude is blessed on that area and it seems that he is much bigger than me. Well he is much taller, you know.

"-you alright?" I suddenly yelp when I heard him beside of me. The fuck?! When did he get here??

"Geez, you scared me!" But he just chuckled at me and suddenly grimace while he clutched his side. I saw bruises in his side. It seems he was hit there pretty badly.

"Sorry, I don't mean to. I'm just wanna say that Deathon and the others are coming."

"Good to know, he has a lot of explaining to do. I just hope that I will like whatever he want to say."

Aiden gulp and I know that whatever secret Deathon hiding is something that will change my life forever..... I just hope its in a good way though...


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