The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C1 Chapter 1 warming my bed!
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The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C1 Chapter 1 warming my bed!
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C1 Chapter 1 warming my bed!

Alpha Ekon

Since that car accident and losing my sight, I became selfish. I know that. I have been treating all the she-wolves and all the females on the earth rudely as if they were all sluts.

Why? Because my darling, the one I have been in love with, the one who was the main reason behind my blindness left me and rejected me harshly because I became blind! Yes, even so being the Alpha king didn't buy me the one I loved most.

Was she a gold digger? Yes! Then why did she break my heart? Because she decided to find another less dominant Alpha, but wealthy as well with full vision.

And since then, I lost my kindness, and threw my heart deep in the sea. I lost the ability to trust any female.

But my bed?! I couldn't just masturbate daily. I needed a slave or a she-wolf or even a human sexy girl to warm my bed.

Yes, that's me___, and that's how I only used them, only in sex to reach my climax and goodbye slut.

I was waiting in bed for the slave to come out of the shower. I uttered with a demanding tone, "what took you so long? Come and deal with my hard dick now."

I could hear her steps reaching the bed, and she softly touched my lips with her lips. Which made me growl in disagree, I pushed her away and wiped my mouth spitting the taste of her lips as if she was dirty "what the fuck? How could you kiss my lips? Are you insane? You are just here to suck my dick and get fucked then go away. Got that?" I said rudely, and I could hear her faint sobbing that came from her small mouth. I could listen to her heart, beating getting louder like drums. I could feel how she leaned to my dick with her shivered and cold fingers that only gave me satisfaction to see another woman crying.

Yes, hatred filled my heart, and I was taking revenge by every slut coming by to my path.

I placed my both hands on the back of her head and pushed her to my hard dick "suck it now! Or I will send you to the dungeon." I treated her and sure as being one of my pack and omega she submitted to my desires immediately. She knew what I could do to her if she disagreed.

She started to suck all over my dick, and I made sure to push it all rooted in her throat.

She squirmed a bit because she was choked and sucking for air to breathe. But I didn't care much. She was there to please me and get some money and leave.

See! I wasn't thoroughly heartless after all. I do compensate them for their original mission.

I pulled her hair and then flipped her underneath me, taking off the towel away from her body to reveal her bare body. I licked by my tongue, her nipples, and with my fingers playfully reaching her pussy, she was wet in a minute.

I positioned myself in between her legs, only to Ge inside and thrust hard, rough and tough ignoring or pleaded to slow down.

"Your Highness, please. Your dick is too huge," she begged me in a low voice.

But she didn't know that once I feel a woman underneath me, I turn into a monster and all I could imagine or think of is my old bitch that took my sight because she was driving the car while she was drunk and then she broke up with me.

I slapped her face when she tried to push me away, "you bitch! Now I will fuck you harder till you bleed." no mercy for any woman, that was my only rule after what happened to me.

Being rejected by my mate was hard to explain or to accept! I was the Alpha king! It was an unbearable humiliation. Thankfully everyone thought I was the one who rejected her.

The anger sooner started to flee away in the meantime, and I was reaching my climax. I pulled my dick away only to twist her head down to push my dick inside her mouth "swallow all of my fluid now. Don't leave a drop." I warned her while grunting and reaching the end of this meaningless sexual feeling.

It only relieved me temporarily...

She gulped all and gagged, which made me slap her face once again. She pulled her head away and licked down my dick to the last drop of my fluid.

Then I pushed her off the bed to make her stumble and fall. She was crying! I was sure, But I didn't care.

I snapped my fingers to my guards to come in. "Hey, take her out now. Give her some gold coins. And I don't want her ever again."

Yes, even so, I wasn't able to see their faces. But I was able to recognize them by their voices. And I hated to know that I fucked one woman twice. Why? Because none of them deserved to be with the Alpha king Econ. None of them deserved to be at the top of the world next to me. None of them deserve to be in my heart or a queen of the werewolves and living with the most powerful and the wealthiest man on earth.

I shoved her feet away because she was still on the floor, "you dick-head! Get out!" I hollered, and she just ran out of my room naked.

I walked to my shower room to take lukewarm water to refresh my brain and relax my body.

Only to hear a familiar voice blurting out, "you need a maid to take care of you. You can't roam around with guards. You need a woman. At least to insult her whenever you want to."

And that voice was my wolf who was heartily broken as well as me.

And yes! I decided to find one. Or two or even a dozen.

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