The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C5 Chapter 5 A ghost!
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The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C5 Chapter 5 A ghost!
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C5 Chapter 5 A ghost!

Alpha Ekon

I don't know what happened to me once I heard that she lost her consciousness.

Seriously, something deep inside my heart sent aches, goosebumps all over my skin and I felt like my hair was up!

I immediately wore my clothes and in a hurry for the first time I used my legs to walk around the palace, and I even walked down the stairs as if I was able to see.

My beta thankfully grabbed my arm, "wait, your highness."

I blew a deep breath, and in less than thirty seconds, I was in the basement room. I yelled in a hurry and concerned tone, "open up that damn door now."

And yes, he did.

I barged inside, asking, "where's she?"

But actually, I located her by her scent or that was what I thought until I bent down to touch her and help her get up.

She started screaming as if she had seen a ghost "stay away from me," she shakingly screamed.

"beta, what's going on with her? Tell me now." I asked him.

He pulled me backward, "your highness, and she is scared of you. Please stay away for now."

I narrowed my eyes and only hoped at that moment that I could see her facial expressions, but dammit I was blind.

I sighed deeply more stroking in my heart as if something took my heart away. What was going on with me for god sake? Why do I feel guilty? I have never felt so ever.

I held up my hand to her, "please get up. Don't be scared of me. I won't do anything bad to you."

She kept silent, but from what I have heard that her heartbeats slowed down finally, she sighed and asked me in a whisper tone "promise me?"

I tried to process in my head what promise she was talking about, but I couldn't understand that's why I lifted her between my arms. And yes, guess what? I did it with my blind eyes!

She gasped, shocked, "what are you doing with your highness?"

I mumbled more in an unclear tone, "I promise, and I'm sorry. But I still hate you so."

She huffed, "then let me down."

I teased "are you sure? Because if I did that now. You will break your head."

She giggled a bit innocently, "promise me that you won't touch me."

I froze in my place thinking, and I was the man of my words after all as alpha, I wouldn't promise something I wouldn't do.

I shook my head while strolling out of the basement while my beta helped me out to not stumble "I can't promise you Elina. But___" I paused.

She hummed, "but what?"

I trailed off my words, "but I won't force you. Is that okay with you?"

She wrapped her hands around my neck shyly "yes, thank you. And I don't hate you so."

Even so, she didn't say I love you but knowing that she doesn't hate me melt the stone heart inside me. Seriously I felt like falling head over heels for that girl.

I didn't know why.

But before I could step out, she asked me all of a sudden "by the way, who's that woman in the picture with you?"

And I dropped her immediately turning my mood and my attitude hundred and eighty degrees "don't ever mention! Got that."

She painfully whined, I guess she hit her head or maybe her ass "ouch, I didn't mean to interfere in your personal life. But you seemed so happy."

I growled ignoring her words "after thinking, you will sleep in the room next to mine. Now get up on your ass because I need you to help me get dressed in my sleeping clothes. And shower me."

She dumbfounded gasped, "what?!"

"don't widen your eyes," I said sure she did that.

She huffed. I blurted out, "don't pout your lips."

She stabbed the floor with her small feet, which I was able to feel when I touched all over her body previously, and she asked, "how did you know? You are not blind?"

I pulled her arm, and placed my hands over her shoulders "now, walk in front of me to my room."

She hesitantly did, and my beta was in front of her to guide her for sure.

Once I stepped inside my room, I took off all my clothes, and she squealed, "what are you doing?"

"now to the shower room, I need you to help me get a shower," I commanded her.

She followed me immutably, I swear without seeing her, that she was covering her eyes. I felt that an innocent girl like her would surely do so.

I raised my hand and pulled her inside the bathtub with me. She squirmed, "oh, please don't rape me, please."

I, but the rude me walked up, from his silent zone and slipped those harsh words "Why? Your step-mother sold you to me. I can do anything I want to."

She shouted at me, "she's my mom, not my stepmom."

I insisted, "she is your stepmom. Don't fool yourself."

Then she started crying, "Why are you doing that to me? I have suffered enough in my life."

I felt so bad and guilty for making her cry. I didn't feel the same ever towards any other girl.

I released her hand, she stood up, but I stopped her by my words "stay.please. I need you Elina."

I was more shocked than her.

"I think that I should go. I don't belong to this life," she whispered.

And my wolf growled "be my girlfriend, Elina. Please."


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