The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C7 Chapter 7 her dream, Job!
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The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C7 Chapter 7 her dream, Job!
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C7 Chapter 7 her dream, Job!

Alpha Ekon

She stayed silent all the time, l don’t know why, but I wanted to make her happy and get her out of the bad mood.

I coughed to pull her attention to me “so, what do you want to do now? I mean we can do anything you want to.”

She hummed “anything?”

I nodded my head immediately, “yes, anything.”

And I was that idiot! I didn’t think that she would ask for that.

She placed her delicate small hand to my chest and whispered to my ears, which turned me on to be honest. But I restrained myself. “Okay, I need to walk and breathe some fresh air. And visit my old home.”

I dropped my jaw, curious, but scared deep inside me. I haven’t walked since that accident and lost my vision. Not walking in the street!

But as an alpha, I couldn’t show a scared look or any fear. I gulped nervously, “why do you need a walk? I mean we could go back to the castle and…”

She all of a sudden hugged me tightly and sobbed “please, please. I need to walk.”

I rubbed her back, feeling the pain in her chest as if it was in my heart! I tried to snap away with those ideas about Elina being my mate. Sincerely I wished she wasn’t. I didn’t deserve an innocent girl like her.

But dammit the mating bond between us way too strong to be broken!

I sighed profoundly surrendering to her wishes, “okay then. Let’s walk into your old home. But in our way, you need to tell me everything about you.”

She kissed my chest happily, and the fires attacked my body, not sexually, but weirdly as if that kiss on her lips made my sleepy heart awake all of sudden as if I was able to see her face! Yes, I know I was blind. But I imagined her.

I commanded my beta “stop the car. We are going to walk.”

My beta gasped “Oh my goddess! Seriously?”

I frowned “what the hell?! Yes, and not by the wheelchair. Just drop Elina and me here and go back to the castle.”

“But! Your highness, are you sure?” my beta asked me worriedly. And that made me groan because I felt useless. I knew why he did that. He thought that we were too late, so anything wrong might happen to Elina, and I wouldn't be able to protect her. That really bothered me.

I groaned commanding my beta “just go! Don’t worry. I’m still the king of the werewolves. I could protect her, even if I were blind.”

“Your highness, I didn’t mean to..” my beta said in a whispering tone.

I opened the door of the limo next to me, I stepped out and held my hand up to Elina “come with me.”

She linked her arm to mine and said, “are you sure, your highness? I mean…. I don’t really want to bother you!.”

I pulled her to my chest, “I can do that. Just tell me to step by step right and left, and wherever we are going, stick your body to me and don’t leave my hand ever. I don’t want to lose you.” I instructed her, and she started telling me the way.

Well, it was fun.

Every two minutes, she childishly stopped and told me, “here, is the best ice cream shop ever. Do you like to have one scoop?”

And yes, I accepted. And we ate that.

Then we passed a jelly fruit shop. Oh yeah! I was like, what the hell is that? And it was a passerby booth selling literally small cups filled with jelly mixed with fruit. It sucked! I hated the taste. But Elena loved it.

We laughed a lot, and I kept in my memory everything steps by step.

Why? I was scared to lose her.

Until we stopped by somewhere. She suddenly started shivering and inhaled loudly. I thought it was her old home. So I asked her, “have we arrived at your old home?”

She pressed into my hand, “yes, but we need to sneak from the back door.”

I blinked, confused, “what? Why is that?”

She suddenly pulled me into one of the corners and whispered, “don’t talk. There are guards here.”

And I bent down spontaneously more like attacking her lips. I couldn’t resist the heat of our bodies. I couldn’t resist the scent of her body that invaded my soul. I felt a dizzy , more smelly world. I ate up her lips by my mouth and soon it turned into a more passionate kiss.

Until I broke the kiss to give her space to breath.

She said shyly, “why did you do that?”

I thought of diverting the subject, “so where are we?”

“In my old home. I was raised here. In that orphanage until…”

I cut her off immediately and was shocked, “orphan?!”

“Marry me! Please.”

She said all of a sudden, and I felt my heart almost stopped. I couldn’t breathe. As if I hated being blind at that moment. I wanted to carry her between my arms and yell to the whole world, announcing that ‘ I love Elina.’

But instead, she sighed and said, "I wanted to be a teacher here. To help the orphans. It's where I do belong. I know that I do not belong to castles. I know that you do hate me. But I feel something towards you, I can't hide it. I feel like__"

She paused, and I clearly heard what was roaming in her mind. I continued instead of she, "You feel like, You want to get mated to me immediately you feel as if your body is burning. You feel like you want to have kids from me."

"NO_ I feel like I do belong to you, Alpha."

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