The Blind Luna/C1 PROLOGUE
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The Blind Luna/C1 PROLOGUE
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The disastrous part of acting strong is that nobody cares to ask if you are okay, if somebody treats you badly! Remember that there is something wrong with them, not you, because normal people see the beauty inside you and not the thing outside.

When we were young, we were taught that our mates were supposed to care for us regardless of what you look like, even if you were handicapped or blind, they are suppose to treat you nicely, let let's say like a queen.

They are supposed to love you, care for you and kindly support you through thick and thin. I thought when I found my mate, he would love me regardless of who I was. I understood having a mate wasn't exactly like a fairytale as I thought when I turned twenty years old.

Lucia?" A voice yelled.

I believed that it was none of my business until I was swirled around with a growl escaping the person's mouth. The growl was enchanting but yet scary. "Alpha Ace?" The murmuring of people around me were loud for me to listen to. Why was I feeling those chills?

Wait, the man who twirled me around was an Alpha? "Sabrina, stoop your gaze, you shouldn't show him that you are blind." A voice echoed in my head. But I couldn't after the most alluring scent hit my nostril.

My body almost jumped. "Mate," there was no way his scent was this strong to catch my scrutiny. Grandmother said you could know if you looked them in the eyes but I was blind, I wouldn't know and he wouldn't. Maybe he could have looked me in the eye.

He placed a hand on my chin to lift my head, but I refused to look him in the eyes. "It's a command and not a request, look me in the eyes," he let out. "I said look me in the eyes," he yelled louder that I couldn't help but shiver.

"She's blind," someone let out in the crowd. I could feel my legs go weak. "Are you blind?" he asked, but I kept mute.

"Don't let me repeat myself, are you blind?" he yelled in frustration. "Yes," I said with a teary and shaky voice. "A blind Mate," he yelled out for everyone to hear.

"The moon Goddess must be great to have given me a blind-mate, a useless and weak one! What can a blind person do? They are of no use," he let out as those words hit me hard. "You would never be good enough for me and therefore it would be a waste to have you as my mate," he said as my legs went weak,, I couldn't help it as I fell on the floor.

I wished that he could just stop because all his words were assassinating to the heart. "I, Alpha Ace ray d king reject you for a mate,"

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