The Blind Luna/C2 CHAPTER 1
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The Blind Luna/C2 CHAPTER 1
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Everywhere and everything has been dark and blurry for the past sixteen years. My eyes had no vision. That horrible day still haunts me every single day. Laying on my bed and seeing absolutely nothing but the light that shades the blind was what I have faced since the accident that took my parent.

There was a huge celebration going on today in our pack. Alpha's from all the different cities came to our pack. There was always a celebration where the unmated try to find their mate. This happens every year when there is a full moon.

The werewolves get to be blessed by the moon goddess. My name is Sabrina Santiago and I have been blind for sixteen years. I always fight the belief of accepting the fact that I will find my mate one of these days. I thought being blind wasn't the reason why I hadn't found my mate. Maybe it wasn't just my turn, right?

Not that my life wasn't beautiful or nice, it was perfect since I lived with my younger sister and Grandma. Call me stupid, but I would prefer having my sister and grandma than having a mate, I have heard rumors about people being rejected by their mate.

To be sincere, being blind had made me erase my mind from the thought of ever finding my mate. Every mating celebration, I would sit in the wood and paint. Wait, you might be wondering how I could paint, right?

Everything comes from the heart and thought.

So, every time the Alpha came into our pack, I would go into the woods and hide there till it was over, because every person in our pack who was old enough would have gone to find their mate. It always hurt that I didn't go, but I just couldn't do anything about it.

I happen to listen to beautiful stories about how people get mated and that made me imagine how my mate would act around me? Would he love me? I haven't heard of any rejection in a long while. Does that mean the moon Goddess has been good to everyone?

This year was different because the Alpha's son was coming back to the pack after a long time of going to school and training to become a great Alpha.

Currently, I am getting ready to go to the woods. I know the pack is getting ready for a huge celebration, the big hall where everybody would be dressed in one of their best clothing must have been prepared. I heard that there was always a separate chair for the Alpha's and their Luna's. Enough food and drinks were being served for everybody. Today my sister is turning 18 and I know she should also be getting ready to find her mate.

Linda had been talking about how she couldn't wait to see her mate. For some reason, I felt a little embarrassed, but all I wanted was happiness for my sister even if I couldn't get one, right? My 18-year-old cousin's brother who lived with us felt he didn't need a mate if he could live his life just having every girl in his bed.

Some people say when you meet your mate, you tend to scent him, while some say you get some kinda heat! While everybody was happy for the big day, I decided to go into the woods as always. Mainly, people hardly come to the woods, they feel the woods aren't that safe.

As I sauntered into the wood, the smell of food kept whacking my nostrils. I could smell just all the delicious and amazing foods I knew. I didn't want to be bothered about the smell since I wasn't going to be among the people who would feast on such meals.

I held all my drawing equipment as I kept walking in the direction I used every time for 14 years. I could sense my movement and environment even if I couldn't see,

The moment I got into the woods. I almost dropped to the floor when I stumbled into a hard chest. I was almost on the floor when those hands caught my waist. "Hello? Who is here?" I asked with a shaky hand as I adjusted myself before standing upright.

"Excuse me, I'm right in front of you, " The voice spoke up, wait, it's a he. "Is this fate? Is he the one? I mean my mate," I thought to myself, trying to bend my gaze even if I couldn't see him. "Sorry, I didn't see you coming, " I let out softly, trying to be on my coolest behavior.

"Are you blind or something?" he asked yet again. Did he expect me to tell him, "oh yes, I'm blind?" couldn't he see? "What about, you keep in track of the person in front of you, so you don't make the mistake of stumbling on someone else?" he let out, making me nod.

"What's your name?" I asked out of the blue,

"Why do you ask? What are you even doing inside the woods? Don't you see how dangerous it can be?" he asked. What with him and me seeing? Couldn't he tell that I was blind?

Why did I care about his name, there wasn't any scent or heat being felt or smelled. "My name is Jasper, the name is Jasper, " he let out, making me nod. "What's yours?" he asked back. "Sabrina," I let out. I stood wondering whether he was tall, light skin, dark skin, short, broad shoulders, just anything that peeked at my imagination at that point.

"Why aren't you going to the mating celebration?" he asked, making me shake my head. "What is the problem? Aren't you into men?" he asked, making me chuckle. "I love men, just that I don't fit to be there," I let out, making him chuckle this time.

"I have never been to a mating celebration either. Why don't we go together?" he suggested, making me wiggle my head as a no, but all my no was in vain when a hand intertwined into mine. "We should go together, let's watch the show for the first time, " He let out as I was being pulled to God knows where.

The instant the door opened, there was cheering everywhere. I couldn't help it as a nervous smile escaped my lips. "Why did you bring me here?" I asked as his grip tightened on my hand.

"Because we don't deserve to be in the woods while they have fun, we should be able to eat good food and drink too," Jasper let out.

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