The Boy that got Supreme System/C1 A Mysterious Gift
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The Boy that got Supreme System/C1 A Mysterious Gift
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C1 A Mysterious Gift

The first rays of morning sun streamed into the bedroom window, stirring 16-year-old Jason from sleep. He groaned and rolled away from the light, reluctant to leave the tranquility of his dreams just yet. But consciousness crept in, urged on by the blaring alarm clock. With an irritated sigh, Jason silenced the alarm and fumbled for his phone, squinting against the glare of the screen to check the date, though he hardly needed confirmation of what day it was.

June 3rd. His birthday. Although nothing in the still, empty house gave any indication of that. Ever since his older sister left for college last year, Jason's parents had practically forgotten they still had a son at home. Their focus was completely on their careers and social calendars these days, leaving little time or attention for family. Jason couldn't remember the last time they'd celebrated his birthday together. More than likely, his parents had completely forgotten this date's significance again. Just another lonely day.

With resignation weighing him down, Jason hauled himself out of bed and went through the motions of his morning routine in solitude. As he stared at the face in the mirror - eyes puffy with sleeplessness, a sullen downturn to his mouth - Jason wondered if his parents would even remember their only child was turning 16 today. Or acknowledge it in any way besides missing his birthday dinner again. Ever since the nest had emptied, Jason had faded into a specter within his own home. The bright, talkative boy he'd once been now buried under this detachment.

After dressing in a plain shirt and jeans, Jason headed downstairs. The spacious rooms echoed with hollow silence, most lights still off as if denying the start of another monotonous day. Jason's steps instinctively avoided the creaky floorboards out of habit so as not to disturb the oppressive quiet. In the kitchen, he prepared a simple breakfast of cereal and orange juice before gathering his backpack to head out to catch the bus.

As Jason crossed through the living room, his eye caught on something sitting atop the kitchen table that he was certain had not been there the previous night. A package wrapped in neat brown paper and twine, with his name and address printed on top in unfamiliar handwriting. No return address or postage marked the mysterious parcel.

Brow furrowed, Jason picked up the lightweight box and examined it closely, turning it over for any hints about the sender or contents. "Did Mom leave this for me?" he wondered. But no, his parents hadn't given Jason a proper birthday gift in years. Perplexed but admittedly curious, he carefully untied the twine and tore off the paper to reveal a sleek, polished black metal case inside.

Jason undid the slim latches with a satisfying click and lifted the hinged lid slowly. Nested within a molded felt lining was...a wristwatch. But at first glance Jason could tell this was no ordinary timepiece. Its band was some dark titanium alloy, smooth and supple. The glass watch face was pristine, touchscreen darkened for now. Jason recognized sophistication and custom precision craftsmanship even before lifting the watch gingerly from its case, feeling its steady weight in his palm.

As he examined the watch, he noticed the band was engraved with indecipherable symbols and microscopic engineering designs, oddly beautiful. The mystery of its origins intrigued Jason even as common sense warned him against putting on an unknown device sent by some anonymous person. But that caution was quickly drowned out by curiosity and tentative excitement. After all, his birthday had come and gone forgotten by the world yet again. But someone had made an effort to acknowledge it in this intriguing way for reasons still unclear.

Against his better judgment, Jason decided to fasten the strange watch onto his left wrist. As soon as the band snapped into place, he felt an immediate warmth seem to spread up his arm from the metal resting against his skin. The glass face remained dark, but tiny hidden gears whirred almost imperceptibly, sensing they were now connected to an authorized wearer. Jason tilted the watch under the light, transfixed by its unusual technical elegance.

Before he could observe further, the watch face suddenly flickered on, its digits lighting up to display "8:15 AM". Jason startled, almost falling off his chair when text began scrolling across the glass screen without him pressing any buttons.

"Good morning, Jason. Welcome to the Supreme System. Your life is about to become infinitely more interesting. Do not be alarmed."

Heart pounding, Jason watched as a hologram projected up from the watch, presenting aDetailed image of an advanced AI interface. It continued speaking in a pleasant feminine voice, introducing itself as IRIS, an interactive support program integrated into this technology. IRIS explained that this watch provided access to an extraordinarily powerful tool known as the Supreme System, built in secret by an organization called Elysium Labs.

According to Iris, this System could push human capabilities beyond perceived limitations through three pillars of enhancement: Energetic stimulation to strengthen cells, rapid education via uploaded knowledge banks, and gene optimization for supreme focus and resilience. By perfectly syncing with the wearer's natural bio-processes, the System could unlock uncharted superhuman abilities once only imagined in science fiction or fantasy.

Jason sat dumbfounded as Iris clinically described innovations like intellect boosters for instant expertise, reflex optimizers for split-second reactions, tissue regeneration to heal any wound, and more. He listened with a blend of skepticism and wonder, hardly able to believe what he was hearing but unable to deny the earnestness of Iris's explanations. Could all this truly be real? Or just an elaborate prank?

Iris seemed to sense his conflicting thoughts through some biofeedback network. In her calm robotic tone, she provided detailed summaries of cutting-edge nanotechnology, biomolecular engineering, and quantum computing theories that supported the possibility of this System. She then guided Jason through an identity verification process by registering his thumbprint and optical scan biometrics. This would initialize his integration with the Supreme System's augmented interface.

Brimming with curiosity and excitement now, Jason followed her prompts without hesitation, laying his thumb on the watch's glass screen for fingerprint matching. At first, nothing happened. Then suddenly it felt as though lightning surged into his body from the point of contact. Jason's vision went white, blinded by an influx of foreign data streaming into his mind, overcharging his senses dangerously. He clutched at his wrist as the connection opened pathways in his brain like neurons igniting.

When the frenetic energy storm passed, Jason's head ached but his thoughts had never felt so focused and clear. In his mind's eye, a vivid hologram flashed to life, slowly solidifying into an intricate tree filled with thousands of glowing enhancement options. He could see branches labeled strength, speed, senses, regeneration, durability, and more. Each seemed to contain endless possibility seeds. Jason stroked a hand through the branches in wonder, realization dawning that this System could make him superhuman in any way imaginable.

Overwhelmed but buzzing with exhilaration, Jason rushed to gather his things for school, not wanting to miss the bus. He took a moment to test a few minor enhancements like boosting his vision acuity and reflex speed, grinning wildly when they worked flawlessly. As he raced out the door, Jason's gaze kept drifting back to the impossible watch now grafted onto his wrist, hardly able to believe the extraordinary gift it represented from some mysterious benefactor. His life had been irrevocably changed in this single morning.

Throughout the school day, Jason struggled to pay attention in class, preoccupied with analyzing everything Iris had revealed about the Supreme System. Its potential was astounding and also terrifying. In history class, he tucked his wrist self-consciously under his sleeve, feeling the watch vibrate almost imperceptibly like a second heartbeat bonded to his skin. This unbelievable power had been entrusted to him without explanation. But why? And by who? The questions burned unanswered.

At lunch, Jason hid in the computer lab claiming he had work to finish. Once alone, he slipped on headphones and quietly asked Iris to tell him more about Elysium Labs and its founder, desperate for context. Who was behind this reality-bending technology, if not an elaborate prank? And what was their purpose in gifting it to him specifically?

Iris explained that Dr. Alexander Lazarus, once a prominent research geneticist, had founded Elysium Labs decades ago after withdrawing from the mainstream science community over creative differences. Brilliant but isolated, Lazarus gathered an elite team of like-minded experts in various fields to work without interference on technologies that could radically improve human life. The Supreme System was Lazarus's crowning achievement.

However, Lazarus refused demands to demonstrate the System before exhaustive testing, believing society was not ready for such immense power and responsibility. Unfortunately, more ambitious members of Elysium Labs schemed to steal the only working prototype for duplication or financial exploitation of its awe-inspiring capacities. But their plot catastrophically backfired.

The rogue agents failed to replicate the System or access its core functions. And in the chaos, the original watch vanished from Elysium Labs, its tracker going permanently dark. Lazarus was devastated by this assault on his life's work. Many believed the lost prototype was destroyed...until it inexplicably resurfaced to arrive on Jason's doorstep this birthday morning. The hands behind its journey and motives remained unseen.

Jason walked home in a daze, plagued by how wildly unprepared he felt for this unbelievable responsibility. He was just an average kid on the cusp of 16. What qualified him to wield world-altering power that could either improve or destroy society if misused? The burden felt crushing. But as he retreated to his room and secured the door, Jason steeled himself. The choice had been made for him. And he would not waste this chance for a legacy greater than himself.

As if sensing his swirling doubts, the watch face flashed a notification when Jason glanced down. Iris had discovered a private file embedded within the System's code by its creator before the debacle. A video message left years ago by Dr. Lazarus explicitly for the next Chosen bearer. For Jason's eyes alone.

With trembling hands, Jason opened the video, unsure if he was ready to learn the enigmatic scientist's reasons for allowing his life's work to pass onto unknown hands. But Lazarus's kindly eyes and voice soothed Jason's nerves instantly. The message could not answer how precisely Jason came to inherit this power not intended for him originally. But Lazarus assured it was destiny's work, fate seeing the System's rightful new partner before even its maker at times. The torch had been passed, with Lazarus's wholehearted faith in Jason to illuminate a better future instead of fearing the darkness. And though the road ahead would be filled with trials and doubts, as long as Jason kept true to his inner goodness, the System would always guide him home.

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