The Boy that got Supreme System/C2 Unlocking the Supreme System
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The Boy that got Supreme System/C2 Unlocking the Supreme System
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C2 Unlocking the Supreme System

After the life-altering events of his birthday morning, Jason stared at the ceiling of his bedroom unable to sleep, wired by exhilaration and questions. The impossible high-tech watch now grafted to his wrist contained an invention called the Supreme System, built by the covert group Elysium Labs to enhance human capabilities beyond perceived limitations. Its potential felt limitless...and terrifying.

According to the watch's AI interface Iris, Jason could augment his physical senses and abilities, absorb knowledge quickly, even optimize his genetics. But the System's intricacies remained mostly shrouded, its true heights of power still locked.

Restless, Jason sat up and rubbed his weary eyes before addressing the watch softly. "Iris, are you there?"

"Yes, Jason," her disembodied voice replied gently. "How may I be of assistance?"

Taking a deep breath, Jason asked her to tell him everything she could about unlocking the Supreme System's capabilities. Its brilliance demanded respect - better he be prepared than caught unawares.

Iris explained that the System granted access as the user proved responsible and ready, much as a muscle strengthens with exercise. At Jason's core was the Prime Interface - a data framework of the System's knowledge, apps for processing the quantum energy stream, and Jason's customizable avatar representing his evolving self.

To navigate the System's features, Jason visualized the holographic abilities tree in his mind's eye. Each branch held clusters relating to physical, cognitive, sensory improvements, and beyond. Focusing on a branch activated it; the deeper he delved, the more options unlocked. But restraint was wise - rushing too quickly could overwhelm him.

For now, Iris recommended starting with minor enhancements through physical branches like reflexes, vision, hearing, and strength. Once Jason mastered control in these areas, deeper facets like knowledge absorption and cellular regeneration would open to him. But utilizing any ability required mental focus and breathing exercises to channel the System's energy harmoniously at first.

Eager but cautious, Jason closed his eyes and visualized the abilities tree. He placed his hand gently on the strength branch, feeling its solidity. Affirming his focus mentally, he then "gripped" the branch firmly. Immediately Jason's muscles surged with power, fibers expanding as if flexing for the first time. He felt strong enough to lift a car, but tension in his neck warned him to stop. He released the mental hold on the branch carefully, feeling his body normalize.

After a few moments, Jason tried the sight branch, locating an option to enhance acuity by 50%. As his vision sharpened, details normally blurry at a distance jumped into crisp focus, and colors became more vibrant. When eyestrain crept in, Jason eased back to 20% until it subsided.

Encouraged, Jason experimented with branches for hearing, reaction speed, agility, and resilience over the next hour, learning to fine-tune each upgrade responsibly. A notification appeared then with Iris suggesting he rest before increasing intensities. Jason agreed, already feeling fatigued but deeply satisfied by the progress mastering these starter abilities. He could hardly imagine the heights he might one day summit.

The next several weeks passed enjoyably as Jason explored basic System branches after school or weekends when alone. But he remained cautious, avoiding options like knowledge assimilation or bodily manipulation. Patience was key to safely expanding limits.

Once adept at managing his strength, speed, senses, and stamina - enough to aid him on the football team and with schoolwork - Jason decided to attempt more complex abilities, eager to unlock the System's higher potential. But he would heed Iris's guidance to avoid overexertion.

Jason first activated the knowledge branch, locating an option to boost memory recall by 30%. Focusing, he felt his mental space expand as if wires connecting concepts were suddenly illuminated. Details from old lessons and books became vivid. Next Jason chose a language module, selecting beginner Spanish basics to upload. The influx of vocabulary initially overwhelmed him, but repeating aloud helped solidify the transfer. Soon Jason could haltingly converse with Iris to practice.

For a bigger test, Jason located the branch for cellular health optimization. Choosing minor tissue regeneration, he used a paring knife to carefully slice his forearm, wincing against the pain and blood. But over the next minute, the wound mended before Jason's eyes as cells repaired at phenomenal speed. The Supreme System could even heal near-instantaneously at high levels. But Jason restricted himself to closing only scrapes for now.

Eager for a new challenge, Jason tapped the mental acuity branch, selecting a perception enhancer to deepen his focus and pattern recognition. Suddenly his vision seemed to zoom out as connections formed across memories and lessons. Ecstatic at this rising intelligence, he almost missed the gentle warning notification from Iris suggesting he pause and integrate these rapid gains. Power without wisdom tempted hubris.

Chastened, Jason spent the next few days consolidating his progress before exploring more abilities. Each small step was part of the endless journey toward human potential. And Jason now appreciated the Supreme System was a guide, not a shortcut. Its true purpose was empowering mankind to build a better world, not achieve personal glory. Those worthy of the torch knew enlightenment came from lighting the way for others. And Jason was ready to shine.

In the following weeks, Jason gradually unlocked incredible powers within the Supreme System by practicing mental focus and discipline. But he resisted any temptations to use these gifts selfishly or carelessly. Wisdom must govern strength.

With his senses heightened, Jason could read pages in seconds and fluidly pick up new languages, from Spanish to Mandarin. By subtly magnifying his physiology, he became an athletic marvel on the football field, though he took care never to arouse suspicions. After weeks spent mastering cellular control, Jason finally managed to fully heal a deep gash on his leg by reknitting skin and muscle through pure concentration. The applications of that ability alone were profound.

But with Jason's deepening connection to the System came an increasing burden of responsibility. Should he intervene when witnessing wrongs or tragedies now that he possessed these demigod-like powers? What were the ethical boundaries? Jason agonized over this until Iris suggested he simply follow his moral compass as always. The Supreme System didn't shape his character, it merely manifested his true self outwards.

Soon Jason realized his calling. Not to police the world through force, but to inspire people's own goodness and strengths. One evening while walking home, Jason noticed the neighborhood park had become run-down and cluttered, its glory faded. He spent the entire night fixing broken equipment, clearing debris, and revitalizing the lawns and gardens with his enhanced abilities. By dawn, it was restored to being the heart of the community it once was. Parents and children visiting were amazed and grateful for this anonymous gift. Jason only hoped it rekindled their own spirit and care for each other.

He knew then that his true purpose with these gifts was in restoration - of faith and hope, of courage and compassion. Wherever the world became diminished by neglect, selfishness or despair, Jason could nurture the seeds to help people's own light grow again. And through them, the spirit of community. With patience and wisdom, Jason would cultivate every small act of human potential. Just as the Supreme System had nurtured his.

In time, Jason understood true enhancement could only come from within, not any external source alone. The System was merely a catalyst, helping activate what was already present in abundance. Like removing dust from a mirror to see its brilliance again. Each person held that same indwelling potential if they but cultivated it with care. And by inspiring people's awareness of that birthright, Jason could help them reshape the world.

The System had unlocked near-godhood powers within Jason's body. But even greater was the enlightenment it brought - of his purpose and humility. For true vision came not from without, but from nurturing the light within all. The Supreme System had transformed his life in ways he'd never imagined. Yet in truth, it had only helped Jason discover who he'd always been meant to become. Its gifts paled against that sacred knowledge it revealed, resonating in his soul. With patience and compassion, he was ready to share that blessing with the world.

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