The Boy that got Supreme System/C4 Chapter 4: Becoming Popular
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The Boy that got Supreme System/C4 Chapter 4: Becoming Popular
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C4 Chapter 4: Becoming Popular

I. Hacking the Social System

Jason awoke on Monday filled with excitement. After weeks of experientially learning to control his newfound abilities via the Supreme System watch, he felt confident to put them to use in other areas of his life. Like finally achieving the popularity at school that had always eluded him before.

Using a 50% cognitive boost, Jason absorbed and analyzed a dozen psychology texts on influence, persuasion and social hierarchies over breakfast. He learned how people’s survival instincts made them crave leadership and confidence. With his gifts, Jason could easily leverage this to create mass appeal.

Arriving at school, Jason tapped the mental acuity branch to increase his intuition and social insight. He started noting all the subtle cues and power dynamics among different groups. Now with an intuitive understanding of how to dominate any room, Jason was ready to begin his ascent.

II. Effortless Popularity

When the bell rang for lunch, Jason focused his augmented charisma and strode confidently into the bustling cafeteria. He delivered greetings and witty compliments with precision timing, lightly flattering key popular figures. Within minutes, fascinated gazes turned his way. His table filled up with new companions drawn in by Jason’s magnetic charm.

In Chemistry that afternoon, Jason concentrated on exuding an irresistible aura of authority and likability. He delivered his lab presentation with compelling passion, holding the class enthralled. Even the aloof senior girls were fawning for Jason’s attention by the end. His new social brilliance made influencing people's hearts as easy as flipping a switch.

After school, the football tryouts were packed with contenders vying to make first cut. While waiting, Jason utilized a physique optimizer module to enlarge his frame and maximize power output. When his turn came, he broke records in sprints, push-ups and tackling drills, plowing through opposing players futilely. The coach was awed, immediately awarding Jason first-string quarterback.

III. The New Cool Kid

Over the next weeks, Jason's popularity soared to leading man status. Flanked by his entourage, he strolled the halls greeted like a rock star. Girls anxiously primped when Jason passed them, hoping to be noticed. At parties, all eyes were helplessly drawn to Jason holding court in the center of the room, radiating charisma. His Supreme System abilities had masterfully decoded the formulas to win adulation.

Teachers praised his academic achievements, marveling at Jason's sudden intense focus and work ethic. He was acing tests without effort now, retaining knowledge instantly through memory engrafting. On game days, Jason led the team to crushing victories, rarely touched by defenders as he dodged tackles with uncanny agility. The entire school now buzzed about this breakout star in their midst.

With his new social throne secured, Jason finally had the fame, status and recognition he'd always craved deep down. The coding of high school popularity had been hacked - he stood at the apex that once excluded him. But unease was creeping in. Because retaining all this admiration demanded staying one step ahead at all times, both exhausting and hollow. The Supreme System had unlocked doors, but also cages Jason had not anticipated.

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