The Boy that got Supreme System/C5 Aceing Every Test
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The Boy that got Supreme System/C5 Aceing Every Test
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C5 Aceing Every Test

I. Learning Speed Maximized

Jason woke up Monday morning filled with determination. After utilizing his Supreme System abilities to become popular at school, it was time to excel academically with minimal effort. His busy social calendar had caused his grades to slip. But today, Jason would tap the System's true mental potential.

At breakfast, Jason accessed the knowledge branch of the abilities tree, selecting a comprehensive speed-reading upgrade. Immediately he consumed his textbook's chapter in minutes, absorbing the content thoroughly. Next Jason chose an IQ magnifier, giving his intellect far greater capacity to synthesize complex ideas. He felt neurons firing with new vigor.

On the bus, Jason reviewed his notes, effortlessly correlating concepts that had seemed disconnected before. Equations that once took him hours now solved in seconds. By the time Jason arrived at school, he knew he was ready to conquer any academic challenge with ease.

II. Perfect Score Achieved

In Calculus, Jason focused his enhanced intellect as the teacher presented new formulas on derivatives. He understood them intuitively now, seeing the interconnected logic. When handed a difficult pop quiz afterward, Jason raced through the problems with certainty. At the end of class, the teacher announced Jason had earned the first perfect score.

At lunch, Jason secluded himself in the library to study. Opting for a 50% cognitive boost, he swiftly memorized the periodic table and intricate cellular processes. Facts that normally required rote repetition were now imprinted upon a single reading. Programming his memory this way would make future tests simple.

In English, Jason's critical thinking exhibited scholarly logic and insight beyond his years. He referenced classic novels read years ago in nuanced detail, impressing the teacher with his dizzying recall. After class, even the senior honor students begged Jason to share his study techniques. He just smiled.

III. Teachers Suspicious

Over the next weeks, Jason's academic standing rocketed, attaining the highest GPA in school. He aced tests across all subjects, from calculus to history, barely needing to study anymore thanks to the Supreme System. His teachers grew astonished and then wary of this new wunderkind in their midst.

Jason delivered a physics presentation so innovative and comprehensive that the instructor accused him of plagiarism. But an online search proved it was entirely original. For the talent show, Jason showcased psychic-like memory feats, reciting the first 1,000 digits of pi from memory after only reading them once. Rumors of cheating persisted, but Jason always covered his tracks flawlessly. Still, tensions were quietly escalating behind the scenes.

The principal called Jason to his office one morning before class. They discussed his meteoric improvements as of late. The principal suggested Jason tutor other struggling students to share his gifts. Jason agreed, sensing the unspoken request to prove his abilities were earned, not artificial. Donning masks for so long breeds paranoia. And the Supreme System was Jason's deepest secret yet.

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