The Boy that got Supreme System/C6 Living Out Fantasies
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The Boy that got Supreme System/C6 Living Out Fantasies
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C6 Living Out Fantasies

I. Building the Dream

Jason woke up on Saturday buzzing with excitement. After a week of intense studying and exams, he finally had a free weekend to enjoy. He decided to spend it bringing his most ambitious fantasies to life using the reality-bending powers granted by the Supreme System.

First, Jason tapped into the psychic manipulation branch of the abilities tree, selecting telepathic and empathic modules. After calibrating to scan surface thoughts and emotions nearby, Jason left the house grinning. At the mall, he projected an aura of infinite wealth to attract VIP treatment from staff, enjoying free goods and pampering. For dinner, Jason manipulated probabilities so his number was drawn for a free luxury car raffle rather than the predetermined winner's.

Back home, Jason turned to the genetic editor branch, optimizing his physiology for extreme sports feats. Soon he was pulling off gold medal Olympic lifts and gymnast contortions effortlessly in his room. Jason then chose a vocal range and talent upgrade module, giving him the singing voice and skill of a chart-topping artist. He laughed in delight; with his enhancements, living out fantasies was child's play!

II. Wish Fulfillment

The next morning, Jason decided to experience his favorite movie world firsthand. Using quantum reality manipulation, he generated a portal into the film's dimension, complete with all the settings and characters. Jason spent hours adventuring as the swashbuckling hero, swordfighting monsters and winning the princess, the fantasy as thrillingly real as if programmed for his pleasure.

For his next wish, Jason tapped the time dilator branch to prolong a desired experience. As his family sat down for a board game after dinner, Jason slowed time's passage to a crawl, extending the happy hours with his parents indefinitely. After the weekend, they would likely become distant again. But for now, he had all the quality time he could want.

Feeling nostalgic, Jason traveled back through time to relive a fond childhood memory of a trip to the county fair. Using his powers to rig the games, Jason won giant stuffed animals and ate cotton candy until he felt ill. Though just an illusion, it brought him comfort and joy. The Supreme System offered a way to remake his past.

III. Consequences Avoided

Over the next month, Jason continued selectively editing reality to remove any obstacles or hardships. Acing tests without studying, manipulating social status, attaining material wishes - all fed an illusion of control. And Jason was starting to depend on them to avoid life's typical challenges.

One morning, Jason slept through his alarm and was almost late for school. In a panic, he paused time itself briefly to get ready andstill arrive early. Jason then nudged probabilities so the pop quiz was postponed. At football practice, Jason subtly boosted his teammates' skills so they wouldn't resent him starting as quarterback.

That evening, Jason edited his parents' perceptions whenever they critiqued him. He knew manipulating people and avoiding consequences fostered immaturity. But the temptations of instant wish fulfillment clouded his wisdom. With great power came great responsibility Jason now needed to remember, before his fantasies turned to cages of the soul.

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